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29-05-2012, 11:42 PM

Vanguard (Coop)
Warlords (Adv)
Cacheola (Adv)
Feruzablues (Coop)
UNfortunate Sons (Adv - Testing)

Amazing session. We hit the magic 50, which is unbelievable, considering we hardly reached the 30+ just weeks ago.
Remember there's FOLK on sunday, details here (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2540-README-Folk-Sessions-(Sundays)).

Post the tales of your glorious deeds!

30-05-2012, 12:03 AM
Great session tonight, sorry to the 2 people I put my justice bullets into.

30-05-2012, 12:46 AM
Glad y'all was still playing when I got home. Some Fraps shit will be up later this week, sadly I didn't keep it rolling all the time so missed out on some good parts :/


30-05-2012, 12:07 PM
(Apologies in advance for the ream of text)

Nice playing with you guys. It was a real baptism of fire for me though: first time playing Arma 2 multiplayer (excluding Day Z) and first time using Mumble too.

I remained thoroughly confused throughout, but I did enjoy it.

Vanguard (Coop)

I stand around uselessly for a couple of minutes, there are lots of people, and they're all going in different directions. Somebody (the commander?) is saying something about Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. I have no idea if I'm part of any of them groups, but I decide to look less useless by following a bunch of guys along a road.

It's about halfway through the mission when I realise I'm supposed to be one half of a machine gunner team, and luckily one of the guys I've been following is my partner. Also, note to self, any time in the last ten minutes that the commander was saying 'HMG', he was referring to us. Er, whoops.

I help set up the machine gun (hooray I wasn't totally useless!) at a few points, but there's no action to be had. My buddy decides to set up the MG closer to the front line and we find a nice spot on a little hill.

The Bad Men start firing at us as we approach so we hit the dirt. We manage to get the MG set up, and are ready to lay down some hot lead but it, er, disappears into thin air. Didn't matter much because soon after the Bad Men fired some kind of explosive into our general vicinity and I got dead.

Warlords (Adv)

So I'm a terrorist. Great. We're in a small village. I have absolutely no clue if I'm in a squad or who I'm supposed to be following, so I find a nice rock and settle down behind it clutching my AK.

Watching the brow of a nearby hill, I see some movement so I press 'B' to get a closer look. Ah, terrorists can't afford binoculars; I suppose that makes sense, so I press RMB and squint instead.

I can't make out anything, but they're not friendly, so I do what any good untrained terrorist would do and let rip with my AK on full auto in their general direction. Take that sand!

So I waste an entire clip. Two mags left and I switch to semi-auto, probably more accurate. I quickly look around at the village to check the situation but it hasn't changed, I'm still clueless.

We're supposed to be escorting a Warlord to ... somewhere. Am I actually being useful by giving my position away and not hitting anything? Maybe. I've no time to think anyway because the infidels are getting closer. I quickly empty the remaining two mags at some dots on the horizon. Maybe they might get scared and run away?

I have no ammo left now, but I assume I must have some kind of sword in my inventory. I quickly attempt to get into melee range but I'm gunned down as soon as I stand up. Somehow we still manage to win, no doubt thanks to my exquisite marksmanship.

Cacheola (Adv)

Third mission, and I concentrate at the briefing this time. Okay, I am definitely in team Charlie this time. So I now know when I'm being referred to. Charlie. Remember that.

Terrorists again, but somebody has to fight for Allah, poor guy gets a bad rap. A little icon pops up showing the guy who's my squad leader, which would have been incredibly useful, had I realised it was there before. I do the easy thing this mission and just follow this guy.

We get directed to a certain part of town and I take up residency in the first floor of a building overlooking some stash we're supposed to be guarding. Nothing happens for quite a while.

I start to hear gunshots and explosions a fair bit from our position. Apparently Alpha and Bravo are under fire.The commander is concerned so we're ordered to reposition somewhere else.

We're halfway to our destination when the commander pipes up in Mumble that we're going the wrong way! our FTL must have misheard the orders or something. Don't blame me, I'm just another grunt. Well, soldier (of God) person. Do they have ranks in terrorism?

I don't know if that means we're screwed or not but the commander sighs and just tells us to reinforce Alpha and Bravo seeing as we're close to them. Delta is ordered to fill the hole we vacated.

