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  1. "Why aren't there any civilians in military video games?"
  2. Populous reboot revealed as FPS
  3. NHL12 released Tomorrow, play as 12yo girl...
  4. Zelda-style action-adventure on PC?
  5. Hell yeah: Diablo 3 character builder
  6. Turn-based FPS RPG
  7. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is now a MMO that'll never be released outside korea?
  8. Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad - Thank God for forums
  9. Devs/Pubs that consistently release PC games in a respectable state?
  10. Minecraft 1.8
  11. Hearts of Iron Series
  12. Looking for a F2P MMO strategy/wargame
  13. (Impressed) Impressions of Renegade Ops
  14. World of Warcraft ... Machinima
  15. Gameplay footage & details from THQ's cancelled game for The Avengers
  16. Sengoku: Shogunate's Fission + Nobunaga's Ambition = Crusader Kings Japanese Edition?
  17. Red Orchestra 2: HoS. Spawn camping (uh-oh)
  18. Really, really simple lanable multiplayer game that can run on a netbook.
  19. Recommend me a privateer-style game
  20. Syndicate (the original)
  21. [MEGASPOILERS] If Bastion were real, what ending would you choose?
  22. Any Opinions on Cities In Motion?
  23. Here's a Dead Island review I did if you want one, if not, discuss bronyism.
  24. Podcast?
  25. Skydrift has gone and been released!
  26. Paradox Interactive on Steam
  27. DX:HR. In-game ads?
  28. Xotic - an FPS which isn't brown and looks really quite interesting - Due Sep 16th
  29. Portal is free, again!
  30. Make me give more of my money to Steam
  31. Frayed Knights Coming Soon (New First-Person Turn-Based RPG)
  32. F1 2011 RPS Racing Team?
  33. Portal for free
  34. Any idea if a Battlefield 2 registration counts as an EA account?
  35. Racing games with a sense of speed?
  36. Diablo 3 Beta Impressions (Gameplay Spoilers)
  37. The Powder Toy (Dwarf Fortress + TIM, kinda)
  38. EA Account now an Origin Account
  39. Xonotic: a Windows/Linux open-source FPS playing like a mix of Quake/UT99
  40. Minecraft 1.8 Lagfest Bonanza!
  41. This is awesome! - Portal + Snapshot Tech Demo
  42. A criticism of Space Marine and game criticism
  43. Call of Duty: Elite, PC info
  44. Japanese language option in computer games?
  45. Total War vs Paradox Grand Strategy
  46. Foot-to-ball games
  47. World of Warcraft and Minecraft collide
  48. The last New Vegas DLC, Lonesome Road, is now available on Steam.
  49. Red Orchestra 2 vs. Day of Defeat
  50. Kickstarter for Lifeless Planet adventure game
  51. Bus & Cable Car Simulator San Francisco: A sneaky peeky
  52. Crystal Catacombs - This needs to happen!
  53. Oppressive environments
  54. Automation: A very very PC-oriented Car Tycoon Indie Game
  55. Let's talk about Desktop Dungeons.
  56. EA setting up deals with Sony?
  57. Deus Ex: HR.. Non Lethal...Why?
  58. Attention fans of the classics: Baldur's Gate, Planescape & Co. for cheap on GOG.com
  59. It's Funny Because it Undermines the Player!
  60. "Vote with your wallet": DLC and DRM etc
  61. Alpha Protocol $2 on Steam. (Yes, $2)
  62. League of Legends: Dominion Beta
  63. Dungeons and Dragons online - worth playing?
  64. I'm in the Closed Beta for Gotham City Impostors!
  65. Which 3 games would you buy?
  66. The new is not the enemy of the old. (is it?)
  67. Two things about Online DRM
  68. The Hoopla over Steam
  69. Pacman remade as an FPS
  70. "Let's Play Alpha Protocol" by Wizardry -- Fundraising Thread
  71. How many would actually use Onlive?
  72. Adobe Updater Forces Google Chrome?
  73. How I betrayed the oath of pc gaming
  74. A Valley Without Wind Tomorrow
  75. The Positives of PC Gaming
  76. Searching for hack and slash games with interesting character creation.
  77. Games suitable for Onlive
  78. Sim City Societies
  79. Siege of Avalon -- have you played it? (link to free First Chapter)
  80. OnLive in OurLives
  81. Battlefield 3 Open Beta: Wizard Gun
  82. battle field 3 pc minimum requirements?
