Collectable: Combat Monsters

By John Walker on August 15th, 2013 at 11:00 am.

I love that the PC covers so much ground. It can match and outdo the very highest-end console gaming, while just as easily provide a home to phone-based concepts. Mice: the secret to success. So it is that forthcoming turn-based strategy Combat Monsters for mobile is also seeing a simultaneous PC release, later this year. Inspired by Magic: The Gathering, but played on a 3D board, this is the latest from the Great Big War Game creators.

It will, we’re told by developers Rubicon, support six-player multiplayer matches, and they should be cross-platform, meaning you can compete against a buddy on a tablet. Indeed, via the magic of clouds, you’ll be able to play a game on the move, and then continue it on your PC at home.

Being CCG-based does of course mean it will require little purchases. We don’t know what those are yet, but they promise they’re “affordable – free or almost free”. We shall see.

Here’s the inevitable Greenlight page.


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  1. BTAxis says:

    Almost free huh? Maybe I’ll almost buy them then.

  2. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I wonder why they opted for the 3D look. Because it doesn’t seem to be working out at this point. Of course, the game could very well be great fun.

  3. Reapy says:

    Is there something wrong with me because I don’t like deck building? I keep thinking I am supposed to with the volume of writing and games being created with deck building aspects in it, but at the end of the day I haven’t really enjoyed any of them.

    I somewhat enjoyed a few days of ascension but I couldn’t find anybody to play the game with online when I went looking (ipad). Cardhunter is really cool but I had this huge feeling of grinding when I was playing it, probably should have tried to jump in vs a real person.

    I mean, I should like it, it should have the joy and pain of dice, except I got to load the dice the way I want. It might just be that deck building on the computer isn’t the same as doing it IRL with physical objects, who knows.

  4. The Random One says:

    Rubicon? Cross-platform? This was just a huge set-up for an ├╝ber-nerdy pun you never got around to making, wasn’t it?

  5. Rubicon says:

    You know what, even we never realised that pun was available. Will use it from now on, thanks! :)

  6. Rubicon says:

    Just a note here that there is a playable version out – Beta 3 – that you can get right now. If nothing else, you can see what the prices are like – we think you’ll like em, we come from a mobile background!

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