There's some muzzle flash ahead so I duck into a nearby building. I do the incredbily stupid thing of strafing to get a better look, and am prompty rewarded with the honour being the first in my squad to die. That's when I remember that there's a lean button. Yeah, Q and E would have really helped there.

We all died horribly and succumbed to the might of the American Humvee.

Feruzablues (Coop)

Didn't play, but very much would have liked to.

UNfortunate Sons (Adv - Testing)

Also didn't play.


Fun times. I did three missions, two of which I didn't even manage to fire a weapon before dying. Hooray! I liked the third one the best because by then I had a grip on who I was supposed to follow, and what the general plan was. Also, the night time setting was pretty good, especially when nothing happened for quite a while, it made things really tense.

I do have a few newbie questions though:

1. What I gathered from yesterday is that only people higher up the chain of command should use Mumble when in-game right? How do I communicate with my squad then; is there any way of talking only to the people in my squad? As a follow up, what do all the various channels in the in-game chat do? (Side, group etc)

2. Any way to change channel in Mumble while you're in game, or do you always have to alt + tab?

3. Is the name of your squad in the map screen somewhere? I couldn't find it. The first two missions I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to be doing or who I was supposed to be following.

4. I heard the acronyms 'CC' and 'VON' being thrown around a lot. What do these mean?

TL; DR I had fun playing Arma 2 multiplayer for the first time.

30-05-2012, 12:30 PM
I do have a few newbie questions though:

1. What I gathered from yesterday is that only people higher up the chain of command should use Mumble when in-game right? How do I communicate with my squad then; is there any way of talking only to the people in my squad? As a follow up, what do all the various channels in the in-game chat do? (Side, group etc)

2. Any way to change channel in Mumble while you're in game, or do you always have to alt + tab?

3. Is the name of your squad in the map screen somewhere? I couldn't find it. The first two missions I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to be doing or who I was supposed to be following.

4. I heard the acronyms 'CC' and 'VON' being thrown around a lot. What do these mean?

1. The way we played it last night, on COOP missions the fireteam leaders use mumble to communicate, and comms within the fireteam are on VON (I'll explain this in a bit). CC (again, I'll explain this) is used between element leads, that is the leader of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, and the commander.

On ADV missions we put each side in a channel, and used that to communicate between squads and command, and using VON at fireteam level.

2. You do have to alt-tab, but you can ask someone to move you if you don't want to alt-tab

3. If you go to 'unit' on the map screen, click on your name and look to the right, you should see something like 'charlie-2' or 'c-2', indicating that you're in charlie squad. alternatively, you can always ask your squad leader or, before the mission, make sure to check your slot. Many of the missions we play us F2, a framework that gives us squad icons on map, so you should see a coloured box on the map with 'C' next to it. If this is on top of a yellow triangle, representing your FTL, you're in that squad.

4. CC is Command Channel, it's essentially like having a radio channel just for FTLs and Commanders to relay orders and contact reports on. See this page (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2515-README-Mumble-VOIP-for-Arma-2-and-other-games) for details on mumble and CC.

VON is Voice Over Network (essentially VOIP), and is the in-game audio chat. We use group channel for fireteam chatter. We tend not to use anything else, but vehicle chat is useful for communicating with people in your vehicle, and direct communication, when it works, is like talking positionally to people and can be used to communicate with other people nearby. Side chat is also useful for communicating with all players on your side, but talking over it is generally frowned upon and it's always better to type here.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the experience, if you'd like more of the same remember to show up to Folk Sunday (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2540-README-Folk-Sessions-%28Sundays%29).

30-05-2012, 12:38 PM
I do have a few newbie questions though:

1. What I gathered from yesterday is that only people higher up the chain of command should use Mumble when in-game right? How do I communicate with my squad then; is there any way of talking only to the people in my squad? As a follow up, what do all the various channels in the in-game chat do? (Side, group etc)

2. Any way to change channel in Mumble while you're in game, or do you always have to alt + tab?

3. Is the name of your squad in the map screen somewhere? I couldn't find it. The first two missions I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to be doing or who I was supposed to be following.

