Scandanavian Set-To: Sweden In Conflict

By Craig Pearson on May 10th, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

NEVER invade Sweden
I’d love RPS to have a news ticker that pulled headlines from silly game plots: Korea has invaded the United States – Pyschic Dead Pregnant Teenager Sets Off Nuke – Skåne Invaded By Unknown Force, Sweden Deploys Mechs. What? You’ve never heard of that last game? You fools. You foolish fools of Fooltopia, wearing t-shirts that read “I is fool”, on the last week of Fulltember, during a fool moon. You’ve never heard of Sweden In Conflict? While I’ll admit this two-year old game has only just come into my life in the last hour or so, I think I’m in a position to mock you for missing it up until now. Sweden In Conflict is a free indie game with a love for destructible everything, and it is fun.

It’s pretty simple: you’re in control of a mech that moves up and down on the right edge of the screen. The bad guys slide in from the left, and you have to stop them reaching the right. With bullets. You can only shoot along the horizontal plane, so you’re constantly moving up and down while firing at the encroaching scum attempting to take over Sweden. As is the way of games and wars, things escalate.

What it’s really about is the kinetic joy of violence. Your bullets knock the leaves from trees, stripping them in a line across the screens. Tanks crush houses. Fire burns the trees. If you haven’t quite had your fill of clicking on things and watching them explode this week, then this is perfect. I lost twenty minutes to it.

It was made for The Game Assembly 2011, which is now a competition school that I’ll be keeping track of.


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  1. tengblad says:

    Someone is invading Skåne? They can have it! They’re practically Danes down there anyway.

  2. Isair says:

    For the record, if you don’t like the å character, you can just use Scania.

  3. Kaira- says:

    Sweden in Conflict? That’s a joke if I ever heard one. Or well, at least a WW2 joke. Alongside other classic books such as “Italy’s Greatest Conquests” and so.

    With loving regards,
    little brother Finland.

  4. guardsman says:

    I’m currently a second year student at TGA and my team is currently working och a top-down Arcade shooter, Cuban Crisis . It’s currently on IndieDB and it will be released on Desura when we are finished with it in about 7weeks.

    Ps. This game is called Sweden In Conflict because one of our programming teachers was lead programmer on World in Conflict.

  5. Cousken says:

    What an awesome feeling, to log on your favorite pc games site and see your game mentioned :) thanks for all the nice things you had to say about it :D

  6. nitehawk says:

    Fool Moon

  7. Insidious Ruin says:

    Thanks RPS, for the free advertisement of my personal website. Just as I thought I could never love you any more. /bearhug

  8. Koozer says:

    The scrolling news ticker of game plots is actually genius.

  9. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Man, I love RPS.

  10. Barman1942 says:

    I’d absolutely love to try this out but I get a runtime error every time I try to run it.

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