  83. Help in remembring an old game needed
  84. Seems UK citizens can refund steam games quick and painless
  85. PC Gamer UK drop the disc
  86. Command & Conquer: Renegade -X. Recreation of the game on Unreal 3 as FPS/RTS.
  87. A Day In The Woods -- nine times better than expected!
  88. Modern Military Games w/ Female Playable Characters
  89. The Precursors / Xenus 2 from GamersGate kerfuffle
  90. BF3 PC/PS3 side by side comparison
  91. Issues with Bf3 Beta
  92. Nuclear Dawn
  93. City of Heroes - Freedom
  94. The Binding of Isaac - 20 minute preview
  95. Preemptive Strike: Game of Thrones Genesis
  96. Rejoice those who could not buy the Augmented edition!
  97. Nuclear Dawn end of grace period
  98. BF3 beta Caspian Border server password
  99. Witcher 2 2.0 is available for download
  100. PC Gaming Discussion forum popularity
  101. Game Worlds
  102. Psychonauts Update! Mac support,Achievements,XToy360 pad support...
  103. Battlefield 3 Beta Quite Disappointing
  104. Brink
  105. Looking for an updated version of Close Combat
  106. Looking for M&M: Clash of Heroes savegame
  107. Astronauts! Mars! Beyond!
  108. Brandon Boyer's new website - Venus Patrol?
  109. My vacations in Nehrim
  110. I got into SW TOR beta, then got kicked out again! WTH?
  111. Iron Grip: Marauders -- F2P TBS
  112. Frayed Knights - Why has this not gotten a mention on RPS?
  113. Playing on modded servers can you banned from Origin?
  114. Solium Infernum Single Player - What's the state of the AI?
  115. The Scandinavian Question
  116. Rise of Immortals - Anyone given it a go?
  117. A list thread for Doom engine wads
  118. Steamworks financial inquiry
  119. Thoughts on the Witcher 2 2.0?
  120. WebGL
  121. I want to design a game!
  122. OMD! Orcs Must Die Demo is up on Steam
  123. Rage: First impressions...
  124. GOG now has SimCity 2K!
  125. My taste in games is regressing...
  126. Accessibility of Fiction in Games
  127. Spider-Man Edge of Time
  128. PC (Windows) still the most popular platform
  129. Crysis steam sale worth it?
  130. Rage system requirements and experiences thread.
  131. LAN party - Game suggestions?
  132. "Dead" genres - What ones do you consider 6 feet under?
  133. Flash 11 kills browsing and gaming for ATI 5 series.
  134. "RAGE on PC is appalling"
  135. Onlive Promo - Deus Ex HR for 1!!!!!
  136. Origin Opt-Out Clause
  137. I was at the Stagconf and got away richer in mind.
  138. So what SPAAAAAACE games are you playing this week?
  139. Playing for fun needs an added incentive... unlocks!
  140. Old games that stand up to modern scrutiny.
  141. Looking for some Strategy
  142. Football Manager 2012 demo
  143. Is everyone OK with buying PC games at $60?
  144. The Bridge - And Yet It Moves meets Escher?
  145. Far Cry - Vehicle segments?
  146. I bought your game, let me play the way I want dammit!
  147. EA cancels Green Man Gaming sale
  148. Sengoku
  149. Mechwarrior 5 news comming via twitter! Spread the news!
  150. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will require permanent internet connection
