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  1. CS:GO cross-platform MP?
  2. Terraria 1.1 is out. Twice the content, half the price!
  3. IO Interactive
  4. Obsidian's Next RPG Revealed
  5. Indie game: "SteroidS" - (think of it as Asteroids meets Super Smash TV)
  6. Skyrim menus disappearing due to crafting mods? Fixes within, and more.
  7. Skyrim mods on Steam
  8. BF3: Jump
  9. EVE 60 day trial
  10. Mass Effect space shooter/trading game
  11. Terraria starting question
  12. Detective Point & Click games
  13. Since it's December... let's do the Game of the Year thing!
  14. Skyrim companions
  15. [Manifesto] Accessibility: Should it be important?
  16. Looking for Potential Beta Testers
  17. Gunpoint, by Tom Francis
  18. Frozen Synapse business target: "make a game that appeals to readers of RPS"
  19. MoH and BFBC2 for 6 bucks at Gamersgate
  20. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  21. Banned from Battlelog for 72 Hours Again For the Exact Same Post As Before
  22. What the hell is this? - Shogun DLC
  23. Games With Time Limits!
  24. Games with Collapsing Ceilings? (Help welcomed!)
  25. What is the worst console-to-PC port you have ever played? (besides SR2)
  26. *Must Have* Skyrim mods?
  27. BAnned from Battlelog, and subsequently BF3 itself.
  28. Red Cross debates if Geneva & Haag conventions should apply to video games
  29. Weird issues with EA / BF3 Logins (not to do with any bans of any sort)
  30. Rock. Paper, Trinity - Trine 2 is officially out soon!
  31. asheron's call
  32. Multiplayer Territory Control
  33. StarDriive -- 4x Action/Strategy (MOO2 + EV Nova)
  34. Anno 2070
  35. WW2 vs The Near Future...
  36. A word about EA's Ban practices.
  37. FTL - the space simulation real-time rogue-like
  38. Whoa, what? FlatOut 3? Where did this come from?
  39. Digital Distribution pricing
  40. Indie Gala - More cheap games for charity
  41. Rumble in the Bronze: Throwdown in Tinseltown!
  42. Skyrim is the most addicting game this year?
  43. APB on steam - Worth playing yet?
  44. Skyrim Followers--Unique Dialogue?
  45. Compelling DLC: Companions for Skyrim.
  46. Earth Defense Force on Steam, soooon.
  47. Your adventures in BF 3 ?
  48. Arkham City DLC
  49. Skyrim in 3D - simply amazing
  50. If DOOM was made today
  51. The Economist's special report on video games
  52. The Old Republic available to pre-load now but site down?
  53. DC Universe Online Buddies Sought!
  54. Computer Game Songs
  55. Is Streamlining & Simplicity Truly the Future?
  56. Duke Nukem Forever campaign add-on to be launched next week
  57. Ruse Sale: Do I want it?
  58. According to CT magazine, Origin is not spyware.
  59. Free/Flash Games of the Year
  60. Losing the plot.
  61. Indie Royale Xmas Bundle
  62. You know who should pick up the STALKER franchise?
  63. "I would never show it to a non-gamer to demonstrate why I play games"
  64. C&C: Generals 2 Bioware, Frostbite 2
  65. Games for Moms?
  66. How Do You Price a Game Post Release?
  67. Tips for the GOG sale
  68. What's "social gaming" to you? / What makes a game "social"?
  69. I would never show it to a non-gamer to demonstrate why I play games.
  70. So, the VGAs are like the Oscars, except the Oscars don't suck?
  71. Another New Vegas mods thread
  72. Anyone tried the Lineage II F2P?
  73. Thoughts on Saints Row The Third
  74. How bad am I at World of Warcraft?
  75. Starcraft 2
  76. Gog
  77. Lunar Flight - A Modern Take on Lunar Lander - Indy PC Title
  78. Humble Indie Bundle #4 shows up in Steam registry
  79. Request for votes: Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2011
  80. I Love You CD Projekt. Baby, Give Me a Kiss!!
  81. cool it with the indie bundle sales already
  82. Free Flying Scotsman simulator from the National Railway Museum
  83. Rediscovering Command and Conquer
  84. Armoured Princess
  85. I'm not the Humble Bundle but I did make a game called Hyperspace Invaders Zero
  86. Star wars the old republic preorder bugs causing grief
  87. Battlefield 3, Back to Karkand and Origin
  88. Hard Reset reminds me why I'm not an early adopter
  89. Gothic 2
  90. Little Big Bunch bundle is now go
  91. SWTOR problem
  92. In search of word games
  93. morrowind overhaul (and other morrowind fun!)
