What a shame

What a shame.

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  1. JB says:

    Water Shane?

  2. dartt says:

    What a Shame.

  3. Bhazor says:

    All these classic bad lines and no mention of the whole of Hong Kong? What a shame.

    link to

    Listen a me! This is real freedem! Freedem ta aown propty!

    Oh your such a bad maaaan.

    • Fenchurch says:


    • stahlwerk says:

      Yeah, Fenchurch,… wtf were they thinking?!

      And what is that isaac guy supposed to be accentin’? I’m glad that my aural memory of Deus Ex is selectively comprised of JC’s antics, “Old men running the world” and that message trigger sound.

  4. Gassalasca says:

    Kakva šteta.

  5. shinygerbil says:

    i don’t get it

  6. qrter says:

    What a shame.

  7. Cutman says:

    What a shame

  8. CLD says:

    What a shame.

  9. Ploddish says:

    What a shame.

  10. Ed says:

    Whopper flame.

  11. Tom Camfield says:

    What a shame.

  12. Jerricho says:

    What a shiv

  13. the wiseass says:

    Was für eine Schande.

  14. ACS says:

    What a shame.

  15. Jinny! says:

    01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110011 01101000 01100001 01101101 01100101

  16. Zerrick says:

    What a shame.

  17. cjlr says:

    57 68 61 74 20 61 20 73 68 61 6d 65 2e

  18. Tei says:

    Que penita.

  19. cjlr says:

    .– …. .- – .- … …. .- — . .-.-.-

  20. jeremypeel says:


  21. jaheira says:

    quel dommage

  22. jarvoll says:

    For en skam.

    Какой Позор.

  23. Gromit says:

    Que pena.

  24. Aon says:

    What a shame.

  25. godwin says:

    I thought you were a GEP gun.

    What a shame.

  26. Fenchurch says:


    Get PILLS against my orders! Get moving!

  27. Internet guy says:

    You know what else is a shame? Tom Chick’s Deus Ex review.

  28. GGX_Justice says:

    What a shame.

  29. Helm says:

    τι κρίμα

  30. Dude says:

    I’m sorry but the princess is in another castle.

    Oh wait.

  31. S says:

    Que una lastima.

  32. HermitUK says:

    He was a good man. What a rotten way to die.

  33. Muzman says:

    как жаль

  34. cw8 says:

    What a Shame!

  35. Doth Messar says:

    What a shame.

  36. alseT says:

    Ce păcat!

  37. Stu says:

    It’s a skull.

  38. Martin says:

    Shat a whame…

  39. Aldaris says:

    Wat een schande.

  40. planet xxx says:

    what a shame.

  41. Inferno says:

    What a shame.

  42. JC says:

    I wanted lemon-lime. It gave me orange.

  43. Triangulon says:

    .– …. .- – .- … …. .- — .

  44. Cunzy1 1 says:


  45. Cunzy1 1 says:

    I love you.

  46. Supraliminal says:

    Sticks and stones.

    (The only JC one-liner I remember)

  47. MrTrent says:

    He’s just a punk.

  48. geldonyetich says:

    That will be adequate.