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  1. Hidden Path kickstarting Defense Grid 2
  2. Savigamer... something fishy?
  3. Little Inferno: New game from those behind World of Goo
  4. Guild Wars 2 beta recommendations
  5. DX:HR character build ?'s
  6. So the PA Kickstarter thing then
  7. Dungeon Keeper 3
  8. Wow, where did this come from? A kickstarter for a new console
  9. Finally, a decent space combat game. WITH GIANT ROBOTS
  10. Torchlight 2
  11. DX:HR basketball achievement
  12. Epic's Fortnite: first UE4 game, PC exclusive
  13. Your Haul
  14. Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor?
  15. Haiku Game Reviews
  16. alt.rockpapershotgun.pcgaming.pcgamingdiscussion.h eliocentric.yourhaul.discussion
  17. Has anyone picked up Test Drive: Ferrari yet?
  18. Total War Shogun 2 or Sega (gigantoid) Collection
  19. The Origin Summer Sale
  20. Has anyone in the UK ever bought off nuuvem?
  21. New AI War Expansion
  22. No One Appreciate the Essentiality of Punctuality
  23. Crusader Kings II: Help me conquer the world.
  24. Game Release and Price Drop Notifications
  25. EAs eternal icy grip on DICE, Battlefield 4 announced
  26. Snipers and Spys (and their equivalents) ruin multiplayer games. Discuss
  27. Interest In Dead Island Four Pack?
  28. Anna - released
  29. So whats your plan for getting through your backlog of games from the Steam sale?
  30. IWBTG - Gaiden! Episodic new games!
  31. Serious Sam 3 - bought the 4-pack, who wants in?
  32. Microsoft Flight
  33. Is there anything in the world that someone has not made a simulator for yet?
  34. Best Game Openings
  35. Rate the games you have picked up so far (yet another steam thread)
  36. KickStranger: Bad Planet - Episodic 3rd-Person Brawler
  37. Mutants
  38. Masheffect
  39. Gamer dies after playing Diablo III for 40 hours
  40. Train Simulator 2012 has $2,000 of DLC
  41. Fez developer has realised that his XBOX exclusive deal was a shit idea
  42. Is Origin offline for anyone else?
  43. Is gaming a worthwhile pastime?
  44. Witcher sale
  45. Sanctum, really steep difficulty curve? or am I just pants
  46. The Warface of Zombies: War Z
  47. Games with commentary
  48. Divine Divinity: GoG vs Steam
  49. Best game theme songs
  50. Help me like DOTA
  51. STALKER - which one, which mods?
  52. Dead Space too scary to be a single player game
  53. Games the world forgot about
  54. RTSGuru.com giving away Awesomenauts beta keys
  55. Another reason to pile on the reasons to avoid Uplay.
  56. Red Orchastra 2 - Worth Buying?
  57. Trailer for upcoming Sleeping Dogs: Let's F this and F that!
  58. Mists of Pandaria
  59. Any experience with game catalogue software?
  60. Critical Path Project
  61. Finally starting Stalker SOC. Any pointers?
  62. Is DoW 2 DLC any good?
  63. Space sim suggestions
  64. So you bought a load of games - but have you PLAYED any of them? :)
  65. Things I've learned from the Steam Summer Sale
  66. Trivial AI Task Automation In RTS Games
  67. The Steam 2012 Autumn Sale anticipation thread - Because it is Inevitable
  68. In this thread I squee about Guild Wars 2
  69. MDK 2 HD finally on Steam next week
  70. The case for and against DRM
  71. 38 Studios post mortem
  72. Recommend some indie 2D platform shooters for PC...
  73. QuakeCon 2012 - "the revival of a much-loved PC classic shooter" and awesome guests
  74. Darksiders 2 system requirements - you can probably run it
  75. Bandai rep doing damage control on Dark Souls PC (even before it's out) on gamefaqs
  76. Fallout New Vegas - Suggested Experience Rate? Mods?
  77. Payday: No Mercy - now this is more like it.
  78. Gabe: "Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe for Everyone In the PC Space"
  79. PCGamesN
  80. Ys
  81. Interest in Borderlands 4 Pack
  82. Good first person shooter for a newbie?
  83. Diablo 3 hacker showed bad timing :)
  84. A kickstarter story with Castles
  85. RPS Planetside 2 Outfit
  86. Opinions on Death to Spies?
  87. Oh Dayim! The Journeyman Adventure Thread
  88. Cheaper Borderlands 2 preorder
  89. Spec Op: looking for spoilers
  90. So, prototype 2 is out, anyone played it yet?
  91. Steam Sales: How deep discounts really affect your game's sales
  92. Official Orcs Must Die 2 2-pack topic
  93. Recommend some indie 2D scrolling beat-em-ups for PC
  94. The name of that futuristic hex based game...
  95. Great games with not so great openings
  96. Mission Improbable
  97. So the DG2 Kickstarter then
  98. Ubisoft DRM is a security risk
  99. War of the Human Tanks Gameplay
  100. Mechwarrior Online beta is up...
  101. A Story Twice Told
  102. Any Stealth Games Where People Wake Up?
  103. Return of the Giana's Sisters
  104. How many seconds of your life will this game take?
  105. So apparently SWTOR is gong F2P in the Fall
  106. Valve to Steam users: no class-action suits
  107. Awesomenauts Unlock Party
  108. Far Cry without the Mutants
  109. Games for a wheel
  110. Audio from BAFTA Games "Production Design" masterclass
  111. Why are a bunch of millionaires asking us for $250.000?
  112. Anyone played BATracer?
  113. 2D Arena Shooters/Bullet-Hell Shooters and the like - tell me about more of them...
