Not So Far, Far Away: The Old Republic

By John Walker on December 8th, 2011 at 10:26 am.

This could be you, in less than a week!

If you’re one of the lucky ones able to access your Origin account, and you’ve pre-ordered The Old Republic, you’ll be pleased to learn you’re going to get access to it a week early. Which is in five days! Five days! Coo lummee – it feels like this game’s been in development for over a thousand years. I’ve certainly been to a thousand preview events. And it’s any pre-order that gets you early access, not just one of the fancy special editions. You also get 30 days of “free” play (I love the idea that it’s free, after you’ve just spent £30 on the game), before the tithing begins at £9 a month (with discounts for buying in lumps).


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  1. Ultra Superior says:

    Chainswords over lightsabers. Always.

  2. Pardoz says:

    At the risk of declawing some snark, which I’m generally loath to do, I’ll point out that you don’t need an Origin account to play TOR (well, I guess unless you pre-ordered through Origin, and even then you’ll still be able to play as long as Origin mails you your registration code, whether you can play the rest of your Origin-purchased games without needing a crack or not).

    • Cinek says:

      Origin lucky enough isn’t necessary for anything. You don’t even have to install it on your PC if you bought Digital Deluxe edition as I did.

      You buy game on Origin website (account required) than type-in the code on TOR website and you’ll get the e-mail with client download. After downloading it you’ll be free to play since whenever they feel like allowing you to. No dumb origin client required what so ever.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Though note that if you use the same mail as your Origin (or former EA) account, it will associate them. (At least it did so during beta).

      For me it even updated the EA/Origin password, since SWTOR had higher requirements for characters used.

  3. D3xter says:

    Yeah got the mail that they’re starting “Early Game Access” on the 13th, and another before that saying that European versions are going to be delivered on the 15th, can’t wait :P

    The client of the “Open Beta/Stress Test” weekend was still good for the final game, right?

  4. Droniac says:

    Actually the early access event opens up on December 13th, but not for everyone all at once. You may have to wait several days longer to gain access to the early access event depending upon when you registered your pre-order key.

    Which should be a good thing: most MMO launches suffer from way too much lag, insane queues, and ridiculous amounts of players in early game areas. A staged early access launch should alleviate some of that.

    • aircool says:

      I can wait, I have some LEGO Star Wars to build before my Millennium Falcon drops in on the 25th and some WH40K goodies to paint.

      There won’t be enough hours in the day :))

  5. Cinek says:

    Yay! And if you pre-order you’ll get the LAMESABER!
    One unique chance to run with black lightsaber to show that you have no slightest idea about Star Wars canon. Lucky enough – it has stats poor enough so that you won’t use it past level 15 anyway.

    • Cinek says:

      Ya.. right… saber seen in one episode of cartoon which has nothing to deal with established physics and canonity status of “real” lightsaber. Besides this there’s a fact that the silly thing in TOR isn’t even remotely similar to the one in cartoon.

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      When has any aspect of Star Wars ever been concerned with “established physics”?

    • Pardoz says:

      Sadly not unique, as the black-core crystals drop as phat raid purpz, yo, so you’re likely to see them on high levels too, not just in the 1-10 range. Raiders and hard-core PvPers will generally be easy to spot: if you see somebody who looks like Cardinal Fang leading a Pride parade, a Warhamster Space Marine, or a Power Ranger they’re l33t.

      Happily there are plenty of decent-looking and iconic looks in between.

    • Mordsung says:

      You may not like it, but Clone Wars is canon. Which means the darksabre is canon.

      It’s a precursor to the modern lightsaber.

    • Cinek says:

      Mordsung – What doesn’t change the fact that black-core sabers in TOR aren’t the same thing as “Darksaber” in the Clone Wars.

      Pardoz – Oh crap.. ~_~

    • vecordae says:

      Mythic Retelling of the Origin of the “Darksaber”

      Clone Wars Guy: We want to have a sweet Mandalorian versus Jedi fight. We’re going to give The Mandalorian Badguy a black vibro-sword and have him duel OB1-KNOB.

      George Lucas: No! Teh lightsaburs are teh best! If your vibro-swards can block it, it is not teh best! Make it a lightsaber! NO!! Better idea! Make it a darksabur!

      Clone Wars Guy: The model doesn’t look anything like a light saber, though. I mean, this is kind of ridiculous. Besides, wasn’t Darksaber the name of that horrible Kevin J. Anderson book?

      George Lucas: Shut up and bring me more HAMS!!!

      At this point George Lucas devours Salacious Crumb.

    • TariqOne says:

      Is “canonity” part of the English language canon?

  6. Redwarf64 says:

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Australia was not yet discovered by the devs…

  7. Sian says:

    I just hope my copy I ordered from abroad gets here before the post collapses under the weight of christmas presents. I dislike holiday releases.

  8. Gnoupi says:

    I don’t know if Guild Wars, Global Agenda or the F2P wave spoiled me.. But I have difficulties thinking about paying a monthly fee for a game, nowadays.

    I don’t want to feel like I “have to” play it, because I paid. I just want to be able to stash it and take it back in 3 months, without pressure. There are so many other games to play, released each month!

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, I know exactly how you feel.

      Personally, I’d be quite happy to buy a block of time, say 100 hours if I didn’t have to use it in a given month and pay as you go.

