World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Release Date

This is a picture of the game.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm comes out on the 7th of December. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Flaringo says:


  2. Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:


  3. bob_d says:

    I’m curious.

  4. Web Cole says:

    What a shame.

  5. Okami says:


  6. Razz says:


  7. President Weasel says:

    No no no.
    You’re not. No.

  8. Man Raised By Puffins says:


  9. tomeoftom says:


  10. Mr Pink says:


  11. The Hammer says:

    I’m chuffed!

  12. wcaypahwat says:


  13. Peter says:

    I have yet to see such a mix of emotions under one article.

  14. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:


  15. tKe says:


  16. TheApologist says:


  17. Heliocentric says:

    More of this.

  18. Mart says:


  19. Alex Bakke says:

    World of ‘War’craft?


    [Captcha: APBb]

  20. Robert says:

    Goodbye december!

  21. Rosti says:


  22. ts061282 says:

    Are “people” still playing that?

  23. Demon Beaver says:

    This should be up for GJACD.

  24. Dwergi says:


  25. Fox says:

    A bomb!

  26. Premium User Badge

    stahlwerk says:

    within the week?

  27. Dean says:

    It’s on a Tuesday, so making it quite awkward to take a long weekend off to play it…

    Okay you’re right there’s no real story in this.

    • Cradok says:

      So were the prior two. I’m still undecided if I want to take the day off and go to a midnight opening and play it until I can’t see anymore, or if I want to be sensible about it…

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Patch day. C’mon, you could’ve known. For shame, I say!

  28. Shagittarius says:


  29. Nick says:


  30. Dominic White says:


  31. tomwaitsfornoman says:

    GJAIF will hear about this.

  32. cjlr says:

    Within the week.

    No. Within six months.

  33. Daniel Rivas says:

    Ha! I have an assignment due that day.

    Good job I don’t play World of Warcraft, really.

  34. Skusey says:

    I see.

  35. Andrew Farrell says:

    Are you out of interest at any point going to write about the most top-to-bottom reworking of the biggest pay game on the planet? I’d like to assume so, but you’ve been very sniffy about it.

    • rei says:

      As far as I’m aware the point of this site has always been that they write about things that interest them and that they’re excited about, rather than what they “should” write about. I’m pretty sure they’ve said in the past that none of them have been playing the game for a long time. I’m sure they’ll still report on it, but I wouldn’t expect any passionate dissertations.

    • Ian says:

      I know Alec dipped back in for WOTLK at which point I believe he’d generally stopped playing, and Quinns wrote summat for The Escapist about it so at a guess there may be one “Cor look at what they’ve done to Azeroth” post after release and that’ll be that.

  36. Flobulon says:

    Electronic old men.

  37. Clovis says:

    “A date which will live in infamy!”

  38. Tiktaalik says:


  39. Choca says:


  40. duncanthrax says:

    And not a single fuck will be given that day.

  41. Rakysh says:


  42. The Great Wayne says:


  43. Ansem says:

    I remember when this site was about Minecraft, not World of Warcraft..

  44. Zinic says:

    NEWSFLASH: Cataclysm hits the world on December 7th. Story at nine.

  45. Flaringo says:


  46. Mereli says:


  47. Commander Gun says:

    Two days earlier and they would have lots of parents buying it for their kids in the Netherlands (December 5th is our Santa Claus variant).

    • Harmen says:

      Well, in this way they can still give it as a present, _and_ keep all the kids around for the pepernoten-marsepein-gezellig-subtle-rhymes-evening.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:


      Must’ve been doing it wrong all this time…

  48. Wulf says:

    “Are “people” still playing that?”

    And mothers will weep as sons descend into their basement domicile, not to be heard from for another year.