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  1. John Carpenter stupidly bought Alien: Colonial Marines
  2. Please nominate moderators for this forum.
  3. New Morrowind Rebirth [2.2] release, anyone played it?
  4. Rage against the Ubisoft
  5. Monster Game
  6. OMGWTF System Shock 2 on Steam?
  7. Videogame piracy
  8. Truck management type games?
  9. Alienware teases big news for E3 to reveal on same day as next gen consoles
  10. Heard of a Browser-based MMO Simulation Called eRepublik?
  11. A Fantasy: Freespace with Oculus Rift
  12. Steam Trading Cards discussion
  13. 2013, just me or terrible first half year for PC gaming?
  14. Online Dependent DRM Has Been an Irreversible Trend, Live With It!!
  15. An Interesting Study on Video Game Piracy
  16. Empire building/Games where you become powerful over time
  17. Mojang game needs 1G system ram to run!!
  18. Ex-THQ exec talks about working conditions of Metro LL dev
  19. Reus !
  20. Help picking a Jagged Alliance game
  21. Renaissance Heroes is out on Steam - "Free to Play" Arena FPS
  22. Any of You Guys Go Without Disc Drive?
  23. Revengeance coming to PC
  24. EA Drops Online Pass for All Future Titles, and Gamers Are Not Happy for the Decision
  25. Let's Regress... To Play Some Gal Games
  26. EA's studio renaming shenanigans continues
  27. Upcoming Kickstarter: Satellite Reign - Spiritual Successor to Syndicate Wars
  28. Spintires
  29. Legendary Shooter Rainbow 6 May Meet the End of Its Life
  30. Obsidian working on MMORPG with the Allods team
  31. Survarium 1 hour interview + Alpha footage
  32. Dyack responds to that Kotaku article
  33. Star trek: The Next Game
  34. Arkham Asylum and ill-concieved kleptomania in games
  35. Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter, also has lead designer of Crysis/Far Cry
  36. Those other PC gaming sites you visit...
  37. Xbox 361 revealed
  38. Slitherine's 40K game
  39. Does Leviathan Warships actually have a jazz soundtrack?
  40. Civilization Stories
  41. You must have a lot of milk in there
  42. That too: Holdfast, Kickstarter of Dwarven Vengeance
  43. Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger
  44. Endless Space or Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellions?
  45. Arcen have ANOTHER game out - Skyward Collapse
  46. Every stupid opinion on GTA5 in a video
  47. Rising Storm beta - Key giveaway.
  48. Nvidia Shadowplay, record gameplay with little to no performance or HDD space lost
  49. Curiosity is over: The inside of the cube
  50. Advisory: Do not use Getgamesgo.com
  51. WoT is rigged
  52. What game songs make it on your playlist?
  53. What should I finish?
  54. Multiplayer Shooters - What are you playing?
  55. Cars Wot Go Fast?
  56. Gunpoint! Demo! Preorder! Lower case l!
  57. (Skyrim) Absurdly specific mod question.
  58. Armikrog: guys from The Neverhood making new game
  59. I heard you like unreliable narrators (Bordernalds 2)
  60. Grid 2, cockpit view, and why PC gaming is the best
  61. UPlay's been updated - erm...
  62. Meaningful gaming experience: Can games make us better ?
  63. PSO2 - anyone tried the Japanese version?
  64. Game Launcher/Backlog Manager/Game Cataloguer etc.
  65. EA short-change the PC yet again; new engine for Fifa 14 on consoles only.
  66. The Swapper - brain smashing puzzlry ala Braid, Gateways etc. etc.
  67. Marvel Heroes Broken At Launch
  68. Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods
  69. Expeditions: Conquistador... out on Steam today... anyone play it yet?
  70. New Double Fine Kickstarter - Massive Chalice
  71. Has someone here backed the Carmageddon reboot?
  72. Sony SCE IPO, You Invest?
  73. Crowd-funded games that you didn't back but want to hear about?
  74. Chance of Thief never coming out?
  75. Oculus Rift Co founder killed by gang escaping police
  76. "Crossroads" is a browser game you could play! (I made it)
