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  1. Dishonoured has bad writing
  2. What's your opinion of Divinity II?
  3. How moddable is Dishonored?
  4. Fallout 3 enhancement mods
  5. AMD announces 64 bit ARM CPUs
  6. How much?
  7. What game did you buy knowing that you were going to hate it... and yet you still did
  8. When a port is actually improved with PC controls
  9. So..Prototype 2 Halloween sale for 14, worth it?
  10. New Starforge IndieGoGo Trailer
  11. Disney Buys Lucasfilms LTD - LucasArts
  12. PC neglecting devs
  13. Rockstar Doesn't Rock: GTA V Is Not Gonna Be Out For PC...... for the Moment
  14. Thematic in-game rituals
  15. The Fool and His Money is out
  16. Should I buy Thief 1 or go directly to Thief 2?
  17. Crysis 3 alpha keys being handed out!
  18. Next Crusader Kings II DLC announced: Sunset Invasion
  19. Quickie question
  20. Weather in games.
  21. Hotline Miami's story/ending
  22. Square Enix/United Front raise price of Sleeping Dogs DLC after a day
  23. web based moba games. existing?
  24. Violence in Hotline Miami
  25. Dreamfall Chapters is (Finally) in pre-production
  26. Cargo Commander
  27. Simulated Violence as Catharsis
  28. Maia - Dungeon Keeper in hard SF setting ? (Kickstarter)
  29. Yey, my Origin is broken.
  30. Signal Ops
  31. Mo(d)vember
  32. If you could only play 1 game....
  33. Lucius Is Cool! More Puzzle Solving Games Please
  34. A Weird Game Called The EXperiment
  35. Obligatory Steam is disappoint post [Nov 2012 edition!]
  36. Modding Skyrim
  37. Are Russian/Ukrain Dev are now Revolutionizing PC gaming?
  38. Paypal got hacked by annonymous
  39. Outcast sh*ts all over modern cinematics arrpeegees
  40. Elite: Frontier kickstarter
  41. Resi 6 on PC?
  42. I...I Won't Fall For That! Battlefield 1942 Free on Origin
  43. What 2 games would you combine if you could?
  44. Ragdoll Physics - yea, nay?
  45. A mouse with DRM?
  46. Free Copy of XCOM (or Frozen Synapse (this is totally not spam (it's a competition))
  47. Doom 3 is back on Steam - and half the price
  48. Why isn't this on the front page of RPS then?
  49. Not Elite: Alternative space exploration games?
  50. How does this fit in the gospel of modding?
  51. Diretide - Phat Lewt?
  52. Guild Wars 2 free to try weekend
  53. Favorite Sandbox Game ?!
  54. Serious Sam 3: BFE cheap, but can't get it.
  55. So: Molyneux's "Curiosity"
  56. Car/vehicular combat games
  57. Valve makes first step to "fight" piracy the smart way.
  58. Assassins Creed 3 - Hopes, Wishes & Truths
  59. CODBLOPS2: Does it register on Steam, and best retail price?
  60. Thoughts on Metro 2033?
  61. Games of the Year so far (otherwise known as xmas pressie list ideas)
  62. Medal of Honor Warfighter gets military advisors reprimanded
  63. Here we go again... Blizzard getting sued for "lax security" over August's hacking
  64. Sword of the Stars: The Pit - A Space Roguelike - Alpha Demo
  65. 2 DoTA2 beta keys on steam give-away. First come first serve.
  66. Arnold Schwarzenegger IS BACK!!
  67. Narodnaya Solyanka (STALKER SoC mod)
  68. I'm Fly'n, Fly'n, Fly'n...
  69. Split-Screen GAMES.
  70. Critical Vulnerabilities in CryEngine 3 and Modern Warfare 3
  71. What You Think About "The Good Life"?
  72. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  73. Good gaming keyboard without unnecessary clutter ?
