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10-06-2012, 10:53 PM
Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=441) (please please cross-post):

Flask (expanded)
UNnecessary Violence
Internecine II
Once more our numbers were good (above 40 for much of the session), and again the session itself ran to just under 3 hours. Importantly, tonight saw us use the new platoon ORBAT (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=436) in the first two coop missions. From where I was (mostly in the dead channel), things seemed to go pretty smoothly - but myself and all of the hosts are keen to get your impressions of the new layout and comms set-up. We hope it cut down the comms noise for most guests, and made life easier for FTLs - but we'd like to hear from you. Yes, you. And you.

But not you, comrade Tigershark. You've said quite enough already.

Also, some very quick requests for threads that you should read (and follow) if you haven't already:

Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA2) (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=92) - esp. the section on Channel Commander (CC), which everyone should please configure.
What is the Folk platoon? (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=436)
An illustrated guide to Folk comms (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=427)
As always, thank you to all comrades who came along tonight, and helped make the session enjoyable. And apologies to comrade Gustav, my commander in the last mission, who I shot. And shot again. And again and again and again. Until I was quite sure that he was dead. Before asking 'Is command up?'


10-06-2012, 11:04 PM
Will crosspost when I figure out my password.

AAR - the bad ver.

Alpha lead: Nullkigan
Alpha 1: Tigershark
AR: IceRaiser
AAR?: Doge
AT?: Chief

We moved up on a ridge, saw nothing, moved up one the next ridge, saw a squad moving behind the next ridge.
Got OK to pursue them, caught up and stood about 10m from them >.<
Engaged them and got flanked from the left(south?).
Comrades Cheif and Doge bit the bullet(s).

Me and Tiger moved up to an overwatch position of the village, supported Bodge's squad that was moving up by the old art of magically giving the enemies leadpoisoning.
Village was clear so we started moving down the slope when I heard the unforgiving sound of an RPG.
It hit my knee, I died.

Tiger spent the next few minutes running around like Bambi screaming "Ice?! IIIIICE!?!? ICE YOU THERE?!?!" :,(

UNessessary voilence

Bravo Lead: Bodge
Bravo 2: Harakka
AR: IceRaiser
AAR: Kataras
RPG: Flyer

Drive to Firuz Berhav(?) Harakkas order: "stand here out in the open and wait to be shot at".
He changed his mind after a minute and we ran to a mountain.
Then we ran to the "greenzone".
Then we ran a bit further.
Then the M113 got a SPG to the kn-..side and blew up. The BMP2(Gong2?) followed his comrade into a firey death shortly after.

We spent a few minutes waiting for orders (I almost fell asleep spooning with kataras...)
Then we got the order to run up to the villa and all hell broke loose;
Harakka got shot in the knee(fo' realz!), Flyer died like 2secs after. Bodge got wounded, an engineer died.

Then The Btr-youcan'tkillme-60 killed me and kataras :,(


CO: Bodge
FTL: Pummage
Black mamba
Alone+easy target

My game crashed, stuck on waiting for host...
got in, everyone stuck, Fer announced a restart.

Internecine 2

CO: Bodge
FTL: Pummage
Black mamba
Alone+easy target

Went south to cover that aproach, then up to town to help Bravo(?), into town and Alone killed some dudes,
Pummage and Mamba got killed, me and Alone grabbed a building each and hid.
I peeked out and saw Fer trying to look like a bush.
He did a bad job. ^.^

11-06-2012, 12:02 AM
My laptop ruined my and my teammates game experience, as it kept shutting down during the missions.

I would like to give some feedback on the communication, however:

1) From my point of view as an FTL, it didn't drastically change anything. Bare with me before you crucify me: I was in a teamspeak channel with at least one other fireteam, only FTLs used Teamspeak, while commands were distributed through CC. I guess if I turned CC off as an FTL I would only need to listen to my SQL and activate CC if I need to take over the squad.

2) I think the new system is better, because command probably needs to deal with with less FTLs, since the SQLs are taking care of it. So instead of shouting orders to 6-7 FTLs like last time, tonight saw CO giving orders to 2-3 SQLs. Makes CC cleaner

3) I don't want to complain, I will just leave this as a comment: Until I learn whose voice is who, understanding if people are talking on CC or TS is a nightmare. The worst part is, if someone talks on TS and then I reply on CC, and they didn't hear me (because e.g. that FTL doesn't have CC up or active), I have to repeat the command on TS while CC is confused at what I just said. It's not a mess, but it's a bit clogged in the beginning. After a while, I learn the voices of the relevant FTLs, SQLs and CO and it becomes smooth again.

I think this new system is clean and practical to deal with the numbers that the sessions begin to attract. I know it may not seem like it, but this post is actually positive feedback, in favour of the system.

11-06-2012, 01:48 AM

Missed the first mission. No report.

UNnecessary Violence

MAT minion for Nim. Attachment for Bravo Squad. Hopped in the ural with Bravo Squad and Bravo M113 behind us... or was. The driver of Bravo M113 disconnected causing slight confusion. JimTheDog took over the m113 and followed the ural later on.

Got to the location, nothing much happened. Moved ahead, big giant explosions near Alpha, Bravo FTL order everyone to get out the ural, we all hit the deck and... nothing much. We walked just incase of more explosions. Lots of walking. Spotted a BRDM 600 metres away, it drove off, no clear sight for my MAT leader.

We moved along. Another explosion, hit the deck, again no enemies nearby. Carried on... Wolf's M113 was awfully close to Bravo and BOOM! Bigger explosion connected with Wolf's M113.

Hit the deck, heard over the comms Wolf's M113 was down and hit needing medical assistance. Decided to help, dragged the corpses, used global instead of direct by accident, provided some help... it was clear. For a moment.

INCOMING ROCKETS towards my location, decided to run to the hill to see if I can spot them. Turns out I couldn't but did spot a group of enemies heading towards Alpha's position. Gave Alpha a heads up via side channel while marking position. We proceeded towards the villa via the dried river banks.

Bravo was pretty far ahead, had to catch up. Suddenly, spotted a crawl enemy aiming towards Bravo. Popped the fucker with 3 rounds of FN FAL before he could attack. Lucky for Bravo. Moved ahead, waited for Alpha to get into position, took out 2 more enemies and then Bravo ordered us to take out the BRDM inside the villa. I got Nim's back, we fired 2 rockets. They did connect but the BRDM was still alive. I got shot providing cover for Nim.

Turns out that the BRDM can take more than 4 rockets to die. Bugger me. Gong managed to take it down though. Everyone charged and Black Mamba scored a kill on Aziz. This was only Objective 1. Very long mission...

Internecine II

OpFor Charlie Leader. Adversarial. In charge of charlie, we had to flank the independent on the right side via a "pincer" movement with Echo while Alpha and Bravo were on the left side. It was all going good until the enemy AT decided to say "Hello" with rockets. 3 of them infact. Told everyone to leg it, one of the members got hit, we were down to 3 behind a building with gunfire towards our direction.

My comrade Capers informed me there was an enemy on the roof. I told the squad the plan: We crawl on the stomachs and shoot at the enemies. So we did... I took a bullet in the legs and was dying. Told Capers and Spec to carry on without me. I started singing and died. The medic was rubbish.

Bodge, you are one sneaky ninja. (insert icon of a masked smiley with a rifle)

Overall: Very long session.

The Communications: I approve. Did made things more simple and less complex.