4. I heard the acronyms 'CC' and 'VON' being thrown around a lot. What do these mean?

TL; DR I had fun playing Arma 2 multiplayer for the first time.

1. The default in-game voice key is caps lock, you can obviously change this to your liking. The channels control who can hear you, you want group for talking to your squad. The rest should be self-explanatory.

2. You have to alt tab, but Arma is usually ok with this. If you can't for whatever reason, ask someone to drag you to the right channel.

3. When you pick a slot on the initial screen before the mission launches, it should be named Alpha, Bravo, MMG or whatever. You can also see the name of your unit on the map screen -> units. Depends on the mission maker actually having named the units, but most will. Most of our missions will also have coloured markers showing the location of each squad on the map.

4. CC is command channel, it allows people to talk across mumble channels. It's not necessary to have it set up unless you're in a command role but it can be useful to know in case everyone above you is dead. See the 2nd post here (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2515-README-Mumble-VOIP-for-Arma-2-and-other-games). VON is in-game voice.

I also recommend you and any other new players set up the mods most of us use. They're not mandatory, but very useful.

- Community Base Addons (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231): required for the other 2 below.
- STHUD (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9936): shows nearby fireteam members. Makes Arma 50% less confusing.
- STMovement (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?109628-ShackTac-Movement-addons): Stops your gun getting stuck on walls and other annoyances.

Mods are installed like DayZ, but you might find it easier to get one of the various launchers for Arma that will do it for you.

30-05-2012, 12:40 PM
Kelron explains it better than me, and shows off with some fancy addons afterwards. I endorse his message.

30-05-2012, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the answers guys.

So, just to clarify: if I select the 'Group' channel (the green one) in-game and use the (in-game) push-to-talk key, the only people who should hear me are my fellow fireteam members and my FTL?

What's confusing me here is that I'm sure there was green text showing up on my screen from people not in my fireteam, but I think this was after I was killed. Presumably, if you're dead then you can only communicate with other dead people, regardless of your channel.

Also, just so I'm not getting confused, are 'squad' and 'fireteam' interchangeable terms?

30-05-2012, 01:47 PM
For us they are interchangeable. I dunno about real soldiers. After you die the group channel is for other dead people, when you're alive it's just your FT. Though Arma has positional audio for in-game VON, so you'll hear other nearby people talking but won't have a name pop up unless its in your channels.

30-05-2012, 02:24 PM
For us they are interchangeable.

This. In some missions, however, you may see 'alpha squad lead' and fireteams 'alpha 1', 'alpha 2', and so on. In those cases, we keep the term 'squad' to refer to that larger group of fireteams, as in many real armed forces.

30-05-2012, 03:15 PM
Vanguard (Coop)
FTL MAT. After a blown up helicopter and subsequent mission restart we set off... doing nothing. Sam (my squaddie and carrier of the RPG warheads) and I didn't do much of anything for a bit. We were then reinforced by two JIPs, Phalanx and Faenix. After a bit of standing around we get orders to move up to Alpha, Bravo and Charlie's position where more nothing was happening. Then all of a sudden, boom noise in-game and quiet on Mumble. Uh-oh. Turns out the BMP-2 got blown up along with half our forces (E-D + support folks). The new commander orders a glorious charge towards a hilltop full of enemies. We move through a village and take up position on a hill overlooking the squads and the next objective over. To our left (in the north) we spot a tiny village with a squad of baddies and a baddie T-34. My squaddies open fire on the infantry and I take out the T-34 at 500 meters with the first shot. All and all a brilliant success... until I realise we've almost gone off map. The nearest objective, where our teammates are dying, is 1km south of our position. The mission ends before we get a chance to link up.

Warlords (Adv)
​Commander (Warlord 1), insurgents. I volunteered to command for only the third time on my second ever ARPS night, and in a weird mission to boot. We were to hold in Nagara till we make contact with BLUFOR (ie. they start shooting at us), then we can break out. The objective was to get Warlord 1 and/or 2 to one or both of two designated safe zones. The plan was to take myself in one of two SUVs and go north along the forests and cliffs to the northern safe zone, using the other SUV as bait. Warlord 2 (Unaco) was to head west on foot through a large valley, slowly but surely making his way to the southwestern safe zone.