  74. So console emulation then
  75. Combat flight sims
  76. Help me be a better Mage in Oblivion
  77. Gabe Newell confirms new Valve engine + Ricochet 2
  78. Mods, Packs, Hacks
  79. Arcady tank games
  80. SE nukes FF14 and starts over. Impressive cutscene ft. Bahamut to mark the transition
  81. Neo New York CHAOS DUNK advisory warning: the Hoopz Barkley Sage continues!
  82. CODBLOPS2's 2nd DVD is actually Mass Effect 2
  83. MS the Goodest!! Direct X 11.1 Exclusive For Windows 8
  84. Class Balance (and Borderlands 2)
  85. Question for Console Gamers
  86. AMD possibly looking to sell
  87. The Turning Point of Sleeping Dogs (spoilers)
  88. Would you pay extra for an easy PC gaming experience?
  89. Does GTA 5 Look Amazing or What........
  90. Grand Thief Auto iV : Gameplay Video
  91. Videos thread
  92. When new releases go wrong...
  93. New Call Of Duty Rumor
  94. Pier Solar (a JRPG)
  95. Why do console ports have always-on VoIP?
  96. Splinter Cell:Double Agent SHADOWS NO MORE!
  97. F1 Race Stars experiences anyone?
  98. Are our screens too big - or is my eyesight just crap? :)
  99. So, apparently Epic Mickey 2 sucks
  100. Ether. A new "Amnesia-like" adventure game
  101. One of those things.
  102. Sword of the Stars
  103. Games That You Hate But Everyone Else Loves
  104. The return ob oldschool cRPGs
  105. CodBlOps - Grinding Becomes Optimal
  106. What in the what? THQ Humble bundle? *head a-splodes*
  107. Detective Games that are actually about detecting?
  108. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm release date set on March 12, 2013
  109. Chances Far Cry 3 gets saddled with outrageous Ubi-DRM?
  110. How many people game on Linux?
  111. Best Mods for Half Life 2?
  112. Games with Realistic Tracking Mechanics
  113. U.S Judge puts a price-tag on your privacy = $22.5million
  114. Firefall update
  115. GOG - Pick 5, pay $10
  116. Far Cry 2 - Too Real?
  117. Walking Dead: The Aftermath.
  118. YoYoYo, Planetside 2 Is Online Now!
  119. Thorvalla - KS RPG project by the man behind Realms of Arkania and Planescape Torment
  120. Ideas for The Fixer column
  121. WIT: Far Cry 3 (Very pleasant surprise!!!!)
  122. dev confirms that mirror's edge 2 is in developent (alt; what the what?)
  123. Steam's 2012 Autumnal Sale Discussion - A bountiful harvest of video games
  124. "Fred Wesker, CEO of Paradox" forumer and industry Head Honcho is doing a reddit IAMA
  125. New Old Spice campaign with an amazing videogame
  126. Melee combat aftermath: War of the Roses or Chivalry?
  127. What creates the illusion of a good AI in video games.
  128. Good Action Games to Watch For?
  129. So... you think you're fairly good at Foot-to-ball Manager?
  130. I will not play another CoD/MoH until...
  131. List of Real F2P MMO Games
  132. Steam Autumn Sale: Trading Edition
  133. Help in finding a game
  134. Trade safe - curious requests
  135. I played this on purpose: Crash Time 3
  136. List of FPS games with both Lean and Prone feautures.
  137. PC gaming seems to have getting a bunch of AAA devs/ High end games lately
  138. should I play either previous far cry?
