EG Expo’s Indie Arcade Starts With A Bastard

By Jim Rossignol on September 21st, 2012 at 6:00 pm.

Last call for the Eurogamer Expo 2012! And this will be our last post on the matter, too. The expo kicks off next week and will feature the RPS-sponsored indie sector, as organised by the implacable Mr Hayward. The line-up selected for this year’s showcase of indie brawn is: A Bastard (George Buckenham), BaraBariBall (Noah Sasso), Dirac (Orihaus), Don’t Starve (Klei Entertainment), DRM: Death Ray Manta (Rob Fearon), Gear Up (Doctor Entertainment), IsoChronous (team-iso), Kairo (Locked Door Puzzle), Last Knight (David Hagemann), Proteus (Ed Key/David Kanaga), Sentinel (Matthew Brown), Sokobond (Alan Hazelden), The Button Affair (Oliver Clarke), Tower of the Gorillion (Circuiton World Design), Where is My Heart? (Die Gut Fabrik), and Zineth (Arcade Kids).

Go there! See them! I know I will.

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  1. Premium User Badge

    sinister agent says:

    I’m not going, but my friend is. Say hello if you see her!

    I’ll know if you don’t.

  2. johnki says:

    I tried Googling A Bastard, since it’s one of a few I don’t immediately recognize, but I couldn’t find anything.

    Is there a webpage somewhere?

  3. Nixitur says:

    Oh man, I LOVE Death Ray Manta and Zineth. Both those games certainly deserve some more exposure.

  4. Gabe McGrath says:

    Don’t know if many of the hivemind would be aware, but DRM (death ray manta) just got an ‘8’ in Edge.
    Congrats to Rob!

    Other indie games that have managed that include Aquaria, Machinarium, The Blinding of Isaac and VVVVVV.

  5. Alan Hazelden says:

    Hey, that’s my name there! :D Sokobond has a website and is made by Harry Lee as well as myself.