Fevered: Left 4 Dead 2 Heads To The Swamp

By John Walker on July 23rd, 2009 at 10:30 am.

This week’s Comic Con sees Valve revealing new sections of Left 4 Dead 2 to the public. We’ve already seen the daytime levels set in New Orleans for The Parish campaign. Now comes Swamp Fever, with its misty, boggy setting, putting at ease those who were afraid the game wouldn’t be dark enough. This will reveal the new Boss Infected, The Spitter. We’re told, “The female Spitter has an area attack that can split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots.” They’ll also show the new uncommon Infected, the Mudman (seen below), along with the cricket bat, AK47, and grenade launcher. So if you’re there, go play it! New images of the game are below.


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  1. Dillon says:

    Cant we all just have fun with shooting zombies :D

  2. Eldon says:

    Every game they have ever put a gernade launcher into get exploited and abused , ruining the game for most.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    Every first person game that tried melee combat failed terribly until Riddick.

  4. Hell_Phone says:

    so what’s the big fuzz about?, guys dont like something and guys who dont have anything else than awnser the other guys?.. i mean, come on, they wont change valve`s mind and you wont change boycotter’s mind, oh god when you find a place to complain about something you guys lost the control and do things like boycott a Game just for been similar to anotherone and complain about guys who complain about everything @_@ thant’s it i need to sleep!

    and a job! x_x

  5. Sam says:

    Is that Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince? xD

  6. Ronn says:

    idk…spas 12s sound right up my alley…but i hope this comes out on x360…or can you spell LAGG or LOSS OF FPS

    lol x3

  7. bbq says:

    lol! depeche mode t-shirt on that girl

  8. yhe uglyest man says:

    thats awsome

  9. D wayne says:

    looks awesome,fighting in the swamps at night ooh.the docter guy though doesnt look like a good character .just think if they made a log cabin as a safe house or somting.

  10. Jamane says:

    the spitter will definitely make the game fairer wat with hide-in-closet abilities reduced but if u skilled enough u should beable to get dem b4 dey get u it’ll make de game better and more chalenging.
    Also the more different guns and ammo the better and I assume the good ones are goin to be hard to come bye so that should equal out… I hope

  11. ferry092 says:

    How come they never have an asian guy or girl in l4d? always either black or white. it should be mix.

  12. Kai says:

    I ALMOST didn’t post, but then I realized something:

    Very little was mentioned about AID 2.0. Do any of you TRULY believe that it could be an update? I have seen 1 or 2 mention that it would take a long time to sequentially update the 1st…this is the main reason why.

    Do you always expect a company to do a complete overhaul of a game just because you want free stuff? Has the gaming community become so greedy as to expect such a thing? Yes, I agree that it’s possible to do a cheaper expansion pack, but how many of you know the nuances of coding a game? Of those, how many know about coding for expansions that revamp an existing game? Until there is proof of any Boycotters being able to do so, and having done so, then you should trust that they know what they are doing.

    On another matter: L4D1 becoming obsolete
    Has not a single one of you gone back to older games due to fond memories of the fun had with them? I have seen many complaints (mostly on other Forums) of the new characters (mostly involving Rochelle). For those that will miss their Zoey and Francis (and to some extent, Bill and Louis), are you saying you wouldn’t go back to play with them from time to time?

    I know the Boycotters will have plenty to say about this. Go ahead. I don’t expect to change minds, just to give a new perspective to your argument(s).

  13. Kai says:

    Onto better stuff: L4D2 Content

    I love the new pistols, the AR(s), and SR(s).

    I’m mixed on the GL. If it is made Tier 3 as support (as at least already said) along with others of it’s kind (maybe Flamethower (ineffective vs Hazmat Infected and high probability for ff)) and is Single-Fire, I’m all for it. If it’s Tier 2, but still S-F, then ok, I can live with it. If it’s drum-fed (I guess Full-Auto?), then it needs to be nothing more then a passing thought.

    Love the melee weapons (axe and chainsaw FTW).

