Carry On Crew: World Of Warplanes

By Adam Smith on June 22nd, 2012 at 9:00 pm.

Aircraft carriers, majestic caravans of the sea, are apparently home to all sorts of winged wonders. A combination of being disturbed by having no land in sight and a terrible fear of being shot at means I’m unlikely to pilot any carrier-based aircraft in real life, so perhaps the addition of nine such warriors into World of Warplanes provides my best chance to take them for a spin. They’re all from the US Navy and include the “Grumman F2F and Brewster F2A Buffalo, the first biplane fighters with retractable undercarriage, as well as the boldly designed Chance Vought F5U and Vought F7U Cutlass fighters, both of which pioneered the use of turbojet power.” This isn’t Flare Path and none of that means much to me, I just used a picture of the funniest looking one. The rest are idling in the trailer below.

Closed beta signups are open, if such a thing is possible. Anyone tried this yet? Any aces among you?


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  1. Greggh says:

    Seriously, google “Chance Vought F5U” now. This plane is awesome!

  2. xp194 says:

    Wot, no Supermarine Seafire? D-:

    Edit: Oh, right. US Navy only. Would be nice to see in the future though

  3. Brun says:

    boldly designed Chance Vought F5U and Vought F7U Cutlass fighters, both of which pioneered the use of turbojet power.

    Um…wat? The F5U definitely did not have turbojet engines. It used P&W R-2000 radials. The yellow flying pancake in your picture up there is an F5U and it clearly has props.

  4. alilsneaky says:

    Yeah closed beta is indeed up, I’ve been in for a while but I’m fairly sure it’s still under NDA (lol nda’s for videogames but I’d rather not have my account banned).

  5. wodin says:

    Very confusing we have one game called World of Warplanes and another called World of Planes. Both by different developers. Makes it confusing, though I think one now has a subtitle about fury or something.

    The other game is by Gajin.

    • Dana says:

      The other game (superior one) changed its name to “War Thunder: World of Planes” , to differentiate it more. Too bad RPS doesn’t care for it.

    • westyfield says:

      So World of Warplanes is by the World of Tanks guys, who are also doing World of Battleships? And World of Planes is by some other developers?

  6. razgon says:

    I tried it a bit, and it was rather boring. Its way to arcadey in its current form, but I imagine thats what the crowd wants.

    I’d much rather have a more sim-like approach to the game, making it a more technical / tactical game. Right now, its pretty much a shooter with fancy turning.

  7. HarrietTubgirl says:

    I heard War Thunder is a lot better than WoWP, even as a World of Tanks fan I say that. War Thunder has more of a simulation feel. Unfortunately I can’t say anymore! Don’t report me to the gestapo please.

    edit: Thank you for pointing out my confusingly dumb mistake Davee. I meant War Thunder the gaijin made game is going to be better! Reminder, don’t post when you have a fever. VVVVV

    • Davee says:

      But… this is the one called Warplanes… Not… the other one which used to be called World of Planes (hence WoP) but is now called War Thunder… which you somehow chose to refer to as Warplanes (which is the name of this WoT follow-up)?!

      Did you mean that you liked WoP more than WoWP or… That War Thunder was better than WoP which is the same game or… I don’t… even…

  8. Gotem says:

    why cant they name it World of War-aircraft?

  9. Astroman says:

    If they combine WoWP and WoT servers…that would be interesting.

  10. Sureiya says:

    The beta probably has a NDA.
    But i’ve heard its fun

  11. Real Horrorshow says:

    I got into the closed alpha some time ago. It’s not that good. Just way, way too arcadey for my tastes. It’s flight model is something like Blazing Angels or Battlestations Pacific, or even HAWX if you take away the missiles and whatnot. Honest to god it feels like a console game.

    I’m placing much more hope in War Thunder.

  12. Torgen says:

    It’s funny how everyone doesn’t give WoT grief for instant repairs of guns or tracks without even getting out of your tank, but WoWP catches all sorts of grief for the same sort of play. But yeah, seems everyone would prefer a little more fidelity in their air war.

  13. abandonhope says:

    I think Just Cause 2 ruined flight games for me. That image makes me want to stunt jump out of my plane, grapple to the other, and hijack the hell out of it. Sometimes it seems like the only AAA title I’m really pining for is JC3.

  14. Web Cole says:

    No alt text on that? Really? Really?!

  15. cassus says:

    NDA still up, so I can’t say much, but the game is definitely a “game”. There is nothing even resembling a simulator here. It’s actually far more arcade oriented than even the crappy console games like Ace Combat and stuff like that. It feels kinda like Crimson Skies.. Before you get all excited, it’s not like crimson skies in a good way. The controls are pretty horrible and feels very much like an approximation of flight rather than actual flight. Controlling this with a mouse means you’ll be at a serious disadvantage to people using a stick. Then again, people who own a stick would beat this game to death with it rather than play it.

    They say World of Warplanes is about to get a new flight model, guess we’ll know more about what this game is trying to do once that hits the servers.

    I suggest waiting for World of Planes, now called War Thunder: World of Planes. Seems they cater to people who actually enjoy flying.

  16. Sisco says:

    Made me think of Crimson Skies. Why is there no Crimson Skies 2…..

  17. Eynonz says:

    That Chance Vought F5U is the most ugliest aircraft known to man.

  18. innociv says:

    Why would you waste money on this instead of playing IL-2 which costs like $5?

    IL-2 is so much better. Also, WoWP probably has that terrible business model that WoT has.
    And at least in WoT if you’re in a lesser tank, you can kill someone by flanking them and out positioning them. In a dog fight, the only way to kill someone is to be faster than them. The fastest plane always wins. It’s completely open, no where to hide, no way to flank.

    Looking at that video, it looks even worse than I guessed it would be.

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