RPS Omnibus: Feb 24th- Mar 1st

Magical mystery tour to nowhere
Does the bus ever really go anywhere? Or does the week simply move around it? CONSIDER.

Or just catch up with everything we’ve posted since last Saturday. Your call, really.

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Omnibus image derived from a Creative Commons-licensed photo by xddorox.
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  1. Theory says:

    Something for the Sunday Papers. I’ve no idea if it’s any good yet, but it’s already told me a few things I didn’t know. :) There’s load more elsewhere on that site too.

  2. Lunaran says:

    It could be said that the week in gaming news is moving relative to the omnibus, or that the bus is moving relative to the week, but it is impossible to determine which is at rest. The real question is, does the industry appear to be more fast-paced to an observer on the bus?

  3. Seniath says:

    What happens when you run out of windows?

  4. Alec Meer says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger bus.

  5. Vinícius says:


  6. Mike says:

    Yay you put people in the bus

  7. KindredPhantom says:

    That bus needs a sentry.