    Love the new SI (especially the ‘Wandering Witch’ upgrade and the Charger) and the new UI.

    Love the new Campaigns…well, the ones we know.

    And last, but not least, I LOVE the new AID. Those that don’t know about it should read up. It is really, REALLY amazing.

    In essence, I believe this game will KICK ASS.

  14. James says:

    Gosh I hope they do not make the game system requirements any steeper, I don’t want to have to buy a new system. L4D is running nicely on a64 x 2 4200 3 gigs with ati 4850 or nvidia 8800gt, better with the ATI, slightly I think.
    How about porting L4D to the PS3 while you are at it? I would buy it all over again to play on my PS3.
    Do wish L4D was just a new version upgrade, not whole new game. Rather pay half to get upgraded game, than have two games, on eI never play again most likely unless add on content gets much better quickly.
    Love For Dictators, how’se that for a game mod? Model 4 dictators to survive together against zombie allied troops. Musalini, Hirohito, Hitler, and or course, Bush.? LOL

  15. James says:

    Or how about, the Last Four anybody mod, and have a whole bunch of different people to pick from, from heros, criminals, sport figures, politicians, even monsters aliens and even animals, accurately modeled to look and basically perform based upon age, and physical characteristics? Now that would be a game of longevity, I would buy, play and keep on my installed games list a very long time. Anyone Listening?

  16. Kai says:

    James: Love For Dictators, how’se that for a game mod? Model 4 dictators to survive together against zombie allied troops. Musalini, Hirohito, Hitler, and or course, Bush.? LOL


    James: have a whole bunch of different people to pick from, from heros, criminals, sport figures, politicians, even monsters aliens and even animals

    Good idea, would probably require too much coding though.

  17. nuk3 says:

    looks awesome… but i want some new pistols like dessert eagle or a berreta…

  18. sunburntjuan says:

    i call small guy he seems like a bad ass >.<

  19. Vengeance643 says:

    Think I saw a screenshot with a guy using a glock somewhere :P

  20. HSpawererer says:

    i agree with you sunburntjuan…. he looks like a bad ass 4 sure!!!

  21. Kai says:

    The primary (held in right hand) pistol will be a SIG Sauer P220 with secondary (held in left hand) being a Glock, either 17 or 21. There is talk of a definite revolver though Make/Model are unknown.

  22. Ozzy says:

    For those of you complaining about the complainers, the main problem with L4D2 is that L4D1 didn’t make on all of it’s promises. They promised new maps, weapons, and characters. Instead they gave as the lighthouse, piece of shit, no new weapons and survival mode. And FYI, if you had a PC version the timer was already in the game, all you had to do was start it than there you go! Survival mode!

    Instead, they made a few re skins, some new maps which anyone could do, added a few over rated melee weapons which will be ignored or overused depending on there effectiveness, and now I have to pay 60 bucks? No thank you.

  23. Kai says:

    “For those of you complaining about the complainers, the main problem with L4D2 is that L4D1 didn’t make on all of it’s promises.”

    I don’t disagree, but we have heard that over and over, and yes, most that ‘complain about the complainers’ repeat themselves as well. I would do the same, were my main argument in a post farther up the line. Since it is not, I suggest you look up and read my 1st post (10 posts higher then yours), the one about AID 2.0. If you don’t even see my point, then I’m sorry, I probably didn’t word it right.

  24. Peter says:

    Anyone seen Orgazmo?
    “I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothing. But I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band.”
    Lol @ Rochelle

  25. Psychopomp says:

    “some new maps which anyone could do”

    Then you do it.

  26. lommer says:

    you guys think they use direct x 11 from what i heard its coming out with windows 7

  27. MORT - legendary survivor says:

    L4D1-best game ever, and complete value for money.
    L4D2-I cannot wait.
    You will all buy it.

  28. ==Sam== says:

    maybe they could make the old survivors unlockable along with some new weapons when they do an amount of achievements like teamfortress2 :D

  29. ryan says:


  30. Rawr says:

    i agree with ryan

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