Battlefield 3 Premium, Then…

By Jim Rossignol on June 6th, 2012 at 2:00 pm.

So yes, Battlefield 3 Premium is a thing. It costs $50, and for that you get early access to all five expansion packs – Armoured Kill, Aftermath, and End Game are appearing between now and March 2013 – as well as “exclusive in-game items”, exclusive events, and a lot of other stuff – double XP events and “tactics? And does all that add up to a new game’s worth of stuff? EA certainly seem to think so. Because I think I’d want a new game for that much cash. But perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps this is an essential purchase for the Battlefield 3 legions? Those expansions are certainly promising a lot of stuff – weapons, 20 maps, new vehicles and so on… Are you going to buy it? To the commentmobile!

(Oh, and there’s a glitzy trailer below.)


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  1. Hardmood says:

    if i would even buy any ea game (imo they dont have a game in their portfolio which is worth any price over 40bucks) in the future, i d better wait til the dlcs drop down and save me some money. imo u just pay for preaccess extended to the point ea decides to “greenpepper” it , like many others before, which usually doesnt take a lot of time cos of shit-support – if theres is any haha – and/or shitproduct.

  2. StoneMason says:

    If DICE could deliver functioning VOIP in consecutive PC titles, I would be all over this.

  3. tomeoftom says:

    Fuck no.

  4. takfar says:

    I bought it. Would have bought all DLC anyway, since BF3 is the one competitive multiplayer shooter I play in what little free time I have, and I enjoy it a lot. So, there you go.

  5. alilsneaky says:

    Release game with very few maps (especially compared to the original) and half the vehicles missing and no mod support (DC had more vehicles than these packs combined) , then nickle and dime the SHIT out of people with 5 (wow) expansion packs, then offer them a “deal” to buy it all for ‘awesome value’ with ‘extras’.

    Shameful, like most of the industry these days.
    What was that again about cheapening intellectual property? Poor as hell value cheapens it a lot more.

    BF3 was barely worth the 18 euros I paid for it and I’d never consider buying any of the expansions.

  6. deadmanwalking says:

    Can’t really say “early access to all five expansion packs,” considering one of them has already been released.

  7. tehsorrow says:

    It seems that a lot of people coming in here to say they won’t buy it are people who aren’t actively playing/fans of the game anyway. Of course if you don’t like the game you’re not going to buy the season pass.

    I’m more curious to see whether people who actively play/actually enjoy the game want to buy it. I don’t have any desire to buy Close Quarters so i’m going to wait and see if the price of the pack is the same by the time armoured kill comes out.

    Also the fact that your playercard and profile are plastered with “premium player” all over it makes me feel like i’d be a walking advert.

  8. Commander_Zeus says:

    “Own more” as a tagline seems a little disingenuous.
    Surely they mean “License more content from us until we say you can no longer use it” – unless the EULA really will confirm that you own what you have paid EA for?

  9. Commisar says:

    I bought it. It was a one time purchase for ALL of the BF3 DLC with a few cosmetic goodies thrown in as well. I have fun with BF3 (GASP) and I want the DLC.

  10. falconzepplin says:

    i bought the premium package deal and downloaded the close quarters and the karkand i didnt find the other ones and it wont let me use the two i downloaded i need help plz for ps3.

  11. Tavish says:

    Battlefield 3 has gone the pan.

    I uninstalled BF3 for a couple of reasons but mainly due to there are very few servers that are not running the new premium content. I refused to be forced into buying something.

    Has anyone else noticed EA’s shares dive recently? As in, more so than usual?
    In a nutshell, it’s time to buy EA shares, they’ll be worthless soon.

    EA are failing and they are really failing, their only success stories are repackaged sports games (85% of their revenue are sports) and dumbed down console ports) ;

    Problem #1 – Origin, fail fail fail on so many levels.

    Problem #2 – Profiteering (forgetting about the game and gameplay and going for profit (they have forgotten they’re making – not the only dev company guilty of this))

    BF3 Premium Content is just more of that, a very popular shooter and they decide to segregate the BF community – only BF fanboys (or folks with daddy’s credit card) have bought it so far. The first DLC – Close Combat or whatever is simply CoD in another game… you really think this is worth £50?! Muppets.

    When will EA realise the cash cow isn’t always the only way to make money.

    Just look at this huge list of games EA published in 2011/2012. Mostly utter gash.

  12. wssw4000 says:

    Well I dunno. Do they want to attract new players or were they planning on living off the people who bought the game during the week of release?

  13. Hug_dealer says:

    64 player rush is absolutely awesome on most maps. They arent the small affairs from bc2. They are epic with choppers, bombers everywhere. Its a totally different feeling, and its epic.

    Rush in BC2 was narrow and focused. BF3 rush is quite large, and the mcoms have quite some distance between them. 64 players focused in an area, along with several aircraft, and vehicles created something completely unlike any battlefield game before it. Conquest is awesome, but 64 player Rush is amazing on the none infantry designed maps.

    You missed out.

    Its also a shame that some of the best parts of maps dont even get included in some of the conquest versions of the maps. They are some of the largest maps in battlefield ever, just some of them only show it in conquest.

  14. Hug_dealer says:

    eventually they will go in price, but not for some time. The game is still selling well. You act like bf3 is a dated product. It isnt.

    Gamers like you do not keep the developers in business. You let them die because they didnt sell enough, and end up closed, or have lay offs.

  15. Euphoric says:

    And like I’ve said in multiple posts now, you are comparing what was going on the gaming industry 9 YEARS ago to what’s going on today. Which is….irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, if Activision or EA made CoD1 in 2011-2012 – you would be paying for additional content.

