Tilt The World With Not Pac-Man

By Craig Pearson on January 14th, 2013 at 4:00 pm.

Really? You look a lot like Pac-Man.
There are many things that Not Pac-Man isn’t. It’s not, for example, the Cuban missile crisis. It’s also not a car. It’s definitely not the Higgs-Boson particle. And I can’t begin to tell you how much it’s not a delicious, multi-tiered birthday cake with “Craig Is Best And Handsomest And Smells Lovely” written on it. So what I want to know is why it claims to not to be the one thing it most closely resembles? Pretentious Pac-Man.

Your eyes will definitely agree with me it *looks* an awful lot like Pac-Man. You might even sing to yourself “It’s starting to look a lot like Pac-Man”, and you would be correct. This is Pac-Man, Excact-Man, Copy-Cat-Man, but with one major difference: you move the screen instead of directly directing the little pie. You tilt the world and watch Pac-Man and his ectoplasmic enemies swirl around, bouncing all over (as the site puts it: “because of physics”). It turns the game around, removing the tension and replacing it with silly, giddy lurches in direction. This is what puts the “Not” in the title. It has all the visual and aural elements, and you still have the same goal, it’s just the control scheme is completely different.

The best bit is the control schemes. Keyboard? yup. Mouse? Hells yeah! Joypad? *fistbump* Joystick? Man, you know you’re stuff. Steering wheel? All of the yes. That last one is the reason the game exists, by the way. I sadly don’t have one to test it out, and I suspect most people won’t. If you do, and you want try a fun reworking of a classic, then you have my permission.

Ta very much, Indiegames.


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  1. CountVlad says:

    “Bose-Higson” – Isn’t it Higgs-Bosun or am I missing a joke here?

  2. yogibbear says:

    Wouldn’t this work on a tablet with a gyro kind of like those old wooden board things for kids with marbles in them and little holes to drop through?

  3. luukdeman111 says:

    “So what I want to know is why it claims to be the one thing it most closely resembles? Pretentious Pac-Man.”

    Shouldn’t that be: “why it claims NOT to be the one thing it most closely resembles?”

    Edit: Alright, craig…. You’re getting there… just read that sentence over one more time and fix the last bugs…. Also happy birthday!

  4. Hodge says:

    This is basically Bob’s Bad Day. Which is by no means a bad thing.

  5. Chalky says:

    That video makes me so dizzy, I’m not sure I could actually play this game

  6. Jim9137 says:

    Go home Pac-Man, you are drunk.

  7. MOKKA says:

    While mentioning this, I think it’s also worth pointing people towards Not Tetris:


  8. wodin says:

    Funny how many of the Pac man generation once abit older went to dark clubs listening to electronic music whilst eating pills..me being one of them..

    • Paul B says:

      And here we are having debates whether games cause violence, when Pac-Man subconsciously influenced a generation of pill-poppers at “Rave” parties. Ban this filth NOW (…argh too late)!

  9. Ecto says:

    “Joystick? Man, you know you’re stuff.”


  10. jeanjoan421 says:

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  11. TechnicalBen says:

    And there I was hoping this was something pretentious, like pacman just sitting there or flying off randomly, so I could gloat. This looks much better though!

  12. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    High score initials in the video: MLGPRO. My kind of demonstration.

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