  94. Display technology and the future
  95. The good thing about SWTOR early access is you can still get a refund :D
  96. Steam Dead?
  97. Steam Holiday Sale Preview?
  98. Double Fines "Stacking" apparently heading for PC soon too.
  99. Best Part of the Witcher 2 Piracy Fiasco Is...
  100. Help me find a game from my childhood
  101. For Cancellation of STALKER 2, I Am Just Speculating, But......
  102. Amusement Park vs. Playground RPGs
  103. Morrowind mod overload
  104. OK, this controller business is becoming a serious annoyance
  105. Is Fallout 2 on Steam the Uncensored Version?
  106. Tech Focus: Where Now For PC Graphics Hardware?
  107. GoG Advice Please
  108. Skyrim: is it time?
  109. Christmas specials
  110. Gratuitous Space Battles
  111. can you play Poxnora as singleplayer?
  112. who is this dougied / petermolydeux guy and why no post about him
  113. Tom Chick's top and bottom 10 of 2011
  114. The best girls are trade shows?
  115. Deus Ex graphical mods
  116. Anyone playing Project C.A.R.S?
  117. Hooked to World of Tanks? Me,too.Just read a novice tanker's review, nothing new but
  118. Biohazard Operation Raccoon City Hero Mode
  119. SOPA, this is bad.
  120. Richard Cobbett, Dan Griliopoulos in New Games Mag Scandal!
  121. GoGamer is dead, any US RPSers know of a good PC game importer?
  122. Anno 2070's DRM
  123. Driving Game for Kids
  124. How much is the PC gaming market worth in 2010 and 2011?
  125. Piracy and software as a service
  126. Games for Windows Live - A awful tale
  127. Pet Peeves of the PC Gamer Community
  128. wanted to show you my ludum dare 22 entry
  129. How You Evaluate the Credibility of Gamespot's Game Review?
  130. Blood Bowl: Help
  131. To The Moon rant [BIG OLE SPOILERS]
  132. adalight compatible games list
  133. Game recommendations - 2 players at one pc
  134. Q.U.B.E. - still not on Steam
  135. Games you wish were never made?
  136. Best Games Nobody played
  137. Battle Zone 3
  138. The great holiday game giveaway thread
  139. Say Something Good About Games You Don't Care For
  140. Worst video game awards ever
  141. Having a Sense of Entitlement is now "Expecting a Decent Product / Service"?
  142. SW:TOR Launch - Worst in Recent History?
  143. The DRM check thread (a public service)
  144. Games you can play with one hand?
  145. Steam Holiday Sale Trading Post
  146. PC racing games that allow AI in multiplayer
  147. 300 Game Mechanics
  148. Morrowind Overhaul 2.0 released
  149. Battlefield P4F
  150. E.Y.E Divine cybermancy worth it for $5?
  151. Crusader Kings II: Live Action-Trailers
  152. Saints Row the Third + DLC season pass for 15
  153. Planetside 2 beta singup
  154. What are the longest RPG games ?
  155. You Mates Know Where Can Buy Steel Armor: Blaze Of War?
  156. Is Need For Speed: The Run Really that Bad?
  157. Are parts of gog.com giving a 500 error - Internal Application Error for any of you?
  158. Deus EX: HR - what am I missing?
  159. Games with LAN multiplayer for roughly three players.
  160. Shall we discuss Anno 2070
  161. Would appreciate a critique of a Witcher 2 trailer
  162. Postal 3 now Available
  163. Merry xmas
  164. Strategy Game with Large Online Population
  165. GOG: Big new publisher coming "soon"
  166. Happy Christmas, Stalker
  167. Amazon's Truly Amazing Christmas Sale!!!
  168. Fort Zombie - worth it or not?
  169. RIP codex ?
  170. Baldur's Gate 1-2: How to Playthrough?
  171. Developer journal up and running
  172. Possible hint for Half Life 3, or not.
  173. Major Problem In Game - Can't Continue ..
