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  1. Will Arkham City PC Version Have Catwoman Online Pass Scheme?
  2. The Random Encounter
  3. BF3 release bumped up 1 day
  4. New Risen 2 preview
  5. Someone clever create this please
  6. Stronghold 3
  7. Gta v(?)
  8. Steam Cloud support
  9. TW Shogun 2 fan made movie!
  10. A Competition to win Sword of the Stars!
  11. The Stupid Article Thread
  12. lol, the guys at Kalypso are such dicks
  13. Tribes Ascend Private Beta success?
  14. Games with surround sound?
  15. I'm completely addicted to Silent Hunter 4, someone gift me the U-boat expansion?
  16. What is the legal status of No One Lives Forever?
  17. Console exclusives you wish were on PC
  18. A miniature GLaDOS you can wear in your hair
  19. Battlefield 3 - anyone have a seamless install experience?
  20. Games changing names on Steam?
  21. Just bought a IndieRoyale bundle -- I get a 'key already in use' error for Sanctum
  22. Vic Davis is making a Lovecraftian horror game.
  23. Stronghold 3 - the final days of development?
  24. Things we learned playing BF3 Campaign:
  25. Battlefield 3 Multiplayer thread
  26. Trading Card Games?
  27. Source Media Arcade released one week early & screenshot contest
  28. QuakeWorld Rookie Tournament
  29. Origin activation EPIC FAIL
  30. Arkham City unlocked in the UK Steam Store
  31. Fifa Manager 12 or Football Manager 12?
  32. What are you NOT playing at the moment?
  33. Swords of the Stars II
  34. "Digital retcons" and you
  35. What did you get in the Steam Halloween sale?
  36. Play-SC.com?
  37. I prefer BFBC2 to BF3...
  38. Postal 3?!
  39. Shall we talk about Skyrim?
  40. The relation between Ubisoft, pirates and customers explained
  41. Cheerful Games
  42. Which game has the best magickal fireball explosions?
  43. 2D googles?
