Necro Gaia Is A Game Where You Play As Earth

By Nathan Grayson on July 3rd, 2012 at 10:00 am.

Oh hey, five meteors that are bigger than the sun. Welp, guess it's the apocalypse, then.

Well, OK, technically you’re an “Earth-like planet” called Terra – a name which, since the dawn of time, has translated to “Earth, but we don’t want to call it that for some reason.” Totally-Not-Earth’s sun has decided to pack its proverbial bags (read: fire, because that is the only thing the sun owns) and relocate to another galaxy, so our largely inhabitable landmass goes along for the ride. And thus begins a wacky road comedy with appearances by the likes of Zack Galifinakis and Mercury.

OK, actually no, Necro Gaia‘s an impressively challenging arcade-y experience where the only thing you can directly control is the speed of your orbit. All the while, meteors, stars, and the like attempt to pummel your puny planet, but you can stave them off by briefly summoning other planets – one of which has a lighting shield, another fireballs, another ice blasts, etc. And then you eventually fight a giant space snake. It’s tough but fun, and you can download it for free here. Thanks, Indie Game Magazine.


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  1. Eclipse says:

    Terra is actually the latin word for Earth, and, for example, we still call this planet Terra in Italian.
    It’s a way cooler name than Earth btw.

  2. Ergates_Antius says:

    (read: fire, because that is the only thing the sun owns)

    What about its hat?

  3. Fox89 says:

    Gaia is also ‘Earth’, this time from the ancient Greeks! :)

  4. The Random One says:

    I am a world, space-floating, life-nurturing.

    Interesting game. Will check out.

  5. DodgyG33za says:

    Call me picky, but if I was the sun, I think I might just consider the 8 (or 9) planets and other planet like objects mine. After all, it is MY solar system. The clue is in the name.

    You may call it Earth, or Gaia, or Terra. I call it a naughty little planet.

    • Phantoon says:

      The SOLar system?

      Man, now I’ll always see that terrible pun. What have you done?

      • Scrawnto says:

        What? That’s not a pun. That’s where the term solar system came from. ‘Solar’, meaning ‘associated with the sun’, describes the system of planets. It is the system associated with the sun.

  6. phlebas says:

    Like an arcadier Solar(2)?

  7. iLag says:

    good to see Lazy Brain Games getting some coverage. Johnny B makes good NES-style games, and all of them are free. worth playing!

  8. johnny b says:

    Hi I’m Johnny B with Lazy Brain Games, maker of Necro Gaia :) It’s great to see Necro Gaia on Rock Paper Shotgun, this is awesome! There are plenty of other NES styled games on the Lazy Brain site, stop on by and check ‘em out if you get a chance :D

    Thanks for playing!

    -Johnny B.

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