My plan did not survive contact with the enemy as BLUFOR started pouring down fire from the north, where I had planned to go. The fake SUV drove out of our Warlord compound first and got lit up not five meters outside. The real SUV with me in it, driven by my trusty bodyguard (whose name escapes me...) manages to slip out of Nagara to the south. 500 meters out on the main road we get ambushed by BLUFOR infantry who shoot us to bits. Unaco on the other hand manages to sneak through the valley and is almost at the safe zone when the mission is ended and Insurgents declared the victors! Not to toot my own horn, but that's 3 missions commanded with 3 victories. I assign all of the credit to my excellent underlings, ehr, teammates!

Cacheola (Adv)
FTL A1 on BLUFOR. This was a night mission, which was excellent fun, and the objectives were similar to Project Reality's insurgency game mode - find caches in Zagarabad and destroy them. Our commander sends us in a safe but roundabout way and we enter the city from the NW. Commander asks for a fireteam to take up overwatch position to the west/southwest, and I volunteer. Humvee gunner and the MG gunner get into contact almost immediately. We then route southeast and clear out the "rear" of the cache locations, while our team is busy attacking from the NW. I think my squaddies managed to score ten or so kills combined. Our team manages to wipe out the entire enemy force and the mission is a victory.

Feruzablues (Coop)
FTL LADA (Jackal). Land in Anar, take out enemies in Feruz Abad and rescue hostages in the nearby mine. The powers that be decided that I'd had too much success in one sitting and so the AI sneaked up on us in a BTR-40 as we were forming up in the staging area. I lose one man in my Jackal fireteam and the brit engineer loses another man. The Jackal is barely working, hull is dark orange, and so it could not be repaired. We charge over the hill from Anar into Feruz and lose a lot of people almost straight away. Moving down the hill I manage to get shot in the leg. I'm shouting for the only medic left alive to come save me, but by the time he's halfway there someone murdered me :(

Great fun was had! I will try to attend the Folk session on Sundays too.

30-05-2012, 03:31 PM
Hello this is your friendly neighbourhood Bodge, thanks to all for turning up; A few things the extra numbers has made evident.

Please let Admin do admin things. If people are asking for help let the host/admin respond, chances are they know the answer and they might be planning some thing that makes it different from the norm.

In case any of the new guys are not sure who that is -


Fer, Tigershark and Headspace are not necessarily ARPS admins but they are FOLK admin so should be afforded a similar level of respect.

30-05-2012, 04:10 PM
Also, just so I'm not getting confused, are 'squad' and 'fireteam' interchangeable terms?

For us they are interchangeable.

Last night was a case of this not being so, we will encounter this situation weekly with these playercounts. I'll try to straighten this out a bit for future reference.

Fireteam is a group of 4-5 people led by the fireteam leader (FTL). When you use the Group VON / text chat channel, this the level you're talking on. For simplicity's sake you can consider the attachments (special weapons / vehicle teams like MMG, MAT and IFV) fireteams as well.

Squad is composed of two or more fireteams acting together under a single squad leader. Typically the "highest" fireteam's leader is responsible for leadership. So if Alpha, Bravo and Charlie form a squad, Alpha FTL is in charge. Some people also like to call squads sections.

Calling a fireteam squad can be forgiven to an extent, as playing ARMA2 isn't our day job. It would be appreciated though if people tried to shift their use of the term into the right direction, especially since with these numbers we will most likely be using the commander->squad->fireteam organization a lot more than we have in the past.
With 20 people it was manageable to have 3 fireteams and 1 attachment led by the commander, but that's not feasible with 50 players.

This is the short version. You still probably have some mysterious words floating in your head, like attachment or element. I would highly recommend you read this excellent description of the Folk platoon (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=53), by Fer, to get to know these words and get a good idea of how we try to organize ourselves when playing. We use pretty much the same organization in normal ARPS sessions as we do in the Folk Sunday sessions, because it's been found to be a good way of getting things done.

30-05-2012, 06:54 PM
This session was dying and screwup session for me. :D

Vanguard (Coop)

I an AT guy in a fireteam. The fireteam itself was pretty large, we had 6 or 7 people in it, as we had JIPs. After the first unsuccessful "disembark" (lol exploding choppers), we had to flank a position where there are hostiles. A comrade right next to me, killa, died from an RPG or SPG that flew right pass me. We all took cover and I started to look around. Then I spotted an insurgent aiming at me, I saw the flash but it was already too late.