  77. Grogheads appears to be involved in the removal of Wargamer editor in chief
  78. Bioshock 1+2 any good?
  79. PC controllers. What to get?
  80. Xenonauts
  81. Deus Ex: The Fall
  82. Bwhaaat? Blood Bowl Star Coach beta popped up on Steam
  83. Has anyone tried Mojang's Scrolls?
  84. Rayman Origins now on GOG
  85. RPS and the blurry definition of PC Gaming
  86. Have you ever changed the way you play games?
  87. My Crusader Kings II Manual
  88. EG article on Gamesmaster - essential reading for 90s nostalgia
  89. I Thought H Is Patented by the Japs, I Was Wrong
  90. Baldur's Gate recreated in Neverwinter Nights 2
  91. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion DLC
  92. So the Omni Treadmill, then.
  93. PSA: Remember Me poorly ported to M&KB
  94. Just Another News Reminding We Are Screwed: Diablo 3 Console Ports Work Offline
  95. Respawn's Titanfall: Cloud computing enhanced
  96. KONAMI Pre-E3 Show 2013 LIVE (English)
  97. Serious Sam 4 confirmed in development. Also Serious Sam Humble Bundle.
  98. Heavy Gear Assault E3 Trailer
  99. Violence in Videogames part 1278988
  100. Interplay owns Freespace
  101. Thief
  102. Blade Runner (Westwood Studios - 1997)
  103. Dungeon Dwellers - Successor That is true in spirit, not just mechanics.
  104. COD Ghosts
  105. Accidental Trolling - A Discussion in Diplomacy
  106. Can someone explain Steam's DRM to me?
  107. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is now accepting your loot
  108. E3 2013 Discussion
  109. Build a PC to match the X-box one?
  110. Wot you think - StarDrive?
  111. X3 series, where to start?
  112. Saints Row 2, The Third, and IV to get official SDK and mod support!
  113. New 40K MMO announced
  114. I just bought Skyrim - what mods should I install?
  115. Battlefield 4 Commander: Great Incorporation of Portable Device Into PC Gaming
  116. Creepy Videogame Urban Legends
  117. We May Still Be Able to Play Tom Clancy's Division
  118. So is anyone bothering with Rift now it gores F2P today?
  119. Dragon Age 2 DLC
  120. Plea to help get Dominions 3 onto Steam - Complex, deep, engaging 4x fantasy game.
  121. Early access on Steam getting silly?
  122. Is Hawken's matchmaking fixed?
  123. Games with Player Agency
  124. unEpic is quite good!
  125. Kingdom Under Fire 2 Will Launch This Year, But Only In SE Asia
  126. Battlefield 3 $5 on Origin!
  127. Did anyone get War Z in the sale?
  128. Funny article
  129. What's the Status of Sacred 3
  130. Ever Been Put Off By Poor Graphics?
  131. Absolute Bedlam Amateur Dota 2 Tournament: Season 2
  132. Armikrog Kickstarter's Anti-Gay Statements and The Art/Artist Divide
  133. Xbox One Demo's at E3 actually running on PC?
  134. AI War: Fleet Command 7.0 and Vengeance of the Machine
  135. So you can be honest and helpful to customers and make profit?
  136. The Occult Chronicles - Cryptic Comet's new game
  137. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. GFWL is coming back!
  138. Games like Wurm Online - aka terraforming/farming sim gone hardcore
  139. Microsoft Caves, Does Right Thing
  140. A question to the esteemed RPS community
  141. TitanFall "couldn't be made without the could". PC version will not use the cloud
  142. Warring Factions
  143. Hypothetical Thursday: Occulus Rift
  144. You Guys Tired of Old-school Singleplayer Shooter? Bethesda Doesn't Acknowledge So
  145. Might & Magic (not Heroes) series -- is it grand?
  146. Why 'Bad' Graphics Can Be Good
  147. Systems vs. Stories
  148. An intro to StarMade.
  149. GoG being hypocrites?
  150. Cryptic Comet's Occult Chronicles - Beginner's Guide/Tips (Mechanical spoilers)
  151. Can anyone offer me some advice on using Big Picture?
  152. Gritty "Ghost Trick" coming to PC 2014
  153. Sir, You Are Being Bias Awarded
  154. Quick Help Please, forgot the name of a flash game
  155. TIL - Neverwinter Nights goes back further than I thought!
  156. 3.7 Gig Half-Life 2 update?