  174. Those little things that make you love a game
  175. Europa Universalis 3 question
  176. We need a new hockey game on pc
  177. Hey! Is L.A. Noire Really Rated "M" for Mature?!
  178. And Once Again The TOR Servers Go Down For Maintenance...
  179. Mods & Modding
  180. Morrowind: Is it the best Elder Scrolls game?
  181. Ocean Marketing
  182. gaming addiction is very real.
  183. Lunar Flight Beta Released - Come and get it!
  184. Recommend me: Turn-based RPG or tactics game for netbook
  185. Buying games via Amazon
  186. Help me remember the name of the game - aero sim / joust crossover
  187. Simple question: What games to look forward in 2012?
  188. Official Unofficial Content for Fallout New Vegas
  189. If you liked Shadowbane...
  190. InMomentum PWYW & alpha-fund Dilogus, Digital Arrow's upcoming ARPG
  191. Shogun 2 or Empire Goty?
  192. Games for People Who Like Chasing High Scores
  193. Can someone explain Bastion to me?
  194. The most effective time vampire of all time
  195. The Grid - Elements of Tron & Risk, beautiful strategy game of 2012
  196. Games you're currently loving the heck out of that aren't insanely hyped.
  197. Valve have run out of third party keys for the Great Gift Pile
  198. Cdkeyshome
  199. Sale damage report thread
  200. Rts/Rpg Hybrids*
  201. PC games with online 4+ player co-op.
  202. Do characters affect you?
  203. Lets share our Backloggery accounts!
  204. Men of War: Assault Squad
  205. Strip Global Thermonuclear War
  206. [Resolution Problem] Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad
  207. Don't read this if you suffer from bundle fatigue!
  208. Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon
  209. Is it just me, or does Cube World look like it's shaping up to be utterly awesome?
  210. Skyrim HD texture files - how can I check they are loaded?
  211. Guns of Icarus Online (Kick starter event Inside)
  212. Does Arma 1 in Arma X Work in 64bit Machine?
  213. Source Media Arcade 2.0b Update Released
  214. Deus Ex, playing HR before 1?
  215. The Free Indie Bundle
  216. Help needed with finding a game.
  217. The Real Origin of 'DotA' circa 1998
  218. Heres a Game I made called: Hasty Food Master
  219. A year in gaming - An effort to clear the 'backlog' of impulse buys
  220. Katawa Shoujo Released!
  221. Castle Story, Voxel + RTS
  222. Super Monday Night Combat Invitational
  224. Castle Story - Voxel based castle building & RTS
  225. Games Informer reveals XCOM... made by Firaxis Games
  226. Will you continue to support companies that support SOPA?
  227. TenThousandSuns
  228. Jazz the Jackrabbit soundtrack?
  229. Cheap/free/indie titles you'd recommend.
  230. AOE III: Complete
  231. Dark Souls? A petition? Why not?
  232. Stalker Online
  233. Immortal Defense
  234. Diablo III and Online Gambling
  235. Looking for advice on 4X games (Help a new guy out!)
  236. Fortune Summoners boring?
  237. I Found A Game On My Hard Drive...mysteriously O_O
  238. Possible new DD service from Humble Bundle
  239. The Buggiest Game of 2011 was...
  240. Where do you draw the line between feature and gimmick?
  241. Microsoft Flight
  242. Crazy Battlefield 3 Video
  243. Quarantine II: Road Warrior! Anyone Remember this?
  244. Even Cliffski's Positech is jumping on the always online DRM bandwagon :(
  245. Your amazing Battlefield 3 moments? + for video!
  246. Diablo III, 1st Feb?
  247. Damn Bungie!! You Screw Up the Jumping Mechanism by Your Stupid Halo!!
  248. Tribes : Ascend
  249. My view on DLCs
  250. Labelling of DRM / internet requirements?