Sickly Thing

By Alec Meer on February 20th, 2008 at 11:38 pm.

Is ickle man all better now? Izze? Aw.

Good news – a new Grow Game is out at last. These stylised sequence-puzzle webgames always manage to charm my bitter, cynical socks off – here’s me giggling like a giddy schoolgirl about the last one, Grow Island, and below’s the link to its follow-up.

Creator On’s been ill for a while, but he’s managed to crank out a short, simple new instalment nevertheless- concerning a sickly gentleman, as it happens. Unlike the more complex escalation of Grow Island, Grow Nano vol. 3 only takes a couple of tries to figure out, and is a little shorter on clap-your-hands animated surreality, but it’s ten pleasant enough minutes. “Please let me off this time”, poor On requests. Aw, alright then. But only ‘cos your game is so cute.

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  1. Tricky says:

    Yay! I absolutely love these games. And this one is only six steps!

    The only one I was actually able to solve before was Grow World, which was kinda neat – but it took a long time. I got this one on my third try :)

    The best part was the doctor at the end.

  2. PleasingFungus says:

    Yeah, those things can be hard. I’ve beaten a few of them – I don’t recall if I ever beat Grow Cube, but I think I beat Grow Adventure, maybe Grow World, Grow Sphere, and just now (on your advice) Grow Island. Hooray!

  3. etho says:

    This is the first one I’ve managed to beat without any hints. But I love these things. They are entirely charming.

  4. The_Archetype says:

    The fact that his family helps to heal the guy by loving him is adorable. I love these games.

  5. The Sombrero Kid says:

    i love grow, they should release them all together on the ds, infact i might port them myself wouldn’t take too long