Rambo: Last Blood Is The Silliest Thing

By Nathan Grayson on April 21st, 2012 at 2:00 pm.

Rambo plus Limbo... still equals Rambo.
Rambo is known for a lot of things. The grand majority of them, however, are “being a half-man, half-gorilla, half-mountain, half-American-pick-up-truck (he is large enough to fit many halves) with no shirt, all of the ammo, and nothing to lose.” The short version? He kills people. And beyond the first movie, it doesn’t actually get much longer than that. So, naturally, Rambo: Last Blood is a puzzle game about hugging. To say precisely why would spoil a couple choice jokes, but the game’s basically a giant, aching 15-minute-long grin, so you’ll find out soon enough. Unsurprisingly, this one’s a Molyjam product, but creator Peter Javidpour’s keeping the Sylvester Stall-aaaaw-ne dream alive with at least one more update that’ll add two, er, existent endings. So go play it, and giggle knowingly. You’ve earned this.


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  1. LionsPhil says:

    >Varying resolutions of “retro” artwork smushed together


    Also my “ending” appeared to just be the game restarting. Points for accuracy to the era of anticlimaxes, I guess.

  2. Calabi says:

    The game was funny, but the only ending I got was the gates opening and that was it.

  3. InternetBatman says:

    That was hilarious. It’s a fun little five minute game.

  4. sinister agent says:

    Rambo doesn’t kill anyone in the first (and only good) film! RPS IS DEAD TO ME NOW

  5. Johnny Lizard says:

    That made absolutely no sense. But I liked the loading screen.

  6. Ricc says:

    What’s the phone booth a reference to? I didn’t know what to do there.

  7. BrendanJB says:

    That was delightful. My favourite was the reference to the movie Ghost, hahaha.

  8. grundus says:

    Dah, I can only get to Valhall. I’m sure the screen between the juggling and the gallery has a ghost somewhere but I cannot find it. Him. Yeah.

  9. brulleks says:

    When I first saw the screenshot I thought the article was about Swords and Sorcery EP again. Is this the new mode for indie art styles?

  10. A-Scale says:

    Aww is there no good ending? It just ends at Valhalla?

  11. amisysally says:

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