  151. Where are all my moralistic videogames?
  152. Project Reality - Realistic Gaming Redefined!
  153. Battlefield 3 May Still Have Steam Release...... And On Time Too!!
  154. Army building in DoW 3?
  155. Are games bad these days or have I just grown up?
  156. Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer
  157. Is Steam hurting PC gaming by not publishing their sales figures?
  158. When do you buy AAA games?
  159. New Game announced: Heroes and Generals
  160. The Witcher 2: Iorveth vs. Roche
  161. Cannot find TRON/light-cycle game.
  162. Games that need an HD remake
  163. I have decided to hibernate myself.
  164. Afterfall Insanity: buy a game for 1 dollar... but only if 10 millions of you do.
  165. Age of Decadence
  166. Dinosaurs!
  167. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: Child Gamers
  168. Arkham City - DLC - Spoilers Within
  169. Any News on Linux / Mac Release(s) of Rage?
  170. Might & Magic Heroes VI
  171. Mount and Blade: Fire and Sword, kicking my ass
  172. New to gaming
  173. IndieCade 2011
  174. Direct2Drive & patching
  175. Memoir '44 Online
  176. Can anyone help me find a Dawn of war 2 Mod?
  177. Darklands now available on GOG
  178. Great Sniper Games
  179. "Pre-order" Afterfall: Insanity for $1. I'm surprised RPS didn't cover this yet
  180. Religion in computer games is a bit funny sometimes
  181. The Book Of Unwritten Tales Demo
  182. Tomb Raider: steam sale
  183. Gun?
  184. M4 Tank Platoon
  185. DCS A10 and Flight Sims
  186. My game - Diorama DM demo
  187. The PC Is A Closed Platform, And This Is Good
  188. White Night, total conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  189. Regional games
  190. Arkham City: Robin Edition Only 37.99 from GAME on PC!
  191. Costume Quest
  192. Say goodbye to Origin!
  193. Lone Survivor Or How I Learnt To Help By Listening To Soul Brother
  194. I don't like Super Meat Boy. :(
  195. Laptops stolen from Indie Stone (Project Zomboid)
  196. Project Zomboid (The Indie Stone) struck by fate again
  197. Nous - holy s**t.
  198. Games you surprisingly liked
  199. Games you surprisingly DIDN'T like?
  200. Jagged Alliance 2: To Mod or Not to Mod?
  201. My experiences with Project Zomboid
  202. Buying games from online providers (D2D, Steam, etc.)
  203. Disciples 3 Resurrection
  204. Curved Display
  205. Starting KOTOR 2: Anything I need to know?
  206. Free to Play games
  207. How many games have you bought and never played?
  208. Skyrim, where to find it cheap in Digital Distribution.
  209. Arkham City is now up for preorder on Steam...
  210. Iconoclasts! (there is new news about it)
  211. Steam Offline Mode
  212. Bethesda knows what the boys and girls like.
  213. Your experience with Steam trade?
  214. The "gleeful amorality" of Syndicate
  215. So - Dungeon Defenders is finally out then!
  216. If I buy Batman AC retail, can I then activate it on Steam?
  217. Anyone heard of this leaked game? Towns?
  218. Steam Offline Mode Poll
  219. The ultimate FPS simulator
  220. P*mp My Video
  221. Arkham City console launch fiasco. We *may* have dodged a bullet after all.
  222. Gaming podcasts
  223. Carcassonne on the PC
  224. Games with great stories
  225. New DoW II DLC out -- Tau Commander for Survival Mode. 6.45. What are they thinking?
  226. Remaking Planescape: Torment
  227. Sequence is now on Steam...
  228. Payday: The Heist: The Thread
  229. Battlefield 3, EA, DICE and Gestapo
  230. the 'should you preorder' thread
  231. Elder Scrolls Virgin
  232. GTA London
  233. Winter Voices Episodic RPG Goes Belly Up
  234. What the Hell!! EA Forbids Me From Playing Battlefield 3
  235. Panda in World of Warcraft
  236. Wellcome back Starcraft. You can sit here, Lady Kerrigan :3
  237. Freelancer main campaign mod
  238. Buying from Steam using a debit card.
  239. The city of Bezoar - strange place names in games
  240. Still no news of a Rage patch is, well, rage inducing.
  241. A thought about the new Syndicate...
  242. It's the final countdown (taadaa), BF3-gameplay footage rolling in..
  243. Old games that deserve a second chance
  244. Godfather game. Grindy Zynga-like fluff?
  245. Arcanum?
  246. Towns - Ever wanted to be the mayor of tristram?
  247. Playing V:tM - Bloodlines for the first time. Tips?
  248. Have You Played Any Game Which Is Better Than Sex?
  249. Desura (also a linux gaming thread)
  250. Chopper Sticks