Wave To Me: Ship Simulator Extremes

By Jim Rossignol on August 21st, 2009 at 1:52 pm.

First there was Ship Simulator, and now there is Extremes of it. Something like that. Anyway, Paradox Interactive have sent word that the greatest ship-simulation of all time is now even greater, thanks to a new game scheduled to arrive in the harbour of our attentions in early 2010. The new game will once again feature careful navigation of “hovercraft, coast guard interceptors, mammoth tankers, tugs, and cruise liners” as you travel famous (and obscure) ports around the world while traversing “extreme, and ultra-realistic weather conditions.” Still no full-physics destruction model though, which I think would make it.

Nonetheless I’ll say it now: next year is hot for ships. (Trailer below decks, of course.)

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  1. DMJ says:

    If it doesn’t include lava, then it isn’t extreme weather.

  2. gulag says:

    “May contain content inappropriate for children”

    Say what?

  3. Chris Evans says:

    Until I see a Bus Driver Extreme I won’t be happy :(

  4. fulis says:

    Does look pretty good

  5. Heliosicle says:

    i was wondering that gulag, HOW?

  6. Gap Gen says:

    I want to see ship-to-ship fighting between the Rainbow Warrior and a Japanese whaler, with the winning ship being eaten by a whale in a cruel twist of irony.

  7. Fat Zombie says:

    I wonder if the engine for this has an element of soft-body-physics, ala Rigs of Rods? It might not be necessary for the smaller ships, but when you’re dealing with large ships like tankers and container ships, you need to simulate the stresses on the engine when the ships are hogging and troughing (i.e. cresting the wave like the end of the video, and then pulling up between waves, in the trough).

    Also, wow was that innapropriate. I saw whales! BARE NAKED WHALES.

  8. Fat Zombie says:

    (By the second mention of engine, I meant hull. Silly of me.)

  9. Rosti says:

    Excellent riff on “… now there are two of it…” Keep it up, Rossignol!

    But I’ll only be interest when it’s X-treme.

  10. Dinger says:

    Aye, it needs a proper damage/destruction model. Then you can put a Mark 8 naval gun on that Rainbow Warrior foredeck and set up some cool ass missions. In heavy Antarctic seas, you need to use the fog to slip past a gauntlet of French frigates protecting a Japanese “Research Vessel”. Punch a bunch of 4.5″ holes below the waterline, and escape before the French break out the tactical nukes.

    Now that’s the game I’d pay to play.

  11. Fat Zombie says:

    Indeed! And maybe some scenarios that aren’t quite so pinko-lefty-communist. ¬_¬

  12. David Gentle says:

    >>Indeed! And maybe some scenarios that aren’t quite so pinko-lefty-communist. ¬_¬
    What about a scenario where you’re commander Jack Mcafflipps of the US Navy? You’d have deal with many things! Like being a lowly commander instead of a Captain and sharks. Wait…it does DO sharks doesn’t it?

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    Obligatory “I like big boats and I can not lie”

  14. CMP5 says:

    What the hell was with the zodiac ramming into the Navy ship? Can you do terroristic jihad suicide bombing in this game?

  15. Alaric says:

    In 1985 the DGSE sank Greenpeace’s ship, the Rainbow Warrior, at the direct authorization of President Mitterrand. Since then, the French government has done nothing worthwhile.

  16. Fenchurch says:

    JIM ROSSIGNOL?! Why isn’t Tim Stone writing this article? =-P

  17. Stupoider says:

    This makes me think that there’s a possibility of Deadliest Catch: The Game.

  18. Jim Rossignol says:

    Wasn’t there already a Deadliest Catch game in production? I seem to remember us blogging about it last year.

  19. cliffski says:

    “In 1985 the DGSE sank Greenpeace’s ship, the Rainbow Warrior, at the direct authorization of President Mitterrand. Since then, the French government has done nothing worthwhile.”

    I’m not sure what was worthwhile about sending a commando onboard an unarmed boat owned by environmental protesters and murdering them in cold blood?

    Is it funny and cool now to just kill protesters? Why are people so upset about the Iranians killing theirs?

  20. Vinraith says:

    @Jim Rossignol

    It came out last August, at least here in the US, to little fanfare and decidedly lukewarm reviews. Here’s IGN’s lukewarm (at best) review:

    link to pc.ign.com

  21. Jad says:

    cliffski: Is it funny and cool now to just kill protesters?

    It is when the French do it.

    Kidding aside, I just read the Wikipedia article on the sinking. Interesting (and sad) stuff, particularly how it thoroughly backfired on the French.

    I am tickled by the codename Opération Satanique. Someone desperately needs to make a game with that title.

  22. Alaric says:

    Oh yea, they botched the job as expected (being French and all) and it backfired horribly.

  23. Upset_Nerd says:

    This got me wondering, is there any good boat or jetski racing game out there for PC, or even consoles for that matter? Haven’t heard of any since Wave Race and considering how good that was in it’s day it makes me wonder what modern graphics and physics could do.

  24. MrSnoobs says:

    At 0.50, is that terrorist training mode?

  25. Fenchurch says:

    @Mr Snoobs

    Yeah, I thought that was what it worryingly looked like… =-/

  26. Andy says:

    Does this game include somalian pirates?

  27. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    >>DigitalSignalX says: “I like big boats and I can not lie”

    You sir, win the internets.

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