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  1. Metro: Last Light - Limited editions gone awry...er
  2. Hawken?
  3. Blimey! Men of War Call to Arms
  4. Games with a Christmas theme
  5. THQ weighing 'costs and benefits' of Linux
  6. Ludum Dare 25
  7. Origin and Data Collection
  8. GTA IV-still worth it for the narrative elements?
  9. The I can't wait for the Steam sale thread
  10. Games on the knife edge of "looks good enough to try"?
  11. Days of Dawn - a KS RPG with magic system based on emotions
  12. A game bundle with several experimental games
  13. Games as gifts, suggestions?
  14. Deus Ex: HR - Profoundly Good (Spoilers)
  15. Maxis reddit AMA about new simcity....
  16. Zombie making an Unreal Engine 4 'thriller' PC game
  17. Gaming Websites have become shopping catalogues (thanks, Bundles & Kickstarter!)
  18. The Showdown Effect
  19. Interview with the CD Projekt's founder ("Pirates are underserved customers")
  20. Black Isle - PV13
  21. Max Payne 3
  22. Steam’s Xmas Sale ’12 – Inevitable illogical investments
  23. GOG adds Alpha Centauri, Wing Commander expansions for free!
  24. Really obscure old games you'd love to see available
  25. I signed up to try out the Asheron's Call 2 beta (14-day free trial)
  26. GoG/Steam Sale Suggestions?
  27. Indie: Grimind
  28. I don't like timed missions.
  29. Guys! I have discovered an internet time capsule!
  30. Does Nights Into Dreams Have Disc Release?
  31. Cities XL: Should I get it?
  32. Atlus announces god mode™, a dark and humorous multiplayer co-op shooter
  33. AVWW 2 - no mouse
  34. Fulfill my space pilot need...
  35. Bientôt l'été
  36. Morrowind Mod Reccomendations
  37. Non-linear Puzzle Games
  38. Mafia II-Excellent example of how to merge game play with narrative
  39. RPS Calendar - Celebrate The Games They Missed
  40. Twas the night before Christmas an whatever your religion, Santa brings free games!!
  41. Terrible news for IE fans, Gibberlings3 is gone
  42. Knytt Underground
  43. An apology from WarZ developers
  44. Diablo 3 PvP temporally canned
  45. New Years Gaming Resolutions!
  46. Let's pick-apart people's GOTYs :)
  47. Hawken Had a New Way to Develop a Game Into All-round Entertainment Franchise
  48. Play Dune 2 - in a browser
  49. What games have you spent the most time in?
  50. mount and blade - which bits to get?
