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  1. No DICE: Patrick Liu leaving and joining Rovio
  2. So City of Heroes is being shut down...
  3. Planetside 2 Beta - The NDA is Down, thought you might fancy a look. :)
  4. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gameplay
  5. Guild Wars 2 NA Presence
  6. Borderlands II or Torchlight II: I can't decide!!
  7. They're waiting for you Gordon...
  8. Best place on the old land to buy Guild Wars 2
  9. I am Alive PC cracked 11 days before release
  10. Guild Wars 2 and It's Schizophrenic Exploit Policy
  11. 8bit MELODY !
  12. BF3 Map Design Contest/Pitch
  13. Everyone says LoL is better than HoN but...
  14. Gotham City Impostors went f2p
  15. Sleeping Dogs (Hong Kong Setting)
  16. SW: Empire At War MP Status
  17. Startopia on GoG
  18. War of the Human Tanks demo released today
  19. Shattered Armchair: Diaspora, A Battlestar Galactica spacesim finally sees the light.
  20. So Chris Roberts is back at it?
  21. MERP slapped with a C&D, trying to desperately remain alive
  22. Serious business - Most evil publisher
  23. Loadout! (new MP shooter)
  24. Anyone playing Inquisitor?
  25. 14 year old commits suicide; also plays CoD
  26. Anyone playing Dust 514?
  27. I Am Alive (PC) - what is it like? No spoilers please
  28. Steam, Gaming Industry - "Violence OK, Sex not OK"
  29. Stardock said she ruined the game... after she sued Wardell for sexual harassment
  30. Inquisitor, Who's Played it?
  31. I ask for your ideas on games with "analyzable" stories
  32. Stretch goals for Steam pre-orders
  33. Games with unreliable narrator player characters?
  34. Preorder achievement unlock on Steam (and how people are reacting to it)
  35. McPixel for free
  36. Black Desert Potential Epic MMO in the making
  37. Open Authorship
  38. This Is Going to Be a Boring Autumn
  39. Chris Roberts Project Countdown: New Game or Developer?
  40. Borderlands 2 Skill Tree builder online.
  41. Black Mesa
  42. Something coming from Obsidian and J.E. Sawyer?
  43. What are you most looking forward too for Autumn/Winter 2012
  44. 7 hours to go for the Ice-Pick Lodge kickstarter, Knock-Knock
  45. Why SHOULDN'T free to play games be pay to win?
  46. Blizzard Secretly Watermarking WoW Screenshots (Presumably For Years)
  47. ArmA Devs Arrested for Espionage
  48. EA's been trying to buy Valve for a while
  49. Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor
  50. Bayonetta/Vanquish Dev visits Valve. Hope...?
  51. Portal 2 has to be the best written game of all time.
  52. Gamepads, KB/M, joysticks, all that stuff
  53. Do we have a funny Game Video thread?
  54. XCOM Enemy Unknown - Combat looks strange?
  55. Let's do this for the rainforest AKA Winter Wolves Manga Game Bundle
  56. That Flew Under the Radar: Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath HD on Steam
  57. Love Private Servers Coming
  58. Selling one copy borderlands 2 season pass $23
  59. DRM huge brush: Forcing estonian, lithuan, others to use the russian cut down version
  60. Dragon Age III: Inquisition confirmed!
  61. Obama ads in Madden 13
  62. We still need about 500 more to unlock Spriited Hearts
  63. XCOM anticipation- squad names
  64. German consumer protection agency warns Valve over recent EULA changes
  65. Suggestions for an MMO noob?
  66. The Doctors leave BioWare
  67. The Dolphin Wii/Gamecube thread
  68. What is so special about Guild Wars 2?
  69. MechWarrior:Online
  70. Waiting patiently for Planetside 2 & Firefall beta keys
  71. Jet Set Radio is out
  72. Advanced interactive environments?
  73. A good frontend for emulators?
  74. Dishonored was 'dumbed down' to placate baffled playtesters
  75. Half Minute Hero to PC in week/Japan PCs games on Steam
  76. Is this the Golden Age of PC gaming?
  77. Black Mesa ARG
  78. Most common and recommended voice chat apps?
  79. Open Source Majesty Like
  80. Endless Space: WiT?
  81. Borderlands 2: ambient occlusion not working?
  82. Diablo 3 1.05 patch adds in difficulty levels
