Sniper Elite V2 Version “Specifically” For PC

By Jim Rossignol on August 12th, 2011 at 9:00 am.

Sniper, sniper, scared of a fight.
Games about shooting people in the head remain moderately popular, it seems, because Sniper Elite is back, Back! BACK! And baddies are going to get shot in all kinds of locations, but particularly in the head. Not only that, but the new game is being self-funded by Rebellion, whose bossman Jason Kingsley has said they wanted to create a PC-specific version which “will be built specifically for PC to take advantage of the more flexible and powerful hardware, with strong support directly from Rebellion.” So that’s good. It’ll be coming out on Steam, and possibly retail at some point. Assuming the shops are not on fire, I suppose.

505 Games, who have taken on the console version of the game, have celebrated its existence by releasing a grisly cinematic trailer, entitled “One Bullet Can Change History”, which features a cut-away sequence of a Nazi’s head, showing the bullet going through his spine and the base of his skull. Mmm! Lovely.


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  1. Eddus says:

    l337 sni43r.


  2. Antsy says:

    Inna head!

    Sniper Elite is quite good fun. A spanky new version is most welcome.

  3. razgon says:

    We gamers are a bloodtthirsty bunch

  4. SilverSilence says:

    Oh hell yes, Sniper Elite > Ghost Warrior

  5. konrad_ha says:

    FPS meets Mortal Kombat. Question: Why? Answer: Why not?

  6. atticus says:

    Found myself sighing loudly in relief when I read “It’ll be coming out on Steam”… Funny how spending too much time reading comments on RPS-threads can subconsciously change your perception of things. It’s on Steam? And they’re spending extra time to make the PC-version good? No hated DRM in sight? I’LL BUY IT!

    All the internetrage surrounding certain companies these last weeks really is making marketing somewhat easier for everyone else I guess.

    “Hey, potential customers! We’re on Steam! And we’re trying to please your needs instead of pissing you off! How ’bout that? HEY HEY, CALM DOWN! NOT EVERYONE AT ONCE! AAAaaaaaghhh!”

    • PoulWrist says:

      Steam only = wait for sale. Nothing worse than no retail. Who wants to pay the steam-fee to play games? Not I.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Actually Steam only games don’t tend to be as overpriced as games that are also available at retail. If it is retail as well Steam just sell it at the RRP until a sale where everyone else knocks 33% off right away (online retail anyway). Steam only games tend to be £15-£20 to start with.

  7. yhalothar says:

    Now THIS is a game I will play.

  8. AlonePlusEasyTarget says:

    Achievement unlocked

    Whack-a-Mole – Bronze

  9. I LIKE FOOD says:

    No thanks. I don´t like the idea of killing innocent Germans for pleasure.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      Is this a troll post? I for one, as a designated Untermensch, find killing virtual Nazis to be a perfectly enjoyable, guilt-free pastime. They probably would have killed me had they got the chance so I’m damn sure not going to wring my hands about killing virtual representations of them.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      He dislikes the idea of ruining those lovely uniforms.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      @Teddy Leach
      Well alright then. Even I gotta admit, those Nazis had style.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Innocence Proves Nothing

    • oceanclub says:

      “Say what you want about the Nazis, no woman has ever had a fantasy about being tied up and beaten by a man dressed as a liberal.” — P.J. O’Rourke

    • Hensler says:

      The guy invading the town in the giant death machine and screaming orders at his henchmen is innocent?

    • Nalano says:

      Invading the town? It says “Berlin 1945″ right there! He’s defending the town!

    • 0p8 says:

      Hitler had probably already put one in his nut by then.

      (Original Poster,lets be politically correct about it,you should have said innocent nazi’s, not innocent germans,)

    • Mark A. says:

      In terms of Political Correctness the original Sniper Elite’s premise is likely to offend the sensitive. The player character is an American sent into the Siege of Berlin disguised as a Volksturm sniper so he can kill Red Army soldiers and officers at will and collaborate with remnant German forces in stealing R&D materials and whisking away German scientists and contacts to the States before the NKVD gets them.

      The premise was intriguing and helped to balm some of the frustration caused by the game’s hilariously jacked up controls and gameplay. It’ll be disappointing if the sequel dumps the moral ambiguity and becomes another Herp Derp Die Fritz affair.

