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  14. Patch 1082
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  17. Double XP Weekend (Fri 10am EDT - Tue 10am EDT)
  18. 5v5lt or 7v7 normal CTF? (totally RPS or more likely join a pug as a team)
  19. Friday theme matches!
  20. 250 Gold from PAX codes
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  22. Unfortunate retirement: a need for a server admin.
  23. Patch 1.0.1141
  24. Server, new patch
  25. NA 2v2 arena - cheer for me!
  26. Amazing flag chaser montage
  27. Is there going to be a Christmas sale on coins?
  28. Jaw-dropping blue plates montage with a blue plate quattra kill at the end
  29. What's new in the last 3 months?
  30. So... To people who still play T:A