  83. Borderlands 2. A horrid UI or is it just me?
  84. Borderlands 2: Gore Nerfed
  85. Update on "Takedown"
  86. Torchlight II Class Discussion
  87. F1 2012 is the biggest waste of money.
  88. WarZ Hands On
  89. Borderlands 2 - Discussion
  90. The bar gets buried a bit deeper : Season pass 2.0
  91. Clock overlay for games?
  92. Do you like silly browser toys with a tangential link to games?
  93. Spiritual sequel to Betrayal at Krondor, minus Midkemia?
  94. Reasons you don't play RPGs anymore
  95. New Patches for Thief 2 and System Shock 2 out of nowhere
  96. Castle Crashers is now on Steam
  97. Favourite WTF Moment from PC gaming?
  98. A short game of Zafehouse: Diaries with the RPS crew (plus special guest)
  99. Top Hat, and oldschool indie game.
  100. HELP!! I Forget the title!
  101. Hawken Aplha live!
  102. Space games!
  103. Top Hat, and oldschool indie game.
  104. Android Apps emulated in PC
  105. Look, its nexus 2 my space bros!
  106. Dark Age of Camelot: Hibernia Dream Walkers Guild
  107. Question about Assassin's Creed
  108. Does Harvest Moon Have PC Release?
  109. What was that game called?
  110. WHAT THE HELL?!! Politics Intervene Gaming Events!!
  111. There Maybe Biohazard 2 Remake, Yoho~~~
  112. XCOM on the side.
  113. XCOM FPS turned into $30 downloadable 3rd person shooter?
  114. Best scary, horror, or otherwise Halloween-themed games!
  115. Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 is out
  116. Tired of multi player gaming. Sort of.
  117. Resident Evil Producer Is Getting Ambitious... Too Ambitious
  118. Steam Software is live
  119. GameMaker and Other Game Developemnt Software hits Steam
  120. First Time S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  121. What do you value the most in videogames?
  122. Game-o-matic -- experimental game generator (with which I made BEE DOG)
  123. Another "An Old-School RPG" Kickstarter this time from Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall
  124. Minecraft in Spaaaaace
  125. Fare thee well, Cliffy B
  126. You can mod XCOM demo!
  127. TGS Podcast
  128. DICE To Modders: Try To Make Our Game Look Good And Be Banned!
  129. How do you organize your games?
  130. I went on the internet and found this: Wings of Saint Nazaire
  131. Wanting a PC focus, complexity, challenge and depth is NOT "nostalgia"
  132. US Senate candidate "unfit for office because she plays WoW"
  133. The Merchandising of Donations - Big Trouble In Little Bundletown
  134. X-Com Advice sought
  135. I have a PC capable of playing modern games for this first time since 2007
  136. Assassins Creed 3 - This Video is the reason I am buying the game :D
  137. A bare-bones multiplayer shooter!
  138. XCom preloading now :o)
  139. Another 'name that game' because my memory is shot
  140. Anyone interested in splitting a Chivalry four pack?
  141. What makes a player "hardcore"
  142. Your Videogame War Stories
  143. "Little Wars" -- a game by H.G. Wells
  144. Dishonored reviews are out. Looks to be a contender for GOTY
  145. Carrier Command: Post Release Evaluation
  146. How to unlock Dishonored and X-Com tomorrow morning. (For EU)
  147. Rock Paper Sectoid: RPS vs. The Alien Menace
  148. M.o.r.e.
  149. Game Suggestion?
  150. End Game.
  151. XCOM - Thoughts and Encounters.
  152. Divinity 10th year anthology
  153. Warz VS Dayz? Thoughts and opinions?
  154. Your Most Wanted Games
  155. Your top 10 FPS Ever
  156. George Ziets added to Eternity. As a stretch goal.
  157. Medal of Honor Beta Looks So Uninnovative
  158. Squadron 42: Space combat game by the creator of wing commander. Ambitious as hell.
  159. Bunny Must Die
  160. Creative Assembly's Viking: Battle for Asgard coming to Steam next week
  161. Larian Studios partners with gog.com for a "pay what you want"
  162. Are all awards and most of game critics corrupt?
  163. PC Sales Decline news: Will this affect PC gaming?
  164. RPS XCom Community Strategy Guide
  165. Brad Wardell (Stardock head honcho) is in the house
  166. How many people here know how to program?