  114. Emotions can only be conveyed via photo-realism
  115. New indie game: Cook, Serve, Delicious!
  116. Blizzard's Quarterly Earnings Call: D3 sold 8.8m
  117. Ok Duke, I'll admit thats kinda funny.
  118. Yet another Gamers Are Pigs article
  119. DayZ, The War Z and Player Interaction
  120. UPlay? More like UWon'tPlay
  121. (yet another) kickstarter, but this one has 9 games in it :D
  122. Secret World Free Weekend
  123. Describe your favorite game and make it sound as bad as possible
  124. If you could cheat Death...
  125. Dead Island Olympics
  126. How do you organize your Steam library?
  127. Jesus Loves Minecraft!...and then he doesn't anymore
  128. a CNN Coverage on e-Sport in South Korea
  129. Star Lords, new 4X game
  130. Most Skillful Multiplayer Game ?
  131. Max Payne 3 and Lee Child's Jack Reacher
  132. Iron Brigade is Coming to PC!
  133. Buy or Bargain Bin: Stealth games - Dishonored, Hitman: Abs, or AssCreed 3?
  134. RTS Unit Organization Formation System
  135. Retro City Rampage anyone
  136. Maximum age guidelines for games?
  137. Games that continue one gaming session across multiple platforms
  138. Valve stopping steam gifting from USA and Russia
  139. DayZ going Standalone
  140. Interesting conversation systems
  141. Starship Corperation Looking for Interns...
  142. If Items Were Meaningful, Would NPCs Seem Less Lifeless?
  143. New Counter Strike
  144. Steam to sell stuff other games.
  145. Surprising numbers: Metro 2033 sold over 1 million units on PC alone
  146. Ghost Recon: Online is now in Open Beta
  147. Which Kohan?
  148. Blizzard hacked, say change passwords.
  149. BioShock Infinite in trouble? Modes cut, people leave, 2011 demo fake and more
  150. New Faction for TF2?
  151. Biggest disappointment this year?
  152. X-Com: multiplayer mode
  153. Hipster gaming inferno
  154. Company of Heroes 1
  155. Legend of Pegasus? Anyone playing it?
  156. Should games with unique settings or ideas get higher scores?
  157. Overgrowth thrad
  158. Did anyone buy ZDSimulator? Need help...
  159. Rise of the Argonauts, cool KOTOR game.
  160. BF4 to be "modern day" themed
  161. New Unreal Tournament !
  162. Steam community expansion: game hubs
  163. War Thunder/World of Planes global beta appears to have launched
  164. Iron Brigade: Tower defense Mechs game from Double Fine.
  165. The story in Wasteland 2 is already 900 pages in
  166. Best melee combat?
  167. Do you see it too?
  168. Cladun X2 just came out on Steam
  169. Defender's Quest Coming To Steam!
  170. SimCity Beta signups
  171. Command and Conquer: Generals 2 - Free 2 Play
  172. Diablo III Starter edition now free for all
  173. Needs more triangles
  174. Divinity PCs Stolen at GamesCom
  175. Ignore this topic
  176. Planetary Annihilation RTS
  177. Huzzah - Castle Crashers coming to PC
  178. Stardock think better marketing would have fooled more gamers into buying Elemental
  179. Whip beats candle: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 coming to PC.
  180. Another challenger appears: Ubisoft's Uplay now a digital distribution
  181. Warface?
  182. Thoughts on Darksiders II
  183. Darksiders 2 is out: Impressions, bugs, issues, fixes, tips, horoscopes, dogs vs cats
  184. Upcoming Pro Pinball KS