  157. Amnesia in space? Sign me up!
  158. Chess The Gathering
  159. How do you feel about anal probing?
  160. PC games for a crappy laptop?
  161. id Software falling apart - Todd Hollenshead leaves after 17 years
  162. Your favourite amusing game diaries/Let's Plays.
  163. Legends of Dawn - another developer shafting it's backers?
  164. The Word of the Month: Exclusion
  165. You think developers do a lot of testing, don't you... well...
  166. So, Rogue Legacy
  167. Tiled Resources, New Optimization method for PC gaming and Xbox One
  168. DirectX 11.2 revealed, Windows 8.1 and Xbox One only video included
  169. Strike Vector
  170. Kickstarter Success Legends of Dawn released on Steam! Looks crap.
  171. Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta test this weekend.
  172. If Films Were Reviewed Like Video Games
  173. Space ship management games
  174. OZombie- a KS for a new game by American McGee
  175. Far Cry 3: worth the time?
  176. "Storm" is available on Steam, is a game about Storms.
  177. Game demos halve sales, new data suggests
  178. The Mighty Quest for Loot event.
  179. Steam Summer Sale [has started]
  180. Pre Order Rome 2 Total War 25% off
  181. This is what ROTT looks like in 2013
  182. Cube World available
  183. UPlay's been hacked
  184. Kinetic Void: What do people think?
  185. Fans of thrusting REJOICE!
  186. Is anyone else having Steam connectivity issues?
  187. So...DARK Released...Anyone get it?
  188. Trackmania 2 - now with Steam Workshop
  189. Cube world. Are you playing it? What do you think?
  190. [Merged]Realms of Arkania remake lives, is out soon
  191. Rooks Keep, Arena Deathmatch, the Oldschool way. With a bit of decapitation!
  192. Successes of crowd-funding, alpha-funding and indie
  193. What's going on with Jumpgate Evolution?
  194. Double Fine Kickstater, Day One DLC and the notion of a 'complete' game
  195. Looking for long form strategy
  196. Dragon Commander touching sensible matters like rape
  197. Tragic news for any Bombcast listeners/fans
  198. The appeal of alphas
  199. I will never lie to you, again, this is GTA5 official gameplay video.
  200. Just noticed something weird about the Steam Greenlight
  201. First person games where you can see your own feet?
  202. Steam games not launching: Just me?
  203. Getting a Shooter Purist Out of Their Comfort Zone
  204. EVO 2013 this weekend! Fighting Game World Cup ahoy!
  205. DOTA 2 Launched
  206. Bloodlines Eurogamer Article
  207. The great "Games as Art" debate has been decided by the Guardian
  208. PC game like Super Smash Bros?
  209. Dark Souls (and other action games) on PC - how do you control the speed of movement?
  210. Desura now owned by Linden Labs
  211. Civ V: Brave New World discussion
  212. Quake, Quake2, Doom 3 engines?
  213. No One Lives Forever
  214. Greenlight This Game Thread
  215. "The Raven" Adventure Game
  216. When Demos are self aware - things can be quite amusing...
  217. Open Worlds with Parkour/Exciting Movement
  218. Is AAA Gaming Dying?
  219. Offline Steam
  220. Hi-Rez, one of the worst PC game companies?
  221. Omega Street Fighter IV is Upcoming
  222. Axiom Verge -- Metroid + Contra + the best name ever
  223. Some advice for the original Fallouts
  224. |The Evil Within [Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil]|
  225. Great Game Deserves Its Own Thread - Sven Co-op - Standalone - Free - Steam
  226. Recomment a management/sim game with the depth of Football Manager...
  227. Dishonored Tweaks-Your Recommendations
  228. Games that screwed you over?
  229. Wot I Got - Summer 2013
  230. Europa Universalis III Vs Crusader Kings 2
  231. Valve shuts down TF2 idlers
  232. I demand a Drones game.
  233. Sonic games
  234. Risen 2
  235. Where else do you get gaming news?
  236. Gaming shifting to an AMD focus?
  237. The Curious Economics and Morality of Steam Trading Cards
  238. Cheating in Leaderboards and Achievements is rife - does it matter
  239. [weird video] Torchlight 2 development
  240. Take On Mars
  241. Homeworld HD version in the works by Gearbox
  242. Further necrophilia: Homeworld, Homeworld 2
  243. Where do Steam gifts come from?
  244. Getting the most out of Planescape Torment.
  245. Thoughts On: Metro Last Light
  246. Game controls: are 'pad only' games acceptable?
  247. Atari sell off: Battlzone, MOO, TAnnilation, Star Control
  248. A Case for Dumbing Down - because others deserve to enjoy games too
  249. Riddick is back
  250. L4D3.ru - legit or a joke?