Watch-And-Chat: Microsoft’s E3 Press Briefing

By Alice O'Connor on June 9th, 2014 at 5:28 pm.

Look, this represents Windows too now.

E3! It’s E3 time! E3 is here! Let’s watch press conferences and be excited about video games because we are passionate, excitable people and we all want to discuss these things together, aren’t we? Microsoft is up first this year, with a show that’s set to kick off oh, any second now. Yes, yes it will mostly because about Xbox One and Xbox 360 a little too, but we’ll surely have a few PC bits too–even if some have been announced already. Come on in to watch it and discuss with your RPS chums!


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  1. MuscleHorse says:

    Rockstar please announce and release GTAV for the PC, tia.

    • Meusli says:

      I think somebody should go round to there house, knock on the door and ask them nicely to make it happen. I am sure they won’t be freaked out or anything because it’s really, really important.

  2. Philopoemen says:

    Call of Crysis: Advanced zzzz….nice gimicky toys, but their example of gameplay was old with Killzone. Also, I’m likely old, but the bad guys looked basically like the good guys, so half the time I was wondering why the dude was shooting at his buddies…

  3. RedViv says:

    I switched in and they were going on about DRIVATARARARARS again and I don’t think I will come back after that.

  4. Memph says:

    Ooh, that awkward Forza marketing buzzword spewing guy was rather painful to watch. All that moolah on marketeering and they don’t get a speaker guy that doesn’t stumble over annunciation. And ‘drivatars’. Oh, the cringes.

    Evolve looked mighty atmospheric in that trailer. Hoping that one holds up. Haven’t had a coop game that the bulk of my friends list wants to regularly play since Left 4 Dead got a bit stale.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    Ass Creed: Unity is set in London, apparently, because zero people have French accents.

  6. 0positivo says:

    Pretty happy to see that Project Spark will be coming for PC too. Seems promising enough

  7. TechnicalBen says:

    So are they all going to be like WatchDogs? Nothing like the actual videos/demos/proposals… but hopefully a good game anyhow?

  8. tumbleworld says:

    “It is as a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    Shakespeare nailed it again, I see.

  9. MkMax says:

    a lot of not so exclusives “exclusives” just like last year

    • Bull0 says:

      The part I saw was a woman talking at length about Halo. She was there last year too. I don’t know her name but I don’t know any of their names. I think she talked about Halo last year too. *Edit* google tells me her name is Bonnie Ross, she’s the general manager at 343.

    • DanMan says:

      There were quite a few. Mostly playing though. Why does that matter again? (that was a rhetorical question).

  10. daf says:

    Did they even mention PC? Was really hoping for them to announce the original Halo trilogy for the PC on steam and maybe something about the fate of gfwl since it’s closing next month, but I guess they don’t want to “wash their dirty laundry” on stage. :\

  11. MkMax says:

    LOTS of cgi trailers that show nothing, the EA conference started now and it might even be worse with this, loved the bioware “Conceptual prototype” while the Mass effect “we are not going to do ABC endings” jackass talks about making a new mass effect/new ip

  12. Shooop says:

    Just accept it already guys, PCs don’t exist at E3.

  13. P.Funk says:

    “I’ll see you on the other side”

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