No, Not Yet

By RPS on January 1st, 1999 at 12:00 am.

We rather puzzlingly haven’t written anything else about that game yet. Sorry! But we will, one day. Probably.



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  1. MrCrun says:

    Yes, but Kieron’s left so WHEN? TELL ME! gah.

  2. tanith says:

    Why is this article from the nineties?

  3. Alez says:

    Yay, i returned to the ninenties.
    People of the past beware, you must find and kill the mother of a thing called Lady Gaga or the future is DOOMED!

  4. Berzee says:

    Why haven’t you written anything about that game yet?

  5. hunsnotdead says:

    I wanna Half Life review NAO!

  6. lgs says:

    I am from the Future.
    Don’t get your hopes up on Duke Nukem Forever guys, it will suck. Sorry to say this.

  7. lordcooper says:

    Also, BUY GOLD!

  8. Wobsey says:

    And sell Europe. All of it.

  9. THE says:

    Totally testing my comments here because I can.

  10. saginatio says:


  11. Sard says:

    So I’ll start at the beginning. May be I learn about that Gilleon stuff.
    Only 1447 pages left.

  12. MikeStarkweather says:

    Oh, man. Look at those tags. Huge nostalgia trip.

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