It’s Modern Warfare 3, A Hoax Then

By Alec Meer on February 25th, 2011 at 6:24 pm.

That is not Modern Warfare 3. That is Modern Warfare 2. But there's an outside chance they'll look a bit similar, eh?

Update: As vaguely suspected, it’s a hoax after all. A slightly boring hoax. Well done, boring hoaxers.

Surprise! I’ve just broken into your house and stolen all your milk. No, that’s not the real surprise. The real surprise is that there’s going to be another Call of Duty game this year. No, that’s not a surprise either. The real surprise is that it sounds like we might see a bit of said game at GDC next week. At least, that’s according to a new web intersite called FindMakarov. Makarov is, you may recall, one of the baddies in Modern Warfare 2, as well as That Guy, Him and Wossiface.

This is all according to That Videogame Blog, which is claiming to have received some fake blood-smeared dogtags from Activision with the URL in question stamped on them. Haven’t heard of anyone else coming out of the woodwork as having these tags as yet, plus there’s no mention of Activision or any of their studios on the page source or via a domain lookup. – let’s go with it for now though. It seems real enough.

On the mystery site is an incredibly annoying, repetitive noise, and a timer suggesting something’s going to happen in just under 5 days. Why, that’s just next week!

Hopefully it’ll be online as well as on show at GDC, so we can all join in. So will this be Infinity Ward again, or at least what’s left of them, or the new ‘Beachead’ studio Activision has set up specifically to handle future Call of Duty projects? MYSTERIES.

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  1. explosiveface says:

    So the hoax was to convince people that MW3 would be announced a few months earlier than normal for like 3 hours? I bet that was worth making and sending the dogtags out for.

  2. Morgawr says:

    A hoax? This news item just became much more interesting. I had completely ignored it before.

  3. UW says:

    Hah, it would be interesting if this was by those Respawn guys. It would be the ultimate “fuck you” to Activision.

    After all nothing has been revealed except the words “Find Makarov” and using a similar font to the MW games. I wonder how much they could get away with without breaching any IP laws.

  4. H4NNiB4L says:

    Couldn’t care less, truth or hoax. Just like war, CoD never changes.
    This year(s) belongs to Battlefield 3.

    • Emperor_Jimmu says:

      I heard that Cod has changed, but I always heard that CoD never changes…

  5. donmilliken says:

    A boring hoax for a boring game. Rather appropriate, that.

  6. pipman3000 says:

    but how could we intelligent pc gamers fall for a hoax :(

    has the RPS bloodline been polluted by the genes of 360-morons and ps3-savants with their console-toys and big screen tvs?

    • donmilliken says:

      “but how could we intelligent pc gamers fall for a hoax :(”

      Because it was well done?

      “has the RPS bloodline been polluted by the genes of 360-morons and ps3-savants with their console-toys and big screen tvs?”

      Uh, no. There are just as many morons with PCs as with consoles and comments like yours do nothing to add to the conversation.

  7. The Sero says:

    If anyone’s interested, as I haven’t seen this elsewhere on the site, the countdown has now finished, and the website re-directs to quite an awesome fan made IRL video replicating clips of the previous 2 Modern Warfares.