Pirate Download: Risen 2 Does The Demo Dance

By Alec Meer on June 25th, 2012 at 11:00 am.

hat-based dlc also available. Nnng

Piranha Bytes’ spiritual, Pirates of the Caribbeany Gothic sequel Risen 2: Dark Waters made its somewhat deflating presence known last month, but if one man’s one thousand words on wot he thought about it aren’t enough to cement your buying decision one way or another you can sample a demo now.

There’s a magic button which will install it over on the right-hand side of this here Steam page. The demo includes the beginning of the game, which from memory means scripted squid-assaults, beach combing, crab-fighting and talking to a woman wearing an impractical shirt.

Risen 2 is quite literally OK, but only just. To be honest I’d point you in the direction of the also heavily-flawed but far more ambitious and stereotype-avoiding Game of Thrones if you’re after a role to play right now.


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  1. roryok says:

    Piracy is killing gaming

  2. oceanview says:

    Deep silver’s suits killed what was left of that great piranha bytes flavour. couple it with day 1 dlc and the usual unfinished release and you’ve got what is sure to be my greatest dissapointment this year. I have high hopes for wasteland 2.. if that doesn’t deliver then i’ll go replay Planescape and cry myself to sleep.

    • abandonhope says:

      I’ve spread my bets around to more than just Wasteland 2, but if it ends up sucking I hereby offer to spoon you so you don’t have to cry alone.

  3. oceanclub says:

    This reminds me to go back and finish both Risen and Gothic 3 sometime; two games which make me feel that games sometimes really are too long.


    • Ninja Dodo says:

      Gothic 3 has some good ideas but the game is spread FAR too thin. You’re better off replaying Gothic 2 with the Night of the Raven expansion if you haven’t already.

      I played through some of Risen 1 and found it better than Gothic 3 but not as good as the earlier Gothics. Haven’t tried Risen 2 yet.

      • Njordsk says:

        I loved gothic 3, but didn’t play the 2.

        The lush forest, the arid desert and to finish to rough moutains. I loved the environnement and felt completly free in that wonderful world.

        That and killing orcs indeed. I still recall taking the “sultan”‘ seat, great memories.

        • oceanview says:

          gothic 2 with night of the raven is wonderful, graphics will be slightly dated but don’t let that be a reason not to play it.

          Look for gothic 2 gold edition.

          • abandonhope says:

            oceanclub… oceanview… are you two friends or something?

        • Eukatheude says:

          Yes. It was a deeply flawed game, but i still remember it very fondly. Its scale was epic, and exploring the world was, somehow, more satisfying to me than any other open world title. I can’t quite explain it, but my travel from the central city to the southern capital was one of my greatest gaming experiences. The ending was somehow underwhelming, but actually arriving at the end of such a massive game did bring a lot of satisfaction and already a feeling of nostalgia.
          Risen on the other hand was “just” a good game. I tried getting into the first two games, but the first was so bugged that i just couldn’t get past some hours into it, despite trying several times – and what a quirky game was it. The second one, i must say i never seriously tried playing it, though i hear most consider it the best in the saga.

  4. Njordsk says:

    Has it been patched correctly?

  5. Gentlemoth says:

    I’ve heard demos is good for the sales of your game. I’ve also heard demos are good to provide upon release of your game, especially if it’s not a AAA title.

  6. MistyMike says:

    Is this game better than Witcher 2?

  7. Shortwave says:

    Someone on here once pointed out to me that sometimes releasing a demo at launch isn’t as counter-productive as it might seem at first glance, I mean.. When the game is terrible that is, such as in this case.

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