Hawken’s Maps Need To Be Kissed

By Jim Rossignol on May 13th, 2013 at 9:00 am.

Look at them! So lovely. Fluttering their big eyes in my direction. I would kiss them all. Failing that, I will blast the sparking guts out of robots on them. Same thing, really. Hawken‘s latest map is called Facility, which seems like a very pretty name for a really outstandingly handsome death-arena. Sigh. Such beauty. Harvesting floating rock minerals like a Greek god. Mmm.

This latest update also includes a bunch of minor changes, which can only add to Hawken’s eligibility on the dating circuit.

Hawken is free and footloose, right now.


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  1. Lord_Mordja says:

    Jim, No means No.

  2. Crimsoneer says:

    So is it any good now? Found it distinctively meh last time.

  3. Shadowcat says:

    Any word on single-player plans? I seem to recall them saying they’d like to do that at some point.

  4. TheRAIDER says:

    This is a great game!!

  5. Ein0r says:

    I really hope this game will do well in the future, it is pretty fun if you like this style of mechs. Leveling up and getting the stuff is oddly quite cheap on ingame currency if you really play it on a regular basis.

  6. tigershuffle says:

    its okay……..but like lots of Mech games it lacks the feeling of being in a big clunky robot.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah, I really wanted to like Hawken, but it just feels like a mundane, run-of-the-mill FPS. I was expecting something *completely* different in the movement department, and just felt really let down when I realized it controlled like a CODBLOPS man with a jet pack.

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