Warlords (Adv)

I was on the Indie team, bravo squad (I think). Basically we were holed up in the village, while there was heavy fighting to the north and south bunkers (as seen in the video above). Then we moved up to support the south, then we were fired upon from the north hills. We returned fire and sprinted back to the village. The 'mericans arrived to the village, our FTL was killed. From a window I saw 2 US soldiers sneaking in the village, they were in the open, so they were easy kills. I ran to the balcony and opened fire, one was killed immediately while the other ran for cover, my spraying AK missing him, he then started firing in my direction and I hid, while the other guys in the fireteam shoot him. He was killed later on, after we suffered another casualty. But the mission was successful and we prevailed.

Cacheola (Adv)

We're halfway to our destination when the commander pipes up in Mumble that we're going the wrong way! our FTL must have misheard the orders or something.
Yep that's me, Charlie FTL. We were ordered to defend the cache, so we were sitting there for a while and nothing happened. Then Alpha came under fire, command ordered some fireteam to reposition to support alpha, and I misheard it as Charlie, so sorry about getting you all killed, hehe :P

Feruzablues (Coop)

I was LADA (Jackal) driver. We drove to the LZ, when I hear on the comms that we left someone behind. No problem, The other guys disembark, and I'm left with my gunner to pick up the abandoned comrade. We pick him up, drive back to the LZ. Then from nowhere a BTR-40 appeared right ahead. The gunner opened fire, and seconds later we were both killed, atleast the jackal survived. Fast mission for us :D

30-05-2012, 07:39 PM
The way Cacheola played out was eerily similar to several episodes of Generation Kill...

31-05-2012, 09:00 PM

DC: Draakon
|- Medic: Fer

I was busy from the moment we hit the LZ, running south to patch up a member of Delta who had managed to pick up an injury during the landings. Thereafter, I was ordered to tag along with C/D on the left flank of our advance, climbing with them and the rest of the platoon's dismounts to the ridge overlooking Feruzabad from the south-east.

The climb itself was not uncontested, though as medic I hung some 50m behind C/D, so the first enemies I encountered were dead. Spotting an RPG and rockets that had been overlooked by C/D, I harvested what I could and resolved to hand over these supplies to Charlie. I also too this opportunity to discard the revolting plastic gun I'd been issued, and pick up a trusty AKS-47 (as endorsed by the Party).

However, when I arrived at the summit the level of chatter on CC was apparently so great that I couldn't get Charlie FTL's attention. Moreover, the whole of C/D was fixing to open fire on enemy positions to our west, including a truck-mounted ZSU. So I hung back and attempted to provide some security to the rear.

Note: In both our sessions, we need to get better about providing our own security. Too often, we assume the only enemies are to out front, leaving us vulnerable. We might get away with it in most (but by no means all) coop missions, but it's a habit that can bite hard in adversarial missions (see the Folk/ARPS/CiA vs. LDDK experience in Greenola).

Whilst I was looking back towards the route we'd taken to the summit, I spotted a lone figure about 100m distant. Knowing that all Folk/ARPS comrade mission maker engineers are sadists, I was ready to call out that we were being bounced from the rear. Thankfully, it was only comrade commander StrangLove. I walked down to meet him and make the suggestion that, as CO, he should not be without some personal security - even if it was just a case of him being near one of the fighting elements. This point was to be illustrated - brutally - later in the mission.

Back at the summit, the firing had started. Almost at once, C/D was assaulting across the face of the hill, heading for the little military outpost to our west where the truck-mounted ZSU was positioned. Charlie's FTL had been wounded, so I found myself sprinting across to the compound in order to administer aid. This was the start of a very busy period for me.

The assault now turned north, all elements moving down the slope towards the town. C/D was headed for the main military base, and it wasn't long before I was being called down to the fence line to attend to someone in Delta. As I ran down the hill, my element leader, comrade Draakon, informed me that he'd just assumed command of the platoon. Comrade StrangLove was dead.

