All You Need Is Lave: Elite: Dangerous Commentary Trailer

By Craig Pearson on October 4th, 2013 at 10:00 am.

I quite liked the previous Elite: Dangerous trailer, but even with my rose-tinted cockpit view activated it was obvious that there wasn’t a hope on IO that the game would look like that. It was one of those in-engine trailers that makes everything look whizzy and zoomy, but everything is following a pre-determined path. Frontier is admitting as much in the latest developer diary, which has David Braben gabbing over the trailer, talking about what’s real and in-game, what they fudged, and how useful the trailer has been in visualising the full game. So if you want to watch it a second time, but with Uncy Dave talking over it like a game development Jackanory, then it is below.

I came for the technical confessionals (adding in lens flare? You fiend!), but hung around for the details. I probably shouldn’t care that the spinning toroid in the Imperial cruiser is there to give some of the more important members of the crew a sense of gravity while they sleep, nor should it matter to me that in comparison the Federal capital ship is more utilitarian. In the grand scheme of things, they’re only details that I’ll be whizzing past in space. But I do care that people think about such things, because it means if they’re thinking about it, then a lot of the world is going to mean something, and I’ll hopefully be able to affect it. It’ll also make for great screenshots.

Sigh 2014 sigh.


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  1. Nemon says:

    Right after the mission is accepted, and the ship starts tearing through space into that space cloudy thing – that is extremely sexy and I want that to happen.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Space games really need that sense of mystery, like you have no idea at all what will be on the other side of the jump gate. Freespace was great because the enemy was so mysterious, like BSG before season 3.

      • SuicideKing says:

        FreeSpace was lovely. <3

        I want FreeSpace the Third. Really. I'll probably go a bit mental if it's ever made. Oh, what i'd give to see Volition kickstarting FS3 instead of Roberts kickstarting Star Citizen.

    • Pecisk says:

      That is all in-game, so yeah, this is how hyperjump to system will work.

  2. Blue_Lemming says:

    Take my money! here take it!
    Looks like this won’t be a “frontier” type of release where i have to wait for a floppy disk with the patch on it to show up. He really has been working on this for a while, roll on 2014.

  3. Chris says:

    I wonder which one of the three big space games will be worth playing?

  4. DatonKallandor says:

    I just love that they have actual lasers. Not Star Wars plasma bolts called lasers, but real beam insta-hit lasers.

  5. xx says:

    I died a little bit inside when the dev said “lasers aren’t visible in space” … I hope the guy isn’t in any position to affect the reality levels of the game or the FXs used… lasers across the visible spectrum are quite visible (especially in sustained bursts) and useful because of they’re ablative nature within warfare while the lasers in ultraviolet and above spectrums are general slicing lasers (they punch through things, they do not ablate).

    • Gap Gen says:

      I think he means that there’s not enough matter in interplanetary space to produce many photons when excited by a laser beam, or to scatter the light. Of course you’ll see it reflect from the target, and the target might produce a cloud of gas that scatters the laser light or is excited by it.

    • Stardreamer says:

      “I hope the guy isn’t in any position to affect the reality levels of the game or the FXs used”

      Er…that’s David Braben talking. Owner of Frontier Developments, lead developer on Elite IV, and one of the two geniuses who co-wrote the very first Elite waaay back in the dawn of gaming in the UK. He has more power over Elite IV than God does.

      But rest easy friend. His mention of lasers being invisible in space was merely to point out the reality of the situation, NOT to say what his game was going to be like. As he says on the video he recognises that not seeing lasers in dogfights is very boring, which is why they put them into the video…and the game. :)

    • Apocalypse says:

      Can you please explain how lasers in the visible spectrum are visible? I mean, if they hit you in the eye …

  6. Adeste Fideles says:

    I thought it was very refreshing for a game-dev to actually point out all the post-production work that was added to a promo.

  7. Iskariot says:

    Visually this game is totally incomparable to the old Frontier Elite, but it gives me the same goosebumps, it has the same vibe. I want this game sooo much.

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