Quick Draw: Get On The Gunshine Beta

By Jim Rossignol on March 8th, 2011 at 1:53 pm.


EDIT: Looks like the key is spent. Thanks for playing!

One of the many smiling faces I saw at GDC belonged to Supercell, the chaps behind browser-based MMO Gunshine. Their Diablo-lite RPG is a quasi-MMO that allows you to quest with your friends’ characters, even if they’re not online. It’s got a bunch of interesting features planned for it, including the capacity for the characters to “learn” to play like their owner. Anyway, this is a bit weird as beta-key thingies go: it’s a speed-based beta-key usage. Basically, the first five-hundred of you to sign up with the key (below) get in. That’s it. Be fast!

Here’s the key:

New key: bzee2892cbca


Instructions for use: Go here and click “Sign Up” and enter the key. That’s it.

When it runs out we should know, but you can shout in the comments later today if it’s no worky.



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  1. Quasar says:

    Account acquired! I have already made a hunter called Deadly Dave. We are going to have SO much fun.

    • Quasar says:

      So, first impressions: It’s pretty simple to play, and the controls are quite responsive for a browser game – there’s not too much lag, either. It’s also got a charmingly oppressive sense of humour.

      I can see this being quite a fun little freebie.

    • McDan says:

      This does look good, got a key! Anyone know if an RPS group thingummy will be made for this beta? To go and mass-murder together of course. Genocide is better with friends.

    • Quasar says:

      I’ve already friended a few RPS readers. Feel free to add me, if you like. If you go to ‘Add character friend’, then my name is Deadly Dave, my character code is a1

  2. Anthile says:

    When you sign up, you get three additional beta keys to give away – so we basically have 1500.

    Also, I’m a medic and my character name is Anthile. I guess we can go adventuring or something.

  3. Jetsetlemming says:

    Oh hey, I guess I got on it early. My verdict is “Eh.” after playing the intro area.

  4. Jakkar says:

    Grrrn. For a moment the picture looked like some kind of Syndicate game. *goes back into standby mode, eyes flashing yellow*

  5. Robert says:

    Thank you, it worked. Will take shot!

  6. Farkeman says:

    thank you ,
    this might help me kill the time till DA2 shows up in europe (stupid release dates :( )

  7. squareking says:

    I named my hunter Tickles, PhD.

  8. scottossington says:

    They said they would send me a key, so I am not sure if I am in =( Oh well I guess Ill just play the other 100 games I have. Hmmm maybe i have an addiction.

  9. JFS says:

    The start-to-crate time of this one is VERY unfavourable. Anyways, I’m Jazz LaTour, medic.

  10. Lobotomist says:

    Guys. Didnt get the key :(
    Can someone send me one … please

  11. mondomau says:

    Says that key is already in use? Surely 500 RPS-ers can’t have got in already?

  12. Sarlix says:

    The key has been expunged :-(

  13. mcol says:

    yup says key in use, I guess it hit limit

  14. gerafin says:

    I’ve earned 8 more beta keys, but I can’t figure out any way to send them other than through Facebook.

    Can somebody help me out? I’d like to distribute these to more RPSers.

  15. JFS says:

    I got nine additional keys and sent one to Lobotomist. That means eight are left, but I need your email adresses.

  16. Axyl says:

    yeah. Key is already in use. Gutted, as this one looked freakin awesome.
    Loads of new and innovative features.
    This is something i like to pay lots of attention to as, imo, not enough games try something new.

    *EDIT – Scratch that, got a key from the Gunshine Facebook page. Some were posted yesterday that are good for 100 uses each. I used the 2nd from bottom and it worked. :)

  17. hav says:

    I’m sitting on an additional 9 keys as well so just post your mail if you want one!

  18. remmelt says:

    I also have 9 keys to give away. First 9 to send mail to remmelt located at the Googlemails get a key in return mail, hurray!

  19. Inigo says:

    Huh. Apparently if you log out with unfinished tasks, you need to go back and talk to each character again. That’s… innovative.

    And I can redo all the previous missions after logging back in. I have no idea if that’s intentional or not.

  20. MrFoo says:

    Played a little, and now I’ve hit the wall of “You have to be SOCIAL” “You can’t do it ALONE” “SIGN PEOPLE UP!!!111One” level.

    Too needy, if you can’t get anywhere alone, no thanks.

  21. Duke Nukem says:

    I would also like to receive a beta key. davidclark19 AT hotmail DOT com
    Thank you!

  22. Universal Hamster says:

    Any chance of a key here to suninahouse AT yahoo DOT com?

  23. markventurelli says:

    Still any chances I can get a key at my email? mventurelli at gmail dot com

    Thanks guys =)

  24. Mr_Initials says:

    I would like a key also aczirkle @ gmail Dot com

    • zeekthegeek says:

      Got one just by signing up for the site. you don’t need keys it looks like to me, as they’re accepting people fast!

  25. Nogo says:

    Got in on the new one. If anyone wants to do some group content I am Seaman Stach.

    Edit: Oh geez, I left and when I came back all my missions were gone and the only ones I can pick up again are low xp I already completed or a boss fight I’m not ready for.

    • JFS says:

      Yeah, this is problematic. The game is geared towards social interaction, meaning you won’t achieve that much alone. I’ve tried some areas apart from the starting hub, if you can take on the enemies one-on-one fights up to equal levels are manageable, but forget bosses or multiple enemies at once. On the one hand, I think it’s nice to promote teamplay, on the other hand, teaming up as a necessety in an online game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  26. BerserkEnough says:

    Is this how I get one????

  27. SquidgyB says:

    Offline character “learning” to play like their owner?

    I forsee lols.

    Johnny has a bad laggy internet connection.

    Timmy plays offline with Johnny’s toon.

    Johnny’s toon emulates the lag and gets them killed.


  28. DeepSleeper says:

    I got about fifteen minutes into it and got a “Treasure Box”.
    Awesome! Loot!
    “Pay 50 cash shop diamonds to unlock this box!”

    Oooh, nope. Bye, Gunshine. Not goin’ back to you again.

  29. Pointless Puppies says:

    I’ve been playing this a couple of hours and I really don’t know why Jim is calling this a “pseudo-MMO”. Everything about the game yells “Free2Play MMO” to me. It’s a neat time waster, but it doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the hundreds of F2P MMOs already out there.

  30. niffk says:

    thanks for the key jim and RPS :)

    i’m not ashamed to admit i am a terrible MMO junkie. the free kind, not WoW, and this is one of the cream-of-the-crop examples of free MMO goodness, without foreign developers ruining the english.

  31. varcynal says:

    Looks like the key just got used up :(

  32. AxDestruction says:

    The above mentioned key is exhausted. can someone please spare me a key at v4run.b atgmaildotcom
    Thanks in advance :)

  33. GCU Speak Softly says:

    You might be lucky and use this key:


    It’s open to the first 50 users.

    Good luck!

  34. SquareWheel says:

    I was expecting more sunshine.

  35. GCU Speak Softly says:

    Anybody want to gift me 252 ‘diamonds’ so I can open the ‘Treasure Boxes’ that are littering up my inventory? :o)

  36. Justified says:

    On Supercell’s Twitter feed is a key that might still work, ecbn4624jxzk I have an account already so I can’t test it though..

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