Out And Aboat: Leviathan Launches With New Jazz Trailer

By Nathan Grayson on May 1st, 2013 at 8:00 am.

If only all games were so easily summarized.

Not a nu-jazz trailer, though, thankfully. I don’t think the world’s ready for that. But are you, dear, patient reader, ready for more absolutely dire (aka wonderful) boat puns? Delivered in a soulful yet nonchalant vocal style that will make you rethink your choice of Morgan Freeman or Brian Blessed at the next god election? Of course you are. Is that even an actual question? And so, the best trailer in recent gaming memory has unfurled the sails on a follow-up. Oh, and also I guess Paradox’s Leviathan: Warships is out now, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Ugh, apologies for that one. What is it up here? Amateur hour? I can’t even look at myself right now. See a real professional in action after the break.

Well, at least he acknowledges that “it’s never as special as the first time.” That said, when phrases like “You boat’chya” enter the picture, I prefer to think even time itself just stops to revel in a soothing steam of good vibes.

Oh, right, there is also a videogame. As you may have surmised, it’s about boats. But what, pray tell, do they do? Er, shoot each other, pretty much. But at least they’re polite about it.

“Leviathan: Warships is a turn-based, strategic action game where players can build and customize their own fleet of warships. Play with or against your friends across multiple game modes. Team up in the co-op campaign to battle the growing Marauder threat or fight through special challenge missions with your friends. You can also go online and test your admiral capabilities against friends or foes in skirmishes on multiple maps.”

Two things set this one apart, though sadly, neither of them is the sexiest man in aquatic punning up there. Instead, the big selling points are turns that unfold simultaneously (ala Frozen Synapse) and cross-platform play between PC, Mac, iPad, and Android. Saves transfer between devices, too, so you really can take Leviathan anywhere. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking: even on a hunting trip through the Siberian wastes. Or a boat.

I’m definitely hoping to give it a quick look, if nothing else. I haven’t had many high seas adventures as of later, there’s certainly potential for fast, decently tactical fun, and who am I kidding it’s all the boat guy’s fault.

Leviathan: Warships is out now.


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  1. Rollin says:

    I never saw a reason to anchor games into turn-based, why not just go RTS with a pause key?

    I’ll wait for a Steam sail.

  2. NicoTn says:

    Let’s hope it will not sink by hitting the bug iceberg

    • Cinek says:

      well, so far I can’t see anything glaring – which is a nice change, cause usually I stumble upon bugs in a first day of trying Paradox games.
      I can’t say much about balance, but overall – it looks to be a very nice game :)

  3. Velko says:

    Went in expecting jazz, only heard some kind of Barry White -lite soul. Disappointed.

  4. Asurmen says:

    Seeing this makes me miss NavyField.

    • Cinek says:

      Nah, Navy Field with it’s level of complexity was completly different world. This one feels like a game made for teenagers comparing to NF. ;) Sadly: I had to drop NF when I bought a new panoramic LCD – game supported only 4:3 and was completly unplayable on anything else. Even if they fixed it now – I doubt I’d be able to come back – people there would just pawn me after all this time I haven’t play it ;).
      I wish though someone would finally release Navy Field in 3D.

  5. Wolfman says:

    This thread is rapidly sinking to new depths.

  6. Professor Snake says:

    Pretty sure this classifies as nu-jazz.

  7. LeMonde says:

    Let’s hope the iPad version isn’t a rubbish port

  8. Hunchback says:

    Saw the trailer yesterday, found it so awesome that i now consider it the Best trailer of 2013!

  9. jimbobjunior says:

    I’ll break from the punning ranks and actually say something about the game.

    I bought and played it yesterday. The gameplay is really pretty solid. It’s very easy to get started, but there is a ton of depth to be explored from a strategy and tactics POV. The menu /friend list/start game screens are lacking polish, they feel a little clunky, but in-game is very good. I didn’t encounter any bugs in the few matches I played.

    It does have a Warhammer feel to it, being able to build your own fleet and units. I think it will add to the replay value.

  10. AshEnke says:

    I like the idea of crossplatform gameplay, but I really hope there’s some kind of plan to prevent me from buying the game TWICE, once on the PC and then on Android.

    • FatedToPretend says:

      The FAQs on the website say that you will have to purchase it twice (and they even cheekily say 3 times if you have both an iPad and an Android tablet). I think I’ll pick it up next week for the tablet and then see if I particularly need a PC version when it inevitably goes on Steam sale for a couple of quid.

      Not the best strategy to get me enthused about the game, but I think it looks like a laugh anyway

  11. wodin says:

    Is this multiplayer only…or do we have a single player mods aswell.

    • frymaster says:

      the other trailer (not the one embedded in the post) mentioned a single player campaign

    • vecordae says:

      It has a campaign that can be played single-player or co-op, apparently. I played a few missions of it and it’s not bad. After the tutorials and the intro campaign mission, you have the ability to start customizing your fleet between missions, which is Quite Nice.

    • Jimbo says:

      I bought it for the SP campaign. You shouldn’t do that.

      The campaign is only 9 missions long (~3 are good) and only takes a few hours to play through. You only unlock three ship types throughout the whole campaign and one of them you probably won’t use. It feels like they only put the campaign in at all because they felt like they had to have one.

      It’s a shame because the gameplay itself is solid and mechanically it does have the potential to support an interesting and varied campaign. If the missions had been designed more like puzzles for you to ‘solve’ with the design of your fleet it could have been something special. Unfortunately most of the campaign isn’t designed like that, it never really opens up and it feels like they just got bored of making it and stopped 1/3 of the way through.

  12. Quickpull says:

    This game had long been billed as being on iOS, but come to find out it is iPad only. I am disappoint. I wish we could get some standardization of terms to avoid such heart crushing surprises in future.

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