    • Pardoz says:

      I don’t know if playing offline and subscription-based online games has spoiled me (or perhaps it’s switching to torrents rather than broadcast TV), but I have a really hard time putting up with the constant USE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO BUY GAME TOKENS IN OUR STORE AT RUINOUS CONVERSION RATES THAT FORCE YOU TO BUY ALMOST TWICE AS MANY AS YOU NEED FOR THE PURCHASE OF ANY INDIVIDUAL ITEM spam in the no-cover/no-cover conversion games and increasingly even built into single-player games.

    • Chris D says:

      I’m not a massive fun of monthly subscriptions, it feels like your always under pressure to be playing that game to get your money’s worth, but a set number of hours would be worse, surely. Any time you were sitting trying to put a group together you’d end up working out in your head how much it was costing you just to sit there, and you’d bitterly resent anyone who had to get up and answer the door.

    • Wulf says:

      This is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to Guild Wars 2, still. It’s a proper MMORPG, it covers the MMO and RPG bits in really interesting ways, and there’s no monthly fee. You just pay the box price and that’s that.

    • sneetch says:

      @Chris D

      Maybe you would but I don’t think I’d mind that much, that said you shouldn’t have to be wasting time putting groups together, there should be something to do while you’re waiting for your group to “form”.

      It all depends on the price I suppose, if 100 hours cost €10 then every 6 minutes costs you a cent. If it was €1 per hour then it’s a bit different.

    • Khory says:

      Meh, both payment models have their pros and cons.

      For me, if it’s a game I really like, I prefer the monthly sub. I can always cancel for a bit.

      Free 2 Play turns me off a bit. It’s great for trying out something new, but I hate having to fork out real money all the time because a lot of the good stuff takes cash to get. I also think that it would be easier to spend way more than $15 a month that way.

    • Zork says:


      When did Guild Wars 2 become an RPG? It’s a graphical action CoGraALARPSim (Computer-Graphics-Aided Live Action Roleplay Simulation).

      I really wish you people would stop throwing the term “RPG” around for things that clearly never were, and never will be, proper RPGs.

    • Pardoz says:

      Wulf, you’re thinking of the the original GW (before they bolted on pay-for-power and an item shop) “buy the box(es) and that’s it” model. The dev blogs have made it quite clear that GW2 is being designed as an item-shop game from the ground up. That you have to buy the box first will hopefully result in a somewhat less toxic than average implementation of the model, but it’s still very much an item-shop game.

  9. Vexing Vision says:

    So… if you get banned in SWTOR, will you still be able to play Battlefield? Questions, questions!

    • VikingMaekel says:

      Yep, i’d provide a link to the faq where it is explicitly stated, but can’t since the site is down for maintenance.

      Of course, that’s what they say now… ;)

  10. Commander Gun says:

    IMHO, it is a good practice that when a MMORPG is going live, you wait at least 1, preferably 2 months for the worst bugs and the rush calms down. Nothing is worse than mobcamping key questmobs, extreme lag en a customer service that gets flooded.

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      Well, if we’re going to be all sensible, the better practice with a new MMO is just to wait 12 months for it to perform below expectations when people realize there isn’t enough of a game there to sustain their interest longer than 30 days, and then play it for free with expanded content and a year’s worth of bug and balance fixes, when it goes f2p.

    • Commander Gun says:

      True, but i didn’t want to be too negative, as that is the trend on rps when it comes to mmoprgs anyway :)

    • D3xter says:

      @Abundant_Suede: I agree, I did that with quite some games, for instance DDO, DCUO and I might even pick up STO again when it goes F2P.
      That said, from playing the Beta and the amount of Marketing and Development time that has gone into this game I think I can safely say that this will not be the case with it for quite some time.

  11. fenriz says:

    i don’t think TOR is anything better or bigger than Star Trek mmo and that it will have more success.

    Because it’s in the end a very narrow-minded game, im afraid.

    MMO’s need be much more complex than this to do any sensation.

    if you wanna beat WoW and be bigger than it, you have to BE bigger, not just more hyped and have voice overs ;)

    can’t blame those sly BW dogs for trying to lure the ignorant mobs with it, tho.

    • Kaiji says:

      “can’t blame those sly BW dogs for trying to lure the ignorant mobs with it, tho.”

      Seems to be working pretty well.

      It’ll be interesting to see what this game’s subscriber retention will be after, say, 3 months.

      It honestly amazes me how people never seem to learn not to build up their expectations for new MMOs that clearly bring nothing new or interesting to the table.

  12. John P says:

    Non-news free advertising story of the day?

    Are you planning to count down to its release with a new post every day reminding us how close the release is? Kinda hope not.

    • adonf says:

      The payment model and subscription price is the news item here, not the number of days until release.

    • John P says:

      Oh yeah I forgot nobody knew this game had a subscription before now. BREAKING NEWS!!!

      Also check the title of the post. It’s clearly about how close the game is to release.

      This is free advertising for a company that really doesn’t need it.

    • Sardukar says:

      Oh, I hope they are! I just can’t get enough.

      And I hope they stop deciding what is news and leave it up to us so they can spend their time further supporting our game companies by talking about them!


  13. adonf says:

    I’ll wait for a Steam sale.

  14. JayeRandom says:

    I see the guy from NerfNow got early access.

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