Skeletonnes: The Great Battle Of Skyrim

By Craig Pearson on February 9th, 2012 at 8:49 am.

Stop filming! Geoff, take off your wristwatch!
I’m mesmerised by this hefty chunk of Peter Jackson-esque machinima, using Skyrim and some mods. There’s thankfully no story: just a set up of 500 Draugr, 200 skeletons, 500 Dwarven Warriors, and a dragon all lined up to beat the undead hell out of each other, for a movie that’ll go down in history as The Great Battle of Skyrim. It’s well-shot, nicely edited, and has lots and lots of kapwow. Video herein.

Popcorn ready? Good set it to 720p, switch your phone to silent and turn the lights off.

Via GameSpy.


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  1. Williz says:


  2. Maja Playa says:

    At least my computer didn’t crash watching it.

  3. JuJuCam says:

    Makes me wish Mount and Blade were this pretty.

    • Creaturemagic says:

      Yeah, I like MnB alot more than Skyrim ,and the battles are much bigger with better style, strategy and awesomeness, shame an MnB short-film would look pretty mediocre because of the Graphics.

  4. Fishburn says:

    This one is a thousand times more interesting and worthy of a newspost:

  5. Discosauce says:

    Did the Wilhelm scream make an appearance in Skyrim proper, or just this video?

  6. RogB says:

    typical ryu player.

  7. Creaturemagic says:

    I wasn’t very impressed by Skyrim itself, but being a LOTR Fan, I really did like this :)

  8. Was Neurotic says:

    What is this, the start of the ‘Meh Skyrim’ backlash? :D

    • Unaco says:

      I don’t think there is much plot to it… It’s just large numbers of Undead/Draugr vs large numbers of Dwemer. Haven’t seen much else about this though, so maybe the creator will make it part of this ‘backlash’.

  9. googoogjoob says:

    this would be way more impressive if the ai were actually geared towards this sort of thing

    watching 500 men press at each other to try to get to the front line while the front line attacks at regular intervals is not interesting, no matter how good the editing, soundtrack, etc is, so the best parts are the single combat parts

  10. Text_Fish says:

    Mission complete. Reward: 1 pewter amulet of minor weilding.

  11. sneetch says:

    The evil general is currently writing a post on the Skyrim forums entitled “OMG! REsistences WTF?!”

  12. Astalnar says:

    Does anyone know what is that greatsword that the “hero” is wielding called?
    I have never seen it and neither do I find it in wikia.

    • Text_Fish says:

      It’s only available on consoles to people who own any Final Fantasy game and/or have a small penis. :(

    • Unaco says:


      I believe it’s a modded sword… is taken from Darksiders. War’s Sword from that game/series.

    • Shortwave says:

      Wait, why do they need a small penis? Oh, I get it.. Nevermind..

    • Unaco says:


      You get it? Really? Could you explain it… ‘cos I’m failing to see the connection between small penis’, consoles and FF games. And after typing that sentence, I’m sure there are 101 jokes that could be made from it.

    • Urthman says:

      It’s only available on consoles

      That’s pretty much a nonsense phrase when discussing a Bethesda PC game.

      There might actually be more big crazy sword mods for Oblivion than there are boob mods.

  13. Jody Macgregor says:

    This pisses all over The Super Mes.

  14. DrGonzo says:

    The first person shots work well in Gangster No. 1 though.

  15. PoulWrist says:

    I like how this shows the game capable of handling hundreds of NPCs, but ingame you storm a city and it’s you and these 8 other guys and it’s all “FOR HONOR AND GLORY” and you conquer a kingdom, you and 8 other guys.

    • Shortwave says:

      Can you imagine a command system where you could like, have advanced control over an army that size? It must happen, it will happen.. I cannot freakin’ wait.

      Then THEN, coop/multiplayer implementation and PVP… OMFG.

  16. viewtifuljon says:

    Tamriel: Total War? SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  17. Shortwave says:

    Well, I have to say it..
    I have the weirdest boner right now.

    That was freakin’ amazing…
    I am so glad to own a high end gaming PC in 2012.
    Watching this video just transformed me into a bigger geek than I already was.
    I’ve never been a -huge- fan of rpg, but the things being done with this game are simply amazing.
    I am taken away with how awesome that was.. Brilliant… That is art.

  18. Roshin says:

    Epic, but a bit too long and the ending was rather abrupt. Bonus points for putting the Wilhelm scream in there, though.

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