As I was patching the guy in Delta, I was called to Alpha's position. This required me to traverse along the platoon's front line, which by this point snaked along the southern edge of the town. I knew this would be risky - friendlie might open up on me in the confusion, and there was always the danger of enemies. Asking comrade Draakon to warn Alpha that I was approaching from their left addressed the first risk, but for the second there was only my AKS.

A man appeared ahead of me, carrying an AK and moving up the slope towards Alpha. We spotted each other at the same time, but I was first to fire, my AKS-47 on full automatic.

As I patched the man in Alpha, I warned them about possible contacts to their immediate south. Comrade Draakon was already in my ear, requiring me to move on to Fox and Echo fireteams. Again, I traversed the platoon's frontline, passing the current CO, comrade Draakon, and the body of our former CO, comrade StrangLove, as I moved to where Fox had entered the town. The two surviving members of Fox didn't appear to be waiting for me, so I had to do some shouting.

"Fox. Fox. FOX! Where are your wounded?"
"Er ... dead, I think. They're not responding."

In fact, one of the survivors was wounded, so we took cover in a house whilst I patched him up. Then I was off again, back to the military base in search of Echo (yet another order having come in from comrade Draakon).

At the base the fighting had temporarily died down and elements were all jumbled up at the junction to its north. I found comrade Egg at the same time as the other medic, Feanix, but I'm not certain he got double the healing effect! Then I dropped back to the base entrance and waited for the platoon to reform its lines for the assault on the mine.

Before we could move off, the enemy contacted us from the rear and west, causing a brief exchange of fire. Once the threat was dealt with, the platoon divided and set off north, one half taking the direct route up a spur to the mine, the other on the adjacent spur (from where they could provide covering fire for the assault).

Initially, I was with C/D on the western spur, but comrade Draakon ordered me to cross the little valley and join A/E in the assaulting force. However, once I got there it was apparent that they already had medical support from Feanix, so I re-crossed and fell in with C/D once again.

As the assault began, C/D was ordered to 'charge' (which was a bit confusing, as I think they had been positioned as a base-of-fire element), but everyone cheerfully opened up and tracers streamed out across the valley towards the mine compound and groups of enemy infantry on the surrounding hillside).

Meanwhile, the enemy was sending its own projectiles across the valley: we spotted rockets being launched from positions to our north. Moving forward, I found myself with comrade IceRaiser, an AR, helping to guide the fire from his SAW as best I could without binoculars. I suggested to C/D that having an FTL here (with his binoculars) would be a very good idea.

Nobody from C/D arrived, but comrade commander Draakon did, and somehow comrade IceRaiser and I fell in with him as he moved north-east, down the slope, in the direction of then mine. Suddenly, we were contacted at close range by a small handful of enemy fighters in a wooded area immediately downslope of us. The CO was wounded, as was comrade IceRaiser - but both were still firing, two SAWs eventually cutting down the enemy combatants [Do not use SAW and 'cut down' in the same sentence again, please - Ed.]. I myself was still up, and managed to kill one fighter with another burst from my trusty AKS-47. At the same time I was frantically calling for C/D to provide immediate support on my marker, as the CO was in danger!

Comrade Mike, now in charge of C/D, arrived with his remaining men and finished clearing the woods whilst I patched up comrade commander Draakon and comrade IceRaiser. Falling in with C/D for the last time, I helped as they engaged some further contacts up the slope to our south-west, then moved on to the road leading to the mine entrance.

As I ran up the road (for some reason lagging a short distance behind C/D), I heard reports of a technical on the ridge above us. I tucked in closer to the hillside, hoping it would provide cover. That was fine, but when I reached the entrance to the mine compound everything went to hell.

Just in front of me men were being shot. I popped smoke and began applying first aid, hoping the guardhouse would provide sufficient cover. It didn't.

I was wounded and bleeding out, and all around me others were in a similar position. I crawled around to another side of the guardhouse and noticed at least one person who was still up and giving first aid. Over VON I asked him to patch me next, because as a medic I could help the others far faster. The mission ended as I was being patched up.


Thank you to the ARPS hosts for an excellent session. It was great to see so many relatively new faces; I hope some of you will have the time to join us for the Folk session on Sunday (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2540-README-Folk-Sessions-%28Sundays%29).