  44. A PC Game Sneak Peek Review: The Bridge
  45. Great co-op experiences
  46. PC Gaming Control Schemes and Oncreen Prompts
  47. New The Thing multiplayer game.
  48. Portal 2 has to be the best game so far this year.
  49. Roguelike Radio: A podcast dedicated to roguelikes
  50. Publishers Start to Aggressively Kill off 2nd Hand Console Game Market, So What Next?
  51. Games you bought only to validate their existence, which you'll never finish?
  52. Saints Row: The Third: The Demo: The Thread
  53. Questions on Space Strategy Games
  54. Against the Wall. Stumbled across this on Kickstarter, looks interesting.
  55. Dungeons and its Sequel
  56. Indie games are good for fans, agreed?
  57. Your Ideal 4X Space Strategy Game
  58. L. A. Noire Is Arriving PC Next Week
  59. LOTR: War in the North
  60. Disconnect your wifi, close all tabs, drawn the curtains. SKYRIM for consoles leaked.
  61. Major electronic retailers in Germany to put up warning signs vs Origin
  62. Battlefield 3 - Key info Thread - only post info.
  63. What do you all think about X3: Terran Conflict?
  64. Att: Mr. Stone - Achung Panzer: Operation Star released
  65. MoW multiplayer commmunity. Cranky!
  66. Do Russian paratroopers really suck in BF3 ?
  67. Red Orchestra 2 current players @ < 600
  68. News flash - Do you like maps? Skyrim preorder now includes a MAP.
  69. What Origin does when it scans your computer.
  70. It's a Leakfest on consoles! MW3 now follows Skyrim.
  71. Disciples III: Resurrection, or a Budget-Minded Alternative to HoMMVI
  72. Games' price: let's rap
  73. Ensign 1 kickstarter Campaign
  74. PC gaming is dying, the BBC says so!
  75. Shanda Games going down!?
  76. Viktor Reznov and John Price, which one is more Superman-like in your heart?
  77. The Crying Game: "To The Moon" is out now
  78. Arkham City Sexism?
  79. New Vegas Ultimate Edition - Feb '12
  80. Silent Hunter V: Joy to the world! The DRM is dead (sort of)!
  81. Wot's the playability? Freelancer
  82. The Red Solstice
  83. The death of FPS, or, "If Quake was created today"
  84. GOG Old Game Compatibility?
  85. A complaint about Batman: Arkham Asylum
  86. City of Steam
  87. Anno 2070 Demo - Thoughts
  88. RPS: The Game
  89. DnD: Where to start?
  90. Sword of the Stars - Forever Acompetition
  91. Maxis
  92. Andoid game recs for a fancy new phone?
  93. Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole
  94. There's a new Jane's aircraft sim? Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters.
  95. Wurm Online Relaunch (Sandbox MMO)
  96. Wanderlust: Secret of Mana-ish coop online ARPG
  97. where to go from SpaceChem
  98. Arkham City delayed again it would seem.
  99. Mass Effect 3 beta leaked
  100. Here's something
  101. Steampunk
  102. Men of war: Red tide for free from gmg
  103. Solium Infernum Playthrough
  104. Superhero games
  105. The use of shared universes in games
  106. Hyper Princess Pitch Has Nothing to Do With Princess Peach™
  107. Videogame Books
  108. Anyone given Aurora a go?
  109. Stealth Bastard
  110. MW3 Review - 5/5
  111. *sighs* Goddamn Batman
  112. Steam forums hacked?
  113. EA Origin privacy intrusion. Where do you stand ?
  114. Battlefield 3 HUD...bothering anyone else ?
  115. Dead State... is this game still beig produced?
  116. Battlefield 3: Planes, Copters, and crashing into the ground.
  117. Anyone else got into the Naval War: Arctic Circle beta?
  118. Gaming confessions.
  119. A decision that we as a group may need to make
  120. M / 18 games playable in store
  121. Your Most Disappointing Games?
  122. New study: Gaming is good for you!
  123. Heroes of Annihilated Empires
  124. Sonic Generations
  125. Fate of the world.
  126. RPG difficulty selection
  127. Speculation - IndieRoyale DIFFICULT bundle
  128. Netbook gaming
  129. Richard Gariott reveals he is working on Ultimate Ultima MMO !
  130. Steaaam's been haaaacked
  131. ask a valve fanboy
  132. Questionnaire for college research
  133. Let's play it "save"?
  134. What indie games are you looking forward to?
  135. Estimating Skyrim PC sales from concurrent players on Steam
  136. Human Revolution and thematic game design
  137. Hole in pocket gamer.
  138. Asda's incompetence on preorders, anyone else affected?
  139. Your game of the year Versus your most played game of the year
  140. My Unofficial Skyrim Trailer
  141. FPS Gift Recommendation
  142. Charlie Brooker's take on Modern Warfare 3
  143. Halo + DOOM = HaloDoom: Code of Silence
  144. IL2 Cliffs of Dover Collectors Edition £14.99
  145. D&D Anthology: The Master Collection
  146. Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape
  147. Is saving Brink possible? ("comprehensive" patch incoming)
  148. TES IV: Oblivion for cheaps on Steam
  149. Skyrim Mods
