Cheaper: The Wonderful End Of The World

By Jim Rossignol on March 6th, 2009 at 11:43 am.

To fund the development of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Dejobaan Games are offering a sale price of $9.95 on their whimsically insane The Wonderful End Of The World. We previously blogged about the goofy madness of the Katamari-like here, and you should at least try out the demo (33mb).


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  1. bansama says:

    This is a darn fun game but some of the levels can be a little annoying to complete. Still, for $9.95 you can do a far lot worse.

    I also guess this sale is only for the game when bought directly from the developer as I’m fairly sure it’s always been $9.99 on Steam.

  2. Zeno says:

    Everything about this game suffers from an extreme lack of polish… Not to mention that it’s basically a direct ripoff of Katamari.

  3. bobince says:

    I always wanted a shameless rip-off of Katamari on my PC, but the demo levels made the game look a bit short for $20. $10 though? OK then.

    There’s no internet activation or other DRM crud though is there?

  4. dhex says:

    it’s definitely worth 10 bucks if you dig katamari-esque-ness-like-itude.

  5. James Allen says:

    You’re better off getting Inago Rage and Epidemic Groove instead, although I can’t tell from their site how to purchase those two fine products.

  6. Okami says:

    I liked it. It’s basically Final Fantasy X. But with better story.

  7. Mister Hands says:

    Having played the demo, I can vouch for its theme song, at least.

  8. PHeMoX says:

    “Everything about this game suffers from an extreme lack of polish… Not to mention that it’s basically a direct ripoff of Katamari.”

    It’s not at all a secret that it was inspired by Katamari. Just be thankful there’s actually a PC version… kind of. :)

    In my opinion it doesn’t lack polish, but yeah it’s not Crysis. Durr….

  9. Heliocentric says:

    Whenever i see polish, i think people mean people from poland or the language of those people.

    Not enough french!

  10. anon says:

    And If you pre-order AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!
    now on steam, you get this one free. I just tried it. I described it to a friend as “Katamari on crack”. Then I realized just how odd those words sound.

    Shameless Katamari clone with some unique and awesome level design.

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