All Is Not Well In The Digital Afterlife: Master Reboot

By John Walker on June 13th, 2013 at 3:00 pm.

As much as E3 can generate that sad feeling in your socks, it’s important to remember that our world of gaming is FAR bigger and more interesting than that awful corporate circlejerk. And what better example to land before my eyes than Sarah Crossman’s Master Reboot. From concept to art style to the wonderful trailer, it’s a breath of fresh, creepy air. Created with the desire to explore the concept of life after death in the form of saved, explorable memories, this is a first-person “psychological puzzle adventure”, and it looks splendid.

The game is set in the Soul Cloud, a server that contains the data of your soul and memories. You’re dead, but you’re in a perpetual existence with the memories of your choosing. You can live out your favourite moments, forever. But, well, watch the video. Make sure to watch it to the end:

Yes, so, things perhaps aren’t quite as perfect as was suggested. In fact, after a sense of anxiety begins to overwhelming your idyll, you pass out and awake having had your memories wiped from you. As such, you begin exploring your own memories in order to try to piece your life back together. While being pursued by the Cloud’s virus checker, determined that you’re an anomaly that must be removed.

It all sounds intriguing, and moreso thanks to the gorgeous art style. So, as you’d expect, it’s on Greenlight.


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  1. Viroso says:

    Boy, RPS, you sure dislike E3. Sometimes it feels like you guys put it as if games like this one and the stuff we see on E3 exist in opposition to each other.

  2. staberas says:

    ” Make sure to watch it to the end ”

    Thank you john i lost 1.14 sec of my life and i didn’t even got scared. :P

  3. ix says:

    10 quid you really are a virus, destroying other people’s memories in a futile attempt at self-realisation.

  4. Keyrock says:

    So it’s a Tron horror puzzler?

  5. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    “it’s important to remember that our world of gaming is FAR bigger and more interesting than that awful corporate circlejerk.

    Well yeah, but let’s be honest, you guys had a lot of fun showing everybody how much smarter than the corporate circlejerk you all are. Otherwise you wouldn’t have spent so much time covering a corporate circlejerk.

  6. jonahcutter says:

    Being relentlessly pursued as precious memories are being deleted around you? Gameplay based on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Hell yes.

    It looks lovely too. Visually, everything from Tron to F.E.A.R to The Path to Psychonauts. That’s a pretty wide net. But if you’re traversing technologically stored memory, it could be justified.

    This looks potentially great.

  7. Nicodemus Rexx says:

    Did anyone else play Metroid Prime 2? I can’t remember what the name of the big techy fortress was in that game, but I got kind of a “That” vibe from both some of the locales and music.

    Although i suppose you could just argue that MP2 was “ripping” Tron, I don’t care. I’m now fixated on this game thanks to misplaced nostalgia! Lol.

  8. Wedge says:

    You really shouldn’t have told us to watch the whole video, since that’s the part that killed it for me. I was thinking maybe some kind of Eternal Sunshine deal, and then instead it was suddenly SCARYGIRLFACE. If that was actual gameplay footage, this can get right tossed (that’s how you say something like that, right?).

    • The Random One says:

      Yeah, I hope that the dev was trying to get the idea of the game across with limited, pre-alpha resources and resorted to an abstraction, and not that she actually thinks flickering a monochrome girl while Sudden Shouty Noise #56 plays is scary.

      Because if it’s the former it looks like it could be an excellent, moody game. Like a To The Moon that’s aware of how fucked up its premise is.

    • Morangie says:

      From the steam greenlight page:

      “We have been listening to the comments from you all not only on Greenlight but also around the internet about the ‘jump scare’ aspect of the trailer. Unfortunately the ‘jump scare’ at the end of the trailer does not convey the actual horror and scare elements found in the game where we aim to give a unnerving atmosphere and genuine fear whilst exploring rather than a possibly “cheap” scare. A new trailer with a accurate representation of the horror we will have in the game has been uploaded as well as a game play video, which will be up soon, showing off mechanics and exploration, and of course horror and lots of it.”

      The amended trailer is the one now on greenlight, maybe update it here? Leaves far less of a bad taste.

  9. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    Cool trailer, very interesting looking game. Shame that growling angry girl jump scare was super dumb,

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