Air Raid Material: Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

By Ben Barrett on August 28th, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

Traitorously abandoning the all-father of gaming platforms to go mince about on mobile, Sid Meier released Ace Patrol earlier this year for iOS. Thankfully, sense (possibly money) prevailed and he’s seen fit to bring his World War 1 air-battler back home. If hex-based historical revision’s your bag, the strategy master might have what you need.┬áRather than the free to play, micro-transaction supported original release, it’s just over a fiver and seems to contain all content from the off. Launch trailer if you can dive low enough.

And don’t ever leave us again, Sid.


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  1. Grygus says:

    Americans: GameStop has this game for half off already, in case $10 was too much for you. I have no idea whether people from nations with inferior pizza delivery can save money there as well.

    It is recognizably a Sid Meier game, with very simple rules disguising deeper gameplay and a veneer of RPG on top.

    • DianaBest says:

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  2. Gap Gen says:

    He should have called it Sid Meier’s Ace Control just to confuse Alpha Centauri fans.

  3. Aerothorn says:

    So is this basically Wings of War: The Video Game?

  4. BigKid66 says:

    Anyone know if it supports touch on the PC? Might be fun to try on Surface Pro.

  5. Dog Pants says:

    I can try the free version on my iThing then buy it if I like it on PC? Splendid. EA: Please note this arrangement for Plants Vs Zombies 2.

  6. DrollRemark says:

    Blood? What blood?

  7. sventoby says:

    I wish the Sid Meier’s games would come out on Android. FreeCiv is too hard to play.

  8. racccoon says:

    Another one of crazy ideas, he must of had another come on in and make a game in twenty four hours competition. Its looks pretty good but not my sort of game nice work though.

  9. Listlurker says:

    As has been said, I’m really glad that Sid Meier is hands-on in creating games again, but the subject matter of Ace Patrol just doesn’t call to me as a gamer. Hopefully, others will find it more compelling than I do.

  10. Zorn says:

    I’m still a little sad about the remake of Pirates!. I enjoyed the hell out of it, like I did on the C-64. I just think there would have seen so many possibilities would it have been open for modding.

    As for this little gem, it looks intriguing, but alas, I’m afraid it would need a sale for me and then there the cluttered-backlog-monster of games, getting huger than my lifespan is long, if it doesn’t have already.

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