Fresh Meat: Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty

By Adam Smith on October 1st, 2012 at 11:00 am.

totally ripping off Limbo

Abe’s Oddysee HD will now be known as Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty, because apparently the world isn’t a silly enough place. At the Eurogamer Expo, Oddworld founder Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray of Just Add Water, the company handling development, spoke about the remake reboot reimagining reoddering at length, also showing the game for the first time. That presentation can be seen below, but they also spoke to Eurogamer about what has and hasn’t been changed. Flip screens are out, camera movements are in and all FMVs have been replaced with in-engine cutscenes. Gilray says: “…we’re not reinventing the wheel. We know the wheel. We’re just putting better spokes on it.”

The presentation starts at around the fifteen minute mark, although the trailer for Sightseers that takes up the first couple of minutes is entertaining stuff so don’t skip that if you haven’t seen it yet. There are some murders though, unkempty facial hair and a rude word, so watch out for them if you’re at work or become violently aroused by bushy beards.

As for New N’ Tasty, there may well be farting and the processing of sentient creatures into food. It’s going to be a long wait, with release pencilled in for around this time next year.


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  1. Shockpaddles says:

    awesome news!! loved the original Abe games and was just looking the other day at getting them on steam and working on Win7 but now i think i will wait for this

  2. Fazer says:

    I propose saving in any moment. I hated repeating sequences of puzzles when I died far from last checkpoint.

  3. HexagonalBolts says:


    Is there going to be any new content or is it entirely faithful? I would love some new content seeing as I’ve played the original to death…

  4. BestFriends4Ever says:

    I was there. It was quite funny how Lorne Lanning said he was anti-capitalist and has been for a while and used to be afraid to speak about it but all he talked about was money he needs to raise and the money he will make on the more or less free market and how good that is. He also spoke about money, money and money and money and money and not having any children.

    I am excited about the new Abe game, though.

    • Lightningproof says:

      You can be against private ownership of the means of production but pro-market. That was mutualism’s whole thing.

      Looking forward to this, anyway. Abe’s Oddysee owns and an updated version of it can only own harder.

  5. mckertis says:

    Stagnation of creativity goes on.

    • mispelledyouth says:

      I’d happily part with my readies to play this again, originality be damned. Methinks you’d rather have your lemons than sup from the fizzy cup.

    • Zelius says:

      In the case of this game, I really don’t care. I have so many fond memories of this.

    • djbriandamage says:

      This game is so brimming with creativity that it deserves a fresh look from the new generation of gamers. It has a real timeless quality to it and it’s heavy on story and setting and mood.

    • flowsnake says:

      Aren’t they also making a new Oddworld game after this?

      • Wulf says:

        Yep. The sales are being used to fund a new Oddworld game, that’s my understanding.

        And I can’t believe I just saw someone calling the Oddworld series stagnant. Only here.

  6. MistyMike says:

    The Oddworld platformers had a fantastic art style but that kind of deviously difficult puzzle-platformer is just not something I have patience for.

    • mrmalodor says:

      Pay attention, there is going to be quicksaving.

      • DrGonzo says:

        That doesn’t make it easier though. My problem is I love the art style, but I actually HATE the game because of the difficulty. It’s so sad to see such a lovely and charming game that is ruined by being frustrating as fuck. Hopefully there will be a ‘re-imagined’ difficulty mode or some such.

        I’m not against difficult games, but they should be rewarding and fair.

        • Rise / Run says:

          While I agree that it’s hellishly difficult at parts, I fondly remember it. And I recommend playing with some whiskey in hand. That helps me at least.

        • Arcanon says:

          You might want to give it another go then, in the Eurogamer interview they explain how some of the most frustrating puzzles have been made more gamer-friendly, also the lack of flip-screen makes it necessary to change how puzzles work to a degree.

  7. gandrewsan says:

    Sightseers, YES.

  8. goettel says:

    Looks cool.

    Is that a (very) quicky blowjob at ? 42m11s ?! :O

    Seems like a rough place to work. Almost as rough as my shit job.

  9. Arcanon says:

    YESSS! YESSS! (-Bison)

    Played this when I was 8…..I had nightmares with mudokons and meatgrinders :(((
    Oddworld is one of the most unique worlds in gaming, I’m happy to see it re-released to new audiences.
    Also, perfect mix of 3D and sidescrolling if you ask me, I never really liked where they went with Munch’s Oddyseey.

  10. N1kolas says:

    “…and all FMVs have been replaced with in-engine cutscenes”.

    Someone please explain to me how this is a good thing.

  11. Savagetech says:

    I wasn’t sure if I’d buy the game again, but I listened to Lorne talk and I like the cut of his jib. Now I’m totally throwing down bills on this.

    Kinda concerned about having a continuous screen though. It helped to split challenges up into discreet and digestible chunks, and the transitions helped me pass some of the ones with really tough timing. As long as the hardest ones get reworked to be doable within the new system then it should be okay; I hope they still divide things up somewhat so areas feel like individual puzzles.

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