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22-04-2012, 11:17 PM
The usual cross-post (http://ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=417). For once we didn't (quite) outnumber the non-rps people!

Tonight saw our contingent of revolutionaries unexpectedly reinforced by a group from [Zeus]. Welcome to the cause, Comrades :hist101:

The missions tonight were:

Fodder (ADV) in quick-time (because I had misjudged the number of slots and linearity of the mission)
Cratesistance (ADV)
Lights Out

Fodder was a 12 v 12 tank battle, but as we had 27 people on VOIP moments after we finished slotting the 24 I elected to dive straight into it without so much as letting us split into opposing channels. Things ended quickly and poorly. Which was what the party required as it meant we could quickly get into something with more slots and challenge.

Unreachable was much more interesting. We were tasked with destroying a pair of Hinds hidden in hangars on northern Chernarus before escaping. Commander Wolfenswan split our force into three elements. Charlie/Delta/Echo/Medic went on a long flanking manoeuvre, and Charlie FTL did an absolutely excellent job keeping us moving. He’s also pretty good with those markers – we should take lessons from the Zeus guys. Alpha/Bravo did a more direct assault with MMG/MAT doing a smaller flanking manoeuvre whilst CO/MTR held the rear. It was truly excellent stuff – tight comes, tense atmosphere, well planned and executed. Only at the end were we let down by Wolfenswan taking a bullet and the chain of command getting confused. :bang: Alas, next time.

Cratesistance had a fire team more on each side than has been recently usual, so we had a gentlemen’s agreement requiring the destruction of two contiguous caches for victory, which I announced during the planning phase. Despite the teams being relatively equal, the defenders won solidly. My plan of “hit them in the rear whilst the push towards our dead men” fell apart when we bumped into the enemy rapid response force at fired into each other at fifty meters. Some impressive kill counts were amassed in the confusion. I didn't get any credit for the man I shot - he bled out a few minutes after my corpse had cooled so it counted as a suicide.

Lights Out is a take on the familiar ‘blow up the Shilka’ style of coop mission. There are three quirks: the Shilkas are fully active, launcher munitions are very rare, and the defending patrols can be rendered night-blind by blowing up a power plant supplying the local town with electricity for the streetlamps. It went well until we reached our first real objects (the power plant) after which things went south quickly. I made it inside the plant compound, ready to blow up the generators, only to find that the roofs were covered in enemy marksmen and my fire team had decided to not follow my glorious lead.

... :suicide:

I will have my revenge.

See you next week for more death, Comrades.
(p.s. The sirens heard in the background of Comrade Fer’s comms in no way reflected his new status as a fugitive.)