First On RPS: Red Orchestra 2′s New Trailer

By John Walker on August 15th, 2011 at 2:00 pm.


Here you go, an hour ahead of the rest of the world (unless they embed it, the bastards), comes Red Orchestra 2‘s latest trailer. Part game trailer, part Werther’s Original commercial, and with a splendid ending, you can see it below.

I don’t know why that feels like bad taste, but it surely does. In all the right ways. The full game is out on the 13th September. Which is in less than a month. I worked that out on my own.


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  1. Teddy Leach says:

    Best. Grandad. Ever.

  2. Berzee says:

    Man, I love Werther’s Originals. Anticipating being a grandfather some day, I’m going to get a giant glass bowl (or maybe something awesome like a glass narwhal) and fill it with Werther’s.

  3. Adekan says:

    Origin logo on the laptop @1:28, Huh?

  4. timmyvos says:


  5. Renfield says:

    Red Orchestra, now CS… All we’re missing is a Desert Combat remake.

    • Adekan says:

      As much as I loved DC back in the day, I don’t think a remake would do well in these times of 10 Modern Manshooter Extreme Pro Warfare 3: The Manshootening Ops releases per month. It was sort of the first of the flood of these types of games.

    • Renfield says:

      That’s true enough; although it doesn’t seem to stop standard-issue mod-based zombie games streaming out like the ravenous dead.

  6. jp0249107 says:

    I got a guest pass for the original recently and the community sucks ALOT. Reminded me of a local chat from “insert popular FPS/MMO here”. I’m just hoping that the improvements to this game make it worthwhile to get involved because the original didn’t feel very fun at all.

    • Creeping Death says:

      What are you on about? The Red Orchestra community is awesome!

      Having said that though, I haven’t really played since the RO2 20%off for owning RO1, and RO1 going dirt cheap everywhere thing happened, so that’s probably polluted the community somewhat. :/

    • timmyvos says:

      You probably played on one of those “realism clan” servers. They give the rest of the community a bad name. The Wild Bunch servers are usually quite friendly and they’re full most of the time.

    • Novotny says:

      Thumbs up for TWB servers. How I love Red O.

    • timmyvos says:

      They’re practically the only full, non-Russian servers in Europe so you don’t really have much choice in Europe.

    • BlueJohn says:

      hey guys we are going to have 4 60+ servers for RO2
      TWB’s New Glory – A US server
      TWB’s Deliverance – A US server

      TWB’s Last Stand – An EU server
      TWB’s Cold Steel – An EU server

      Hope to see you guys on them!

    • Novotny says:

      You most certainly will! Ooo, starting to get excited. I haven’t been excited about a game in ages.

    • timmyvos says:

      Thanks man! Are you also going to have servers during the beta or is that Tripwire only?

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      I’ve been playing on The Wild Bunch’s EU servers and the community seems to be really nice. People forgive each other for dead nades etc and I’ve not seen anyone yell “faggot” at another player. It’s all been nice and civilised. I’ll deffo be playing on TWB’s RO2 servers.

    • BlueJohn says:

      @timmyvos at the moment its just tripwire’s servers but ill ask a few of the other lads about it for when the open beta comes

    • Jesse L says:

      I just bought Red Orchestra for $2 over the weekend and was pleased to see it still has a community at all. And they seemed nice enough while playing. I shot several of my own teammates (kind of inevitable) and no one called me names. An administrator came on voice chat at one point to tell one player that his friend had just been banned for using racial slurs, so in case the banned guy wanted to know, that’s why. Seems like a polite way to ban a jerk – so that’s top marks all around.

      So: I would advise anyone who, like me, hasn’t played the first RO but is very excited about the sequel because of the enthusiasm of, among others, the RPS staff, to try RO. It only costs two units of your currency (whatever that may be) on GetGamesGo, and probably other places, and like others have said, several RO servers are still full all the time. My review: it’s fun! Even though I die ten times every round without shooting a single enemy. My continuing interest will be determined by my ability to change that ratio.