  51. Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
  52. Why does Counter Strike suck so much now?
  53. Help me find a 4x space game
  54. Open World - Growing Genre or Failed Experiment
  55. Explain to me...
  56. TOME4 - most addictive RPG I've ever played
  57. Humble Indie Bundle 7 Torrent
  58. Economy vs Assault (has this been done before?)
  59. Forum - you have let me down - there a things you didn't tell me about!!
  60. Exploratory Strategy Game Map/Economy/Warfare Interaction
  61. Why did/didn't you buy DLC?
  62. Another new Android console...
  63. Spec Ops - Not Crossing the Line
  64. Fearless 2013 Predictions Thread!
  65. Mashing a Button or two is . . .
  66. Your favorite platformers
  67. World of Tanks
  68. Need For Speed: Most Wanted has to be the shittest thing I've ever played.
  69. Heads up: Change your UPlay Password
  70. Your hopes for the year ahead?
  71. Walking Dead - Alec's reservations..
  72. Your haul - Christmas/New Year 2012/2013 edition
  73. Any good "Beat 'em ups"/3D platfomers on the PC?
  74. Ur-Quan Masters HD version released an alpha!
  75. Current Gen Couch-MP friendly racing games
  76. Nvidia Project Shield PC/Android handheld
  77. Hitman: Absolution
  78. Should I be worried?
  79. Into the far north we shall take you: Unreal World (A game diary)
  80. A Space Adventure released!
  81. RTS Factions With Different Organization
  82. *sigh* so here we go: Steam PC
  83. Angry Video Game Nerd Youtube channel shut down
  84. Dota 2 amateur tournament
  85. Ermmmmmmmmmmm - Qualcomm then...
  86. Rhythm Games for PC
  87. The Top 25 Modern PC Games [IGN]
  88. DOTA 2 fun tournament trial run this week - submit your team!
  89. Who can do it better than IGN? Your top 25 PC games since 2006?
  90. The Cave available for prepurchase at 13€
  91. Have you heard of WarFrame?
  92. Cyberpunk 2077
  93. Pad-friendly multiplayer
  94. Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads (vaguely disconcerting Flash game)
  95. The Cat Lady
  96. Wikipedia deleting BBS game articles - not noteworthy?
  97. a new Legend of Sword and Fairy installment to be Launch This Tue, Yahoo~
  98. Far Cry 2 - Graphical Enhancement Suite
  99. Postmortem: one must die (teaser + recruiting artists)
  100. I played real life.. once..
  101. How do you name your characters?
  102. TOR's Gay Planet
  103. Chris Taylor - WILDMAN (RPG/RTS Hybrid)
  104. Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  105. DmC PC performance is crazy. Anyone buying it?
  106. Path of Exile Preview and Video Interview
  107. Dominion3 on Gamersgate
  108. Games with: Bleak/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Settings
  109. Darkout - has anyone from here bought the game?
  110. Nerdist Podcast interview with Gabe Newell
  111. Unwritten - Turn-based Strategy Roguelike (Kickstarter)
  112. Krater on sale
  113. Strategic War in Europe, worth a punt?
  114. Where are they now? Game features/mechanics that mysteriously went MIA
  115. I heard you like NAT.
  116. The SimCity Thread
  117. So who's getting Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed?
  118. Gas Powered Games lays off most staff
  119. Who actually finds themselves enjoying the Gamebryo TES games more than Skyrim?
  120. Antichamber coming Jan 31st
  121. Mechwarrior: Living Legends 0.7 Final Release
  122. Terminus - Exoplanet City Builder
  123. Another One Bites The Dust - Atari files for bankruptcy
  124. Multiplayer games without "Leveling up"
  125. Gaming is good for you
  126. Imprisoned DayZ and ArmA 3 developers allowed to post bail
  127. Gas Powered Games, needs your support on kickstarter
  128. RTS/RPGs and Special Building Spots
  129. Do Any of You Know About Current State of "Devil's Third"?
  130. Why the SimCity beta nonsense should be a reminder to backup your Steam games
  131. Seems that TotalBiscuit is evil, and now he got a dungeon to play with.
  132. [I want a] Battle For Middle Earth 3
  133. Resident Evil: Revelations COMING TO PC!
  134. Game: Subtitle
  135. Elder Scrolls Online Opens Beta Registration and Cincematic Trailer?
  136. Remember Rebel Moon/Rebel Moon Rising? Well, one of the devs is a psychopath.
  137. The RPS Forums Lists: List Harder - Top 25 PC FPS of all time edition
  138. Reminder: BE EXCELLENT
  139. Of Grim Rocks and Mages
  140. Dawnstar - it's a space shooter and the trailer is...
  141. Cool Quotes From Games
  142. Cyberpunk 2077 trailer with significantly more fitting music
  143. Firefall BETA and Thoughts so Far
  144. Devil May Cry
  145. Why games can be “not fun”
  146. [MODERATED] EULA, EA, Valve, InsertPublisherHere and you.
