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08-04-2012, 10:47 PM
A nice regular cross-post (http://ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=415) from the Folk event we had tonight.

Mail Man

Easter Sunday is a time for Family, Fun, Hope, Holidays and Hot Lead. It's no real surprise that turnout was in the mid teens (though maybe the news that Comrade Fer had my hot water cut off a month ago got around before I arrived on the scene) but we had a cosy little session all the same.

The attacking OpFor won soundly in Cocktails. The punch had too much punch, and thus the UN officials were caught with their pants down.

Fog was lead by yours truly. It was a tidy little seek and destroy operation on the coast of Chernarus, where our silenced weapons and the reduced visibility allowed us to carve through the enemy.

Mail Man saw some new faces try their hands at piloting. It was a success, but not without cost. A chopper crash meant that the return leg turned into a logistics exercise so we skipped onto something more... challenging.

Belenus is one of my missions. We had to assault a British base, steal some explosives and then blow up an oil storage facility. The fatality rate was incredibly high despite the low visibility. A single defending soldier from Cornwall cut down half of the players who had survived the main assault on the base. The three who made it to the base were cut down by a small, final patrol. The last moments saw Unaco, torn between trying to set off his comrades’ bombs and engaging the enemy, being filled with hot death just as he brought his rifle to bear.

Naturally, this was followed by a Buffet of death. “Run for the hills,” I commanded. The bus we were escorting was damaged, officials killed, and our platoon decimated. There is little more to be said.

A grand Finale was how we closed the night. Comrade Carooke was shanghaied into a command position but was unable to shame us all into a winning performance.

In other news, Comrade Jeffke’s necrophiliac tendencies have been noted by the party. The higher echelons of staff are confused why this means he’d be LESS inclined to play on the front lines, and thus a full (and invasive) investigation will be forthcoming.

See you next week, Comrades.