  10. ZIGS says:

    Screw Sniper Elite, where’s my Rogue Warrior 2??

  11. Grape Flavor says:

    I lol’d heartily at the slow mo bullet sequence. If that was meant to be gritty and dramatic, and not just cartoonishly silly, they failed. Hard.

  12. augustl says:

    I want a game with sniping as seen in The Hurt Locker. Blurry, slow, and difficult.

    • indigohjones says:

      Far and away the best scene in the movie

    • Magnetude says:

      Agreed, I want to see more sniping like that in games. I hope BF3′s single player has at least one such moment.

      It’s strange that for a movie about bomb disposal, the sniping scene that came straight out of leftfield (oh hey it’s Ralph Fiennes!) ended up being its best moment.

    • 0p8 says:

      agreed, hurt locker what an awesome film too.
      CoD4 MW1 did a bloody good job near the end of “all ghillied up” level, when your on the Barret .50 and having to check wind,movement etc.

    • sneetch says:


      I got that guy right in the head! Right in the head! Missing arm my arse!

  13. indigohjones says:

    Hmm, not sure about that “one bullet can change history” tagline. What difference does snuffing out that tank commander make? Considering the sniper’s within a stone’s throw of the Reichstag and Berlin is in flames and ARG shouldn’t analyse game trailers

  14. Davee says:

    Another Red Orchestra 2 trailer?! Awesome!

    Hey wait a moment. Oh.

    Please take the above as a compliment; ’cause if it’s anything like RO – I’ll love it.

    The trailer was a lot like the RO2 one though ( – 52 seconds in), but with all the events the other way around!

  15. Gunrun says:

    I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t steal Red Orchestras sniper scope method (of showing the peripheral vision around the scope) and instead stick with a black matte around the scope. Sniping in RO is so satisfying because of this small thing.

    • westyfield says:

      Agreed. Crysis 1 had a similar scope, with a fisheye effect around the edge. I got distracted many times by waving it over an enemy’s head and watching it stretch their face out. Like looking at your reflection in a spoon. Then I got shot.

    • Nalano says:

      Speaking of odd scope effects, how is this a sniper game set in WWII where the guy can change the zoom of his scope at will?

    • yhalothar says:

      Variable magnification scopes, while far from being popular, have been produced as early as before the First World War. Zeiss Zielklein was one, I think.

  16. Tretiak says:


  17. sinister agent says:

    Ooh, good to see this getting an overhaul. I hope they change the focus so that it’s actually on, y’know, sniping, rather than shooting your way out of an area with a submachine gun. Removing the teleporting enemies set pieces would aid this immeasurably.

    But ugh… skelet-o-vision. So tacky. I wish people would stop doing that.

  18. pakoito says:


  19. MrNice says:

    One bullet can change history…

    Show German tank commander in may 45 getting killed in front of the reichstag.

  20. tigershuffle says:

    as per post 16……… nice but almost made redundant by the fact RO2 as all the extra content as well plus original RO’s sniper was soo good

    Just cant see myself picking this up unless its very very good and is on Steam sale

  21. roryok says:

    Are these time travelling bullets? How do they change history?

  22. db1331 says:

    “Games about shooting people in the head remain moderately popular, it seems, because Sniper Elite is back, Back! BACK! And baddies are going to get shot in all kinds of locations, but particularly in the head. Not only that, but the new game is being self-funded by Rebellion”

    This is where I stopped reading.

  23. BooleanBob says:

    It’s not just me, right? The screenie looks incredibly like that one Day of Defeat map, does it not?

  24. Hensler says:

    Rebellion has made such awesome games lately, I can’t wait for this one especially!

  25. lijenstina says:

    Hm a game and an interactive anatomy atlas. I’ve could never locate where the spleen is. Maybe this game could help.

  26. Felixader says:

    Berlin 1945?

    Isn’t that a bit late for trying to change this particular part of history?

  27. MythArcana says:

    Bullshit. They are porting this thing to three other consoles as we speak. Besides, another war game is so unbelievably fucking passe at this point…who even cares anyway?

  28. Elementlmage says:

    Ok, so everyone has noticed that the tagline for the trailer is meaningless.

    But, what I want to know is, why the hell did the German Sniper shoot his own god damned tank commander!

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