That’s The Point: Super Spike Dislike

By Quintin Smith on January 5th, 2011 at 9:23 pm.

Super Spike Dislike is a freeware indie game where you play a bouncing ball. But wait! There’s more. You also have to dodge spikes. You can get it here. I heard about it from Mike Rose, of the Indie Games blog.

When Mike emails me with a game it’s a bit like being a kid when your well-meaning yet comprehensively unstable father comes home. Is he going to teach me a lesson? Tell me a mysterious story? Make me laugh? Or cry? With Super Spike Dislike, he basically showed up with two tanks of gasoline and set fire to the house with all of us inside it. You should probably play it. Good night.


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  1. PleasingFungus says:

    “You should probably play it play it.”

    How can I say no to a recommendation like that?

    (normally I wouldn’t point out typos in the comments thread, but this one just felt so thematically appropriate!)

  2. Fitzmogwai says:

    I like to play it play it.
    I like to play it play it.
    I like to play it play it.
    I like to
    PLAY IT.

  3. scharmers says:

    Hey, look … Bubble Ghost 2011!

    Or not.

  4. mda says:

    my high score is 1434, will get more later!

    just realised you get more points when you clear 2 in 1 go. yay.

  5. BAReFOOt says:

    Can anyone tell me what the coloured keys are for? Somehow under irreproducible circumstances, I manage to “shoot” spikes with them. They could at least have a description in the settings.

    • snitchy says:

      I think only the Z key works. When your bar gets a green, you can shoot at a spike. 250 points for shooting a spike with a side shot somehow.

      This game just ate 2 hours of my life. Ughhh

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  7. psyk says:

    Could you start posting the ips of these spammers?

    Also check with if you haven’t already.

  8. gamezway says:

    I seriously wonder what kind of machine and R4i Card is required for this game. I got a 2×2.0 GHz windows machine that is running games like GTA4, and it’s running this game at about 3 or 4 FPS. Which is surprising considered the graphical simplicity.

  9. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    My high score is 5014. Beat that.

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