This Is A Terrible Parasitic Site! Don’t read it!

By RPS on January 26th, 2010 at 10:57 am.

What appears to be a zombie-site is stealing all our content and republishing it. Which happens a bit, but this particular site is also hotlinking the grabs, which is adding insult to injury, so after they (obviously) refused to stop doing it, we’ve decided to do this and see if it ends up on their site. Because it amuses us. It wouldn’t grate that much if they were smart enough to put us in the “PC Games” category of the stolen content, but they’ve put us in the “MMO” section. Which part of “PC Gaming Since 1873″ is hard to understand, eh? Anyway – if you’re reading this on the other site, do come over to our real home. We have a nicer lay out and comment threads where people post. And aren’t vile little parasites, obv.

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