Swarming The Cockles Of My Heart: Primal Fears

By Adam Smith on December 17th, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

When gangs of monsters swarm toward my position, which happens more frequently than you might imagine, I try to distract them by starting a conversation about Bradley Wiggins’ sideburns and the possible resurgence of the other type of mod. If that doesn’t work, I curl into a ball and hope they’ll leave me alone after they’ve chewed on my torso for a while. There’s another solution though and it’s a much more efficient survival technique. Like many before him, the hero of top-down shooter Primal Fears practices the traditional combat tactic of spinning around and running backwards while shooting. The game is due in January and you can see it in action below.

I wonder what it’s all about?

Not sure exactly what you are facing, Primal Fears harkens to the depths of the human psyche as you fight monstrous foes alone or with friends. Nothing is more scary than the unknown and it is your goal to reveal the truth…

It seemed quite clear to me that the enemies were mutated, overgrown testicles that have become disgruntled about something or other and then sprouted limbs for good measure. Could that be the terrible truth that our top-down trooper will uncover?

Probably not.

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  1. spunkify says:

    Its like Alien Swarm but horror based.

    • Zorn says:

      I’ve sunken more hours in Alien Swarm than I’d like to admit. If this plays and feels similiar, I could indeed be interested in it. I mean, I shall avoid it like the plague! So little lifespan, so many games and books!

    • Syra says:

      Wish there were more high quality coop twinstick shooters for pc like guardian of light and alien swarm…

      Also wish I had more gaming friends =/

      ..and time to play games.

  2. mollemannen says:

    hope it’s nothing like dead horde.

  3. Premium User Badge

    LTK says:

    What a strange name. I almost mistook it for a horror game.

  4. abrokenchinadoll says:

    Beta tested it wasn’t that impressed with it. Its lacking the horror creepy factor..and it’s upgrade system is stupid.

  5. MacTheGeek says:

    So… you’re being chased by numbers which are divisible only by themselves? Whoa, that IS scary.

  6. Craig Stern says:

    “Could that be the terrible truth that our top-down trooper will uncover?”

    We’ll have to run some testes and find out.

  7. brulleks says:

    “Not sure exactly what you are facing, Primal Fears harkens to the depths of the human psyche…”

    So the game itself doesn’t know what you are facing? Or is this just terrible, terrible grammar?

  8. Shaun239 says:

    Makes me wish somebody would make a new Hunter: The Reckoning game. Had fun playing that co-op with my brother.

    • mseifullah says:

      I truly wish there was a PC equivalent to Hunter: The Reckoning or Gauntlet Legends. Those games were so much fun.