      In one match I finally lucked into a class with an automatic weapon (I can’t hit anything with the rifle yet – mortal fear degrades my aim). I died three times without seeing my attacker. I respawned, walked around a corner, and plop there was Gerry. He had a rifle, I think, because he just stood there, probably reloading, while I unleashed a hellish fusillade of 50 rounds or so just to either side of his ears – crazy recoil on those old guns; lots of bullets in a clip, too! Slowly I advanced, firing, ever firing. I would have been able to see the whites of his eyes had they not been obscured by the bucking barrel of mine own weapon. If he ever fired, I didn’t see it. Finally I ended the standoff by remembering, not to aim low and fire in bursts, but to hit the crouch button, bringing my lethal cone of fire onto a devastatingly effective slightly lower plane. Of course I didn’t realize it HAD been effective until several seconds later, when my clip ran out.

      That was exciting. Less exciting were my dozen deaths that round, which were not exactly long-drawn-out games of cat-and-mouse, to say the least. And yet I’m looking forward to playing again when I get home from work. So it’s going well so far.

    • Ayam says:

      @Jesse L – this RO death loop vid might make you feel better:

  7. Creeping Death says:

    “I just played Red Orchestra!” Awesome trailer. Now when is that beta going to start?

  8. VehoNex says:

    Legit as frell.

  9. bear912 says:

    Edit: I’m an idiot

    There’s that other trailer…

    … which I may have modified a little.

  10. talon03 says:

    Who is that man and what does he want with my children.

  11. Symitri says:

    Creative twist, didn’t see it coming!

  12. BlueJohn says:

    why did my 570 have to die this month :(

  13. piratmonkey says:

    Woo! Recently been getting back into RO and have to say: why is the sniper position never fucking available? For whole matches on end, the same sucky person fills it.

  14. Anthile says:

    You can tell it’s not a Japanese game because then it would have turned out that the grandfather was the tank.

  15. westyfield says:

    Gee, thanks Youtube commenter, for typing out the last line of the video RIGHT BELOW THE FUCKING VIDEO. Way to ruin the ending.

  16. GenBanks says:

    I now need to buy a Russian army helmet before the game comes out

  17. shoptroll says:

    Less creepy beard than Robin William’s in the recent Ocarina of Time 3D adverts!

  18. JFS says:

    Well, well. On the bad taste scale, this scores at least as high as Sudden Strike (“You can’t play war… says my grandfather”). I don’t know. Usually, I find such humour funny, this here… well. Not so much. But whatever, the game is probably going to be fine :)

  19. kuran says:


  20. Davee says:

    Oh man, that’s awesome. Thanks, RPS! :D

  21. Nikolaj says:

    I hope the next trailer will have a bit more game footage. Not that I didn’t like this one, though.

  22. metalangel says:

    Why oh why did my stupid little brain convince me that this game was coming out on the 20th of August, to happily coincide with Mrs Metal going away to her sister’s for the long weekend?

    • Davee says:

      It was coming out on August 30th, but they pushed it back to 13th of September for some polishing.

    • matrices says:

      Isn’t that also what happened to RAGE?

      Shit, what are we seriously supposed to do in the next two months? Buy this, and RAGE, and Deus Ex , and Skyrim, and BF3?


  23. LordCraigus says:

    I admit it made me laugh but I don’t think it’s in the best taste. It’s certainly not the sort of trailer I would’ve expected for Red Orchestra so it doesn’t really reflect positively on the game, for me.

  24. kmkmkmmm says:

    I hope the next trailer will have a bit more game footage
    spree shopping

  25. ChowTOdust says:

    This commercial was repulsive.

  26. Jason Moyer says:

    What was it like to fire a Mosin Nagant? For a little more than the price of a new videogame you could just buy one.

  27. Eightball says:

    I was on the fence on whether this was tacky or not until the old guy started cackling and I stopped caring about the tackiness and started grinning.

  28. matrices says:

    That trailer made me laugh out loud. Literally. I’m going to have to go preorder this today.

  29. MadMatty says:

    +1 for the wilb bunch servsers

  30. Choice says:

    This may be the best MP FPS game to ever be made… Yes I am going that far…

    That coupled with the outstanding mod support and 3 mods looking ready to go soon after release…

    If the PC fps gaming community had a lick of sense, it would support this game and developer in mass for doing it right.

    Or keep getting raped every 10 months for a half assed $60 title and 4 – $15 dollar dlc packs.. no mod support… no real attempts at fixing the broken gameplay… and making lame perks even stronger…


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