  147. Active HALF HALF 2 Multiplayer MODS ??
  148. Experiences with GemRB?
  149. For STALKERS
  150. Crusader Kings 2 - Next DLC Pagans?
  151. ME3 DLC worth it?
  152. Chivalry Free Weekend DID U PLAY IT
  153. Matt Chat: Chris Taylor on the Fall of Gas Powered Games
  154. Realms of Arkania - Das Schwarze Auge - Remake
  155. Recommend me something for the Wife !
  156. Crytek opens up new Studio in America with Ex Vigil devs
  157. Insurgency 2 - Coming March 1st
  158. So Dungeonland then?
  159. More free agent developers,: Spector, Reynolds
  160. Listen to: Secret Origin Story of the game Epic Mickey (via Idle Thumbs)
  161. Opinions on Hearts of Iron 3?
  162. Altitude0 - Online Plane Racing
  163. "How to build the perfect gaming PC"- Guardian UK
  164. Kentucky Route Zero
  165. Paradox Conference: CK2 The Old Gods (Pagans), Vic2 and WotR exp, mobile games
  166. So This Is How Crytek Proved How PC Gamers Are Highly Regarded
  167. Chris Taylor on Three Moves Ahead Podcast
  168. Co-worker builds new PC, asks me for non-violent game to test it out... I'm stomped
  169. Feature article on Eurogamer about the gun industry and videogames
  170. Guns don't kill people, video games do
  171. The Tiny Dead Space 3 Topic
  172. GabeN talks about stuff related to Valve, Steam, and things
  173. Skyrim - Lets Make it Exciting Again
  174. List with a Vengeance: Top sandbox / open world games.
  175. Beyond Bioshock: Um, what else after that in 2013?
  176. Microsoft reportedly ending Direct X development
  177. Dead Space 3 will Launch with 11 Day-One DLC Packs
  178. Resell Digital Games/Softwares; Yay or Nay
  179. Moderators, delete this topic
  180. Antichamber thread or mindfcuk
  181. aeriagames password change
  182. I'm going to amend you both now, and explain the basics of hospitality.
  183. Medal of Honor to be shelved
  184. You there, Join the bucket brigade! - Settlers 2 10th Anniversary
  185. Prey 2 Announcement coming?
  186. The end is nigh: Brutal legend coming to PC
  187. New Dinosaur FPS Game Announced! Coming to Steam Q1 2013
  188. Run Legacy of Kain Blood Omen in modern OS
  189. Cool Crysis mods
  190. How does Mass Effect 3 compare to ME2?
  191. The Leak Thread: Rumours and Clues of upcoming PC games/ports
  192. !?Games with the worst tutorial EVER!? My vote - Disciples II
  193. Half-Life 2 VR head and gun tracking mod
  194. Tiny Tina - Big Racist
  195. What Kickstarter Games Have You Backed? Are You Glad You Did So?
  196. New Things in games
  197. Hey guys, I made this game, FIEND
  198. Prey 2 returns to the hunt.
  199. Witcher 3 confirmed + details
  200. Awakened, Potential Infamous/Prototype style Unreal Engine 4 PC exclusive?
  201. Any 'older game' collectors?
  202. DayZ StandAlone Map? *Video Included*
  203. Games you wish to play with Oculus Rift
  204. Most CINEMATIC Games On Pc*
  205. Age of Wonders 3 slated for autumn 2013
  206. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Kirk Douglas
  207. Star Trek / Portal crossover proof
  208. Game gripes... the little things that game developers do that grind your gears..
  209. The worst trend in racing games has to be....
  210. Screw PC gaming - DVD gaming is where it's at...
  211. CitiesXL Platinum
  212. Once again, DOTA 2 keys going
  213. Asymmetric Co-op Games
  214. UE4 horror game from Condemned and FEAR devs. Written by Jessica Chobot.
  215. I want this now! (Gesture support!)
  216. Stardrive, 4X meet RTS with style
  217. Train Fever
  218. Speculation: possible Steambox "good" variants
  219. Raising children on computer games
  220. Absolute Bedlam Amateur Dota 2 Tournament
  221. Double Fine Adventure Game Is Running Over Budget
  222. So, apparently we're finally getting System Shock 2 on GOG... and Steam
  223. Camelot Unchained (Mark Jacobs' Kickstarter MMO)
  224. Lost and Lonely Multiplayer Shoot-the-man Games
  225. "Western" Games?
  226. "Passive" gaming
  227. MechCommander Gold - Tactical "Squad" RTS - FREE TO DOWNLOAD
  228. Famous Valve devs fired or leave the company on their own
  229. Suggestion request: AvsB permadeath and progression
  230. Tell me a story: Your Top Ten Narrative Games
  231. Has Giant Bomb been hacked then?
  232. Impire
  233. Rogue System Kickstarter
  234. The thread in which Nalano's ego is stroked
  235. Steam down for anyone else?
  236. Are games worth the investment put in them?
  237. Lithander's "How Today's Videogames Miss Their Potential"
  238. Best games you never played
  239. Who's tried out Steam for Linux?
  240. More games need to have full coop on their main campaigns.
  241. BAFTA Sillies
  242. Metro questions
  243. Path of Exile
  244. Bungie's Destiny
  245. Books about video game industry and such
  246. Evil/good and loving it !?
  247. Help for a newbie STALKER
  248. Location Based Gaming
  249. "Living" World
  250. Nvidia Titan: is that an Apple LISA?