  150. I was thinking about buying Skyrim but then I had to fill my gas tank
  151. Saints Row the Third: Do you like it?
  152. Rochard - anyone played it?
  153. Entire MMO deleted during maintenance - no backups, no more...
  154. GAME - no pre-ordering in store unless you have one of our £3 Reward Cards
  155. Will Wright's new game: "You can do anything, in facebook"
  156. The nights close in and ALL THE GAMES COME OUT! - What are your strategies
  157. Nitronic Rush
  158. Games and Identity.
  159. Weekly sales of MW3 hit 12million, wow...
  160. In praise of walking everywhere in games
  161. 5.1 Surround Sound
  162. Neverwinter to become MMO
  163. Skyrim Skills Discussion
  164. Netbook gaming: Collected advice, resources and links
  165. Why No Chinese Version for L. A. Noire, Why?
  166. Crysis 2 Multiplayer?
  167. Terribly Moderated Forums / Your Worst Forum Experiences
  168. Gamer's Willingness to Sign Away Their Statutory Rights
  169. Real-Life Dragonborn
  170. Ever feel like you have a dependence on gaming?
  171. Jagged Alliance Online Beta
  172. Anyone remember Oni?
  173. Introduce you Skyrim character!
  174. Are there any multi-player strat games which allow for interesting diplomacy?
  175. Gearbox are broke. Please buy their DLC!!!
  176. Defender's Quest gone?
  177. Does "Need for Speed" Become an Annual Release?
  178. Article: The History of Why I’m Tired of Your Tactical Shooters
  179. Great Co-op Experiences You Have Had
  180. Upcoming Stealth Games
  181. Minecraft's "Release"
  182. Bright lights/the sun in games - do you squint?
  183. Who here plays MU*s?
  184. So I downloaded Daggerfall XL...
  185. What is the future of WoW?
  186. Arkham City pre-order gone :(
  187. An alternative model for RPG games
  188. Ortus: the RPG lovechild of Jesus and Molyneux or something like that.
  189. New Biohazard: Operation Raccon City Singleplayer Video
  190. London Philharmonic -- Greatest Videogame Music of All Time CD
  191. What do you want to see on "Good Old (but not that old) Games"
  192. Shadow of Yserbius / Fates of Twinion -- have you played them?
  193. Witcher 2 2.1
  194. It's almost time for the next Indie Royale bundle!
  195. SURPRISE! Cave Story + on Steam
  196. Indie Game: The Movie, a movie all Inides should watch
  197. Mass Effect 1 PC - does it have mid-mission saves?
  198. Tribes ascend beta key give away
  199. Dear Bethesda... (Spoilers re. Skyrim)
  200. Steam Autumn Sale: November 23-27
  201. Assassin's Creed: Revelations leaked 10 days before release
  202. The Secret World - 'Detective Quests' - will they actually work?
  203. Someone else's copy of MW3 (PS3) was delivered to my apartment.
  204. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier won’t be coming to the PC
  205. Alright, whose arse should I kick?
  206. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  207. Nature’s Neuroscientific Review Of Games
  208. RPG Specifications
  209. HOI3 or EU3 complete?
  210. Stanislas Mettra attempts pathetic damage control
  211. Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn: New Teaser
  212. Lack of PC advertising - where will the next generation of customers come from?
  213. What would the perfect situation be?
  214. Dark Messiah; Convince Me.
  215. No New Games For a Year
  216. Steam Account Suspension Rant
  217. DotA 2 Beta
  218. Skyrim 20% off and More
  219. 2 Players, same PC, recommendations?
  220. Request with Xpadder*
  221. IV tease new game with 'treasure hunt'
  222. The quintessential elements of western turn based tactics?
  223. Does anyone else do whatever you'd call this?
  224. John Walker. You Are An Un-Player
  225. Quake Live at DreamHack Winter 2011
  226. Anyone played the SWTOR beta?
  227. Modern Warfare 3 trailer...as Legos
  228. I Was Banned for 72 Hours from Battlelog for using The Word "Badass" in the Forums
  229. Fallout NV mod recommendations
  230. RPS League of Legends NA Server Ranked Team
  231. SWTOR is another mediocre mmorpg...
  232. Video Game and IQ
  233. Planet Strongold anime sci-fi JRPG
  234. Why is trying to appeal to everyone a shitty thing to do
  235. Recent PC games with worthwhile packaging
  236. Automated Game Design Research - I Have A Game For You To Play!
  237. 2012 game predictions
  238. Turn based strategy with massive armies / turn based Total War
  239. Odd & Interesting Things You've Found in Skyrim (SPOILERS)
  240. Skyrim gives me horrible nightmares (really)
  241. Steam: Bloodbowl 80% off
  242. The Witcher 2 - Horrendous piracy statistic
  243. Beware Tribes: Ascend
  244. Magicka : The Stars Are Left
  245. Skydrift = best racing game in ages
  246. It sucked - I wouldn't have bought it if I knew
  247. No More Dragons!
  248. Shogun 2: Bloody Hell
  249. New DLC for Defense Grid
  250. CS:GO cross-platform MP?