  139. Rab Florence talking out of his arse re: Industry vets killing Kickstarter
  140. Wow, so apparently Darksiders 2 pulled a Dragon Age (DLC-related)
  141. AoE Clones?
  142. Why UBI Can Afford To Have Two Major Releases In Such Short Time Interval?
  143. Teleglitch
  144. Phoenix by Team 17: Space Sim worth playing?
  145. Space Sims to play while waiting for Star Citizen
  146. Anybody suddenly received free golden keys in Borderlands 2?
  147. Dumb Raider
  148. Crusader Kings II dlc question
  149. Indies, Platforms and the power of Steam - Beat Hazard's success!!
  150. Iron Ribbon - Let's be nice to each other, ok? :)
  151. Top 5 MMORPG PVP
  152. Intel Kills of the Desktop
  153. Your tall fall haul call
  154. Sam & Max Season 3 - The Devils Playhouse
  155. Boardgamearena - play many board games online for free
  156. Dark Souls and the acceptance of its difficulty
  157. Clairvoyance
  158. American McGee Talks About China
  159. Escape Velocity : Nova
  160. Sui Generis - ARPG with physics-based combat and weather (35 hours left on KS)
  161. Linearity
  162. Arrow, Hexagon, Brag - post your best Super Hexagon times here!
  163. Far Cry 3 is awesome
  164. Any good free turn based multiplayer games?
  165. Dev Shawn McGrath Lays Down Some Smack: storytelling in games is worthless
  166. It's almost time - Top 10 games of the year?
  167. Help me with Hotline Miami
  168. DayZ StandAlone Sitrep
  169. Crytek give the go-ahead for TimeSplitters mod.
  170. A frank discussion about the state of downloadable content, with added BLAME
  171. Football Superstars
  172. Sots II
  173. Another disappointing year.
  174. Mortal Online
  175. Dungeon Keeper clone - War for the Overworld (Kickstarter)
  176. Grim Dawn news (and updates)
  177. Diablo 3 Item Gets Sold for 40 Billion Gold (Roughly $20k)
  178. WASDIO PC game controller on Kickstarter
  179. How is Sword of the Stars 2 now?
  180. Miner Wars 2081: Should I get it?
  181. How many of you suffering from low FPS in Hitman Absolution have MSAA on?
  182. So what games are PC owners really 'missing out on' then...
  183. Gaming Made Me: Your games
  184. Far Cry 3 Introduction? How Do you guys feel about the game so far
  185. Emotional connections in video games
  186. Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC will be made available for PC gamers next week
  187. Saxxy Awards (Source Movie Maker Movie Contest)
  188. Help me name that game!
  189. Steam update: built in Alternate install directory!
  190. Far Cry 3 : Community play through challenges/street rules
  191. A Walking Dead Retrospective: Making choices that don't matter, matter.
  192. Legend of dungeon
  193. Eador: Genesis now on GOG
  194. Far Cry 3 Review - How Awesome is it? How Beautiful is it?
  195. Fortnite gameplay
  196. Adaptive/Dynamic Music
  197. EVE Retribution: Game Changer or Same Difference?
  198. Forge - it promises much but...
  199. Games for a netbook?
  200. New Vegas: Thoughts after a recent playthrough
  201. AirBuccaneers Out on Steam Today
  202. Gaming through December!
  203. Are you guys playing Primordia?
  204. Wasteland 2 crowdsourcing some art assets
  205. Happiness for everyone, Creative Assembly gets Warhammer license.
  206. Underrail Alpha Available
  207. Well, that was unexpected: Human Head might be working on a new game
  208. Nvidia Geforce Experience closed beta
  209. Nugget
  210. Let's talk about the F2P model in detail
  211. I notice a lack of Samurai games
  212. I don't see the big picture in valve's new Big Picture.
  213. Spike VGAs 2012 - new trailers and reveals
  214. FarCry3 - How can you play this?
  215. Anybody played Assassin's Creed II recently?
  216. Dark Souls 2 coming to PC
  217. Crusader King 2 - Republics
  218. Next Crusader Kings II DLC announced: Republics
  219. "New" Gamespy turning off MP support for tons of older games
  220. Which games do you own but can't you actually run (as well as you'd like - at least!)
  221. Gabe Newell: Living Room PCs will compete with next gen consoles
  222. RIP Sir Patrick Moore - The GamesMaster is no longer with us
  223. Celebrating Quake 2, or something like that.
  224. This is why games are dumbed down
  225. Quickie: Can anyone recommend the better CK2 DLC's?
  226. Capcom announced Street Fighter X Mega Man
  227. Free DOTA 2 Keys
  228. Petition to Rockstars for Developing PC Version GTA 5
  229. Metro 2033 is free.
  230. So an obscure site keeps posting Stalker 2 images
  231. Old games thread
  232. More "Games make you violent" research
  233. F2P is just a fad that will pass.
  234. How would next gen console going download only affect the PC?
  235. What genres are under-represented on the PC? What PC games are in those genres?
  236. So...the new Ace Of Spades is out...
  237. Games to let me live out my Blade Runner fantasies
  238. Bioshock Infinite reversible cover poll
  239. Singleplayer Borderlands experience?
  240. Chaos Chronicles, spiritual sucessor of Temple of Elemental Evil
  241. Blacklist gameplay
  242. Dominions 3 on Desura: THE 4x fantasy game since 2006 finally at a decent price
  243. Don't Starve
  244. Sneaky Pete. In the Shadows Quake mod
  245. Best game from the old SEGA catalog?
  246. RAGE add-on launches next week
  247. Quick Borderlands 2 DLC question
  248. Details Shared: Dark Souls II
  249. Blindmankind: Incredibly detailed Pinball games, for FREE?!
  250. Metro: Last Light - Limited editions gone awry...er