Burnout Paradise Cops & Robbers Update Soon

By John Walker on April 15th, 2009 at 1:00 pm.

Scarper, it's the rozzers.

Criterion are plugging the next addition due for Burnout: Paradise, a Cops & Robbers game. I’m really pleased that Criterion are delivering on extra content for the already superb game. New stuff seems to be arriving all the time. And best of all, the biggest stuff has been completely free, including new game modes, and an entire alternate version of the game for motorbikes. Less pleasing are some of the astonishing prices they’ve charged for the smaller updates. The recent “Toys” pack, which gives you nine new super-cute cars to muck about in, costs an incredible £10 for the “value” version. Or perhaps you fancy sending £6 on getting just two new cars with extra boost? So how much will Cops & Robbers cost? There’s a video of it below to see if you want to smash your piggy bank.

I worry they’re enormously over-pricing these micro-additions. Most bewildering is the Time Savers Pack, where for £4 it will unlock all the vehicles in the game without you having to unlock them manually. So that’s a cheat mode for money, then. I’m fairly sure games used to just have you type a secret code in for this sort of thing, not enter your credit card details. If the game costs £30, and comes with 76 cars, a massive island to race around, and has hundreds of things to do and smash, then how can two more cars be worth £6? Or another nine cost a third of the game price again? Of course, the good news is the core game is so flipping excellent you don’t need any of these bits and pieces. But still, since the game starts including them on the in-game menus, teasing you with them but taking you to the in-game store if you click on them, it’s rather galling. Charge me £2.50 for nine new cars I think I might want to drive, and you’ve got a potential sale.

Anyway, bygones, this is about the new game mode they’ve being very secretive about just now. This obscure trailer is apparently going to be shortly followed by something slightly clearer, and we’ll update accordinly.

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  1. bansama says:

    Sounds great, I just wish they’d fix whatever issue is causing the game to misdetect regions — thus preventing the purchase of DLC. As I’d really love to play this add on =(

  2. Optimaximal says:

    This won’t be free or ‘cheap’ since EA made it clear than everything from the Party pack onwards (or Ultimate Box onwards for PC players) falls under the banner of ‘premium content’.

    I’d happily buy the BttF car though, would they actually let me connect the game too the internet – it’s a known problem with the game and EA’s fucking awful Persona system.

  3. rocketman71 says:

    Still no LAN?. Still not interested.

  4. Mac says:

    DLC pricing is barmy at the moment – anyone remember horse armour.

    I agree, how can 9 new cars be worth a 1/3 of the game price assuming you paid RRP for it – in effect it’s more like 1/2 of the original game price.

    If only companies, including valve, would learn from valves findings that lowering the price actually increases margins on DLC as more people pick up the item and without the physical media it quickly becomes pure margin once the server costs, etc are covered.

  5. Ginger Yellow says:

    Surely it’s better that they’ve done it this way – made the major gameplay additions/improvements free and charged for the optional frivolities. I suppose it would grate less if the new cars were actually licensed rather than imitations, but even so this is surely the best way to fund new content.

  6. Optimaximal says:

    If only companies, including valve, would learn from valves findings that lowering the price actually increases margins on DLC as more people pick up the item and without the physical media it quickly becomes pure margin once the server costs, etc are covered.

    Wasn’t it Valve that realised this in the first place? They have never charged for DLC and pointed out that Steam sales rise when prices go down.

    WRT Steams pricing, as 99% of people now know (but most ignore when making a point) all the prices for non-Valve software is set by the individual publisher.

  7. Smee says:

    I’m looking forward to playing the best Midtown Madness mode, but shinier and faster. Still, Reskinning existing car models seems incredibly cheap. And can we stop calling reskins new cars? Burnout Paradise didn’t have 76 cars, it had about 35.

  8. Rei Onryou says:

    This is why I’ve never bought DLC and perhaps never will. A couple of hours of extra content does not equal 20%+ of the original game cost.

    I played Fallout 3 for 80 hours on one character and bought one of the Collector’s Editions. Based on that price (£40), I paid £0.50 for each hour of fun. Fine by me.

    Operation Anchorage works out at ~£6.80 (or £8.50 for buying 1000 points). That’s 17% of the Collector’s edition price. By my maths, that should be 13.6 hours of goodness. In actuality, its more like 4 hours, maybe 6 if you stretched it. That’s £2 or £3 by my maths. I’d pay £2 or £3 for Operation Anchorage.

    Devs/Pubs/Microsoft: Stop being so greedy!

  9. Flappybat says:

    DLC pricing is all over the place. I pray to god we get it sorted out soon. Operation Anchorage was pretty badly priced. Being generous I would say it was worth £3.99.

    The boost specials are a joke at £6 when one of them is a remake of an existing car. In fact I think the other car in that pack is the only totally original car in any of the DLC they have. All the legendary cars are based off existing cars.

  10. Surgeon says:

    The stupid Burnout DLC prices are why I’ve never forked out for any of it.

    Tiny cars for a tenner?
    You what?

  11. Heliocentric says:

    Trackmania had what? 7 cars. Anything over 12 is nonsense, but kg likes anything 12+. So what to do? But actual content, like the addition of bikes or new play modes i’ll take on a case by case basis.

  12. RiptoR says:

    [quote]I’m fairly sure games used to just have you type a secret code in for this sort of thing, not enter your credit card details.[/quote]

    You never played any Codemasters games then? They might not ask for CC info, but they have you a call to an expensive phonenumber just to be able to use cheats…

  13. ysbreker says:

    I find it both funny and sad that they used the very same police radio chatter sample used in all of the GTAIII versions. (And a ton of other TV shows, games and movies) Is it really that hard to make your own sample? OR is this becoming another Wilhelm scream?

  14. Klaus says:

    Maybe they all just sound similar ysbreker, It all sounds the same to me, so I can’t notice.

  15. simplicio says:

    You call this “a Cops & Robbers game,” but I’m looking for anything on the linked site or in the video that indicates this would be anything more than new skins and a reiteration of that survival mode, and I’m coming up with nothing.

  16. DigitalSignalX says:

    Is burnout paradise playable with mouse and KB only? (doesn’t holds breath).

  17. Devan says:

    Nope, I play it with a gamepad. You could probably use a wheel too, but it wouldn’t work as well. This game is meant to be arcadey.

  18. Chaz says:

    I noticed that the new Godfather 2 game is offering similar DLC on release where you can unlock all the best stuff right off the bat without having to play through the game to do it. link to eurogamer.net

    It does seem to me too that they are charging for what is essencially a cheat code. It all smacks of corporate greed.

    Dead Space and Far Cry 2 have also offered up some pretty poor DLC for the money charged recently. It seems odd that despite all the furore over the “Horse Armour” DLC for Oblivion, that we are still to this day seeing equally pathetic offerings being delivered up by publishers.