  185. Willing to trade Portal 2 75% off voucher
  186. Geneforge: A lesson in how to do game factions.
  187. OnDead? Rumours that OnLive is to close as early as by the end of today
  188. Hahaha Razer
  189. Bioware: Some players 'want' day-one DLC
  190. LogiGun
  191. New Company of Heroes 2 screens. What are people impressions of the game so far?
  192. Project Theralon CryEngine 3 Sandbox Action MMO
  193. KIA Soldier Gets ArmA Dedication
  194. I think Mafia 2 is great.
  195. Game mechanics you'd like to see again
  196. More affordable alternatives to Steel Beasts Pro PE?
  197. What Will Boston Look Like Under a Nuclear Holocaust?
  198. Diablo 3 developers having a hissy fit :-)
  199. Mechwarrior Online or Hawken
  200. New Ravaged Interview "6 Months Free DLC"
  201. Thirty Flights Of Loving (You Have Been Warned)
  202. Front page news? Steam offline mode fixed?!
  203. Microsoft Flight Is Cool But...... It's Quite An Expensive Free Game
  204. how the world ended, minecraft vile server
  205. So i got into the WoW(arplanes) beta...
  206. Anyone know what this is all about ?
  207. Ubisoft: PC has Piracy Rate of 93-95%, F2P the Future
  208. You wouldn't download a car.
  209. Games with rewarding support mechanics?
  210. Black Isle is back!
  211. So cheat codes are DLC now
  212. Why all the Windows H8?
  213. KOTOR 2 now available on Steam
  214. The Battlefield 3 Shi*storm Thread
  215. I-War 2. Am I missing something wrong with this game?
  216. Whatever happened to Elite?
  217. This cannot be a bot
  218. I hate medals and achievements in games these days.
  219. "Sticky sprint button": where has it first appeared?
  220. GTA V's Graphic Is Insanely Gorgeous!
  221. PC gaming is undead
  222. Counter Strike
  223. Retrovirus - alpha pre-order at..... Gamestop :(
  224. So what are the amazing Starcraft 2 'mods' ?
  225. shopto - how to find CD Key
  226. New War Of The Roses: Gameplay Video - Anyone else get into the BETA?
  227. I made a browser-based word game - help me make it better - or break it for me plz!
  228. Deus Ex (and Suikoden) "developer commentary" from Warren Spector
  229. Game you were most disappointed in ever, and why
  230. Steamlike Clone (in Beta) for free Indie Games
  231. The Secret of Odin: A Lovecraftian Steampunk Citybuilder
  232. How much is RockPaperShotgun endorsement worth? About this much:
  233. Hawken is getting oculus rift support
  234. Don't Starve
  235. The Secret World sales numbers are in: 200 000 units sold
  236. Borderlands 2 taking retailer-exclusive DLC a little too far?
  237. How High Sec is Destroying EVE Online
  238. Old MMO Neocron goes completley free
  239. Does anyone want to split a Starvoid for 5 each?
  240. What's Your Opinion On Cyber Manner, Especially in Competitive Multiplayers?
  241. Repetitive like a multiple orgasm
  242. To: Dark Souls Re: Difficulty
  243. Defender's Quest GOLD just launched!
  244. Steam Greenlight
  245. Does Kickstart/Paid Beta funding make better games - or just make games take longer?
  246. Snapshot by Retro Affect
  247. Fibrillation (First Person Blinker)
  248. Torchlight 2 20/09/2012
  249. Team Bondi Reborn! And Bring Us New Game "Whore of the Orient"
  250. You Can ALWAYS Get A Refund For A Game (Within 7 Days of Delivery Within the UK)