    Well obviously not you specifically, since you and a few others are stuck back in 2003′s way of thinking.

  16. wssw4000 says:

    If a developer goes under they have only themselves to blame. I didn’t buy BF3 because I didn’t think it was worth my money for various reasons. If they made a deal like I proposed I would be tempted to buy the game and if they need to gouge their customers with dlc like this in order to survive then maybe their development studio should die as you say.

  17. Shooop says:

    Gamers like him are exactly what we need more of. More people who don’t look at the next CoD clone and say, “Ooooooh the sun is shinier now! This is way better than that last one!”

    Companies like EA don’t deserve to go under, they need to go under.

  18. Hug_dealer says:

    battlefield is not a cod clone. So no problems there.

    What i mean is the gamer who buys all his products long after release on sale for nothing. Whether indie or a corp dev. Thats not how developers stay alive, that indie guy needs his money as soon as possible, and the corp dev needs to make their sales #s or risk losing their dev studio or having it gutted because their game didnt sell enough.

    hate EA all you want, but they won alot of studios, and those studios employ alot of people who want to make great games, but just happen to be owned by someone else. Sure you can call them sell outs, but they need to feed their family and themselves, they cant all go out on their own and start a small studio, and indie devs dont make AAA games like bf3.Thy can make good smaller games like payday, or section 8, but nothing quite at the scale of BF3.

    So while EA and activision, and Ubisoft might be the root of all evil. They fill a niche that most other studios have no chance of ever making. Seriously………………. If making a wow killer or COD killer was so easy, then why dont we have dozens of them out already. People love the underdog. Now i want you to think about whether that cod killer that came out from from a small indie dev and delivery the ultimate game experience. Then everyone sat around waiting for the price to drop, then that game studio goes out of business because it didnt met its sales to keep the studio afloat, now no new content or sequels will ever come out, or worse yet. that studio is forced to sell itself to Activision in order to keep making games and support themselves and their families.

    Think about that the next time you wait for a game to go on sale. You might only be a drip, but many drips fill a cup.

  19. Shooop says:

    Is it possible to be any more utterly deluded than you are Dealer? Holy shit.

    Other than a coat of Direct X 11 paint and vehicles, there nothing that sets BF3 apart from any other modern-time FPS. You go to neon-lit points, follow a guy with “FOLLOW” over his head, and shoot at people yelling at you in other languages. The multiplayer’s only real claim to fame is 64 players. But hey, didn’t we have that in CoD4? And hell, you could even OWN your own server there too, instead of renting one the publisher actually owns! Amazing how quickly people forget they’re not actually being given features, but just given back old ones they forgot existed! It’s like thanking a bully for giving you back half your lunch money.

    There are no WoW or CoD killers because a WoW/CoD killer wouldn’t be competing with the game itself (which craploads of other games already do, many by carbon-copying them) but with the brand identity.

    It’s not the games that are worth millions, it’s their namesakes. Why do you think Activision gets away with such few changes from the 2-a-year CoD factories? It’s not because they’re quality games anymore. It’s because the brand is plastered everywhere in magazines, on the internet, on TV, and now pushed by celebrities. Now they even hire people to raid websites, fill them with hype and fight with skeptics.

    That last sentence seems more than appropriate to bring up in your case.

  20. Shooop says:

    You can try selling it to me all you like, but I know it’s just CoD with shinier graphics and vehicle combat thrown in. Which now apparently you have to pay more for to actually excel at I hear!

    Bad Company 2 was all the Battlefield I needed, it was fun for a time but it got stale after a while especially when you wanted just some straight up infantry combat – the hit detection I’m betting is still broken. And oh hey, guess what some people are complaining about in BF3 right now even? Hit detection. It’s amazing isn’t it? The same problems of the last game pop up in the next one! Why it’s like the developers don’t actually care about the important workings in their game but just want bigger explosions to put on demo reels.

    EA going back on their word that they’d never put price tags on new maps was the icing on the urinal cake.

    Go ahead and tell yourself you’re playing something better than CoD, that you’re so much above those angry children with mics. It’s funny. Remember, you can’t change the spots on a shit leopard. Even with Direct X 11.

  21. Shooop says:

    Only back 9 years ago if I did buy additional content, it would be a whole comprehensive expansion that added more than just 4 guns and a vehicle for $20.

    And I would have a choice to use either the original game or expansion instead of of wondering whether or not the server I’m on will include something I can’t play in its rotation.

    Stick to an Xbox if you really want to be sold pieces of your game for $10 each instead of getting a generally complete one and deciding if you want to add to it later. We won’t miss you.

  22. Hug_dealer says:

    Every online fps has people complaining about hit detection. Go on youtube and you can find examples for every game. From the beloved counter strike to tf2. Tf2 is hilarious. You can be on the other side of the map before you die. Down 2 hallways and a room and be killed back there. The bigger and more popular the game. The more whiners there are and more noticable. This is an online issue not a bf3 issue.

    ALso the fact you claim bf3 is a shinier cod with vehicles thrown in prove you have no idea what you are talking about. The gun play is entirely different. What makes a good COD player makes a terrible BF player.

  23. Shooop says:

    No other online FPS has the same exact issues from the previous game carried over exactly to the next with half as much uniformity. The only issues I’ve had from other online shooters were lag-related – I go to another server or the spike passes, everything’s fine. Not in BF. Nope, the same thing reliably happened on every single server, every single playthrough.

    The only thing different about the gunplay is you can blind people with a flashlight before looking through the sights and shooting them. Holy crap what a difference! Cut the fanboy shit. You want to play Generic Contemporary Military Shooter 15, fine. But trying to sell it to me is only making you look like an idiot.

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