  167. Learning programming - advice and resources?
  168. Dishonored - of thieves and kings. Spoilers! (Buy it, play it, then come here)
  169. Blackspace
  170. Programming/Coding in Games
  171. Dishonored... Assassins Creed + BioShock? Can You Agree? :D
  172. Ravaged Launch Trailer released - Coming Out 17th October
  173. Rumor: Valve’s New IP Leaked, Titled ‘Stars of Barathrum'
  174. Saving: how do it works
  175. Metro: Last Light multiplayer shelved, all focus set on the campaign
  176. Challange balance: a lost art?
  177. Improve Dishonored graphics
  178. Grimoire campaign at indiegogo
  179. The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition
  180. Deus Ex Human Revolution - The First Ever Consolize sequel that live up?
  181. Dishonored in-game maps?
  182. AirBuccaneers HD has gone beta
  183. How come South Korea barely does SP games?
  184. Dishonored - A Question for Artists
  185. Nice Little BBC Article on Voice Actors
  186. Crusader Kings 2: Legacy of Rome Releasing Today
  187. Is distributed patronage is fundamentally unfair to the customer?
  188. Request: A Bioshock save game
  189. Steam Browser Protocol Insecurity Exploit
  190. Finding TLOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2 in a digital store
  191. Defender's Quest coming to Steam October 30th!
  192. Newtronic Rush - Distance, a Nitronic Rush Spiritual Sucessor
  193. Doom 3 ReRelease Has Been Out, So, How Does It Look?
  194. Talisman and Board Games
  195. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Thoughts and other things.
  196. Another Zombie MMOFPS doodad...
  197. Games M.I.A
  198. Best upcoming FPS
  199. Going out with a song
  200. GoG Adds Mac Support
  201. Why no Mark of the Ninja love?
  202. New Citybuilder From Tilted Mill
  203. Haunts: first Kickstarter failure for me
  204. "Niche", "modern", "outdated", "AAA", "old school"...what do the words really mean?
  205. Temple of Elemental Evil - suggested mods?
  206. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
  207. SotS2 - The All Clear?
  208. Casual friendly DOTA 2 group
  209. Rollercoaster Tycoon: Which one?
  210. First proper Rome Total War 2 gameplay
  211. Origin Game Install Issues
  212. AMD Moving focus away from PC market, Intel and Nvidia new faces of PC gaming?
  213. STALKER: Clear Sky MODS ??
  214. Thief series - where to start?
  215. Bioshock Infinite - new trailer, releasedate
  216. The Gameplay youtube service
  217. Expactation for Crysis 3?
  218. Within-Person Shooters
  219. Anno 2070 - Deep Waters Expansion
  220. Горячая линия Майами (hotline miami)
  221. Halo 4... Halo Series ever coming back to PC?
  222. Hawken beta keys giveaway at eurogamer! Get em before they run out.
  223. Hotline Miami control help
  224. PC ports that (almost) made you cry
  225. A Game of Dwarves
  226. Fallen Enchantress
  227. The thread called: Do you play mobile games?
  228. Exciting news from id Software!
  229. Sum up a complex game in 10 words or less
  230. BF Project Reality
  231. So Call of Duty Elite Will Be Free After All
  232. Unexplored Settings/Themes/Characters
  233. Yet another trade thread
  234. Deadlight is out on Steam - worth or not?
  235. How moddable is the new XCOM?
  236. Hawken is officially in beta as of today (Friday), there is no NDA
  237. Interstellar Marines KICKSTARTER!
  238. King's Bounty: Warriors of the North released
  239. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Videos Released Early!
  240. Old Educational Game in UK primary school? Orange teddy bears?
  241. Shadowgate
  242. Seeking resources on narrative in PC gaming
  243. In progress Indie games that look quite good
  244. Please help me remember the name of a flight sim please thanks
  245. Next console generation: Hopes (and fears ..I guess)
  246. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Is Out, Very Educational
  247. Energy Drinks
  248. Icewind Dale 2 Lost son or Red headed stepchild?
  249. An Open Letter to the Disenfranchised
  250. Games with excellent AI?