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17-06-2012, 10:45 PM
Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=443) (please please cross-post):

Into the sea
Shilkas of Nur
Again, our numbers were ~45 and the session lasted looong past the official 2 hours - so, many thanks for everyone who came along tonight! Particular thanks to our comrades from Zeus (http://zeus-community.net/jom/), who decided to join us for a spot of Sunday night killing. Great to see some new faces (Danny) and returning faces (Car00ke) too.

It was a shame the server died an hour or so into Bodge's new mission, Into the sea, so I apologise to everyone for the way that (successful) combined arms mission was cut short after we had cleared Berezino. In nearly 2 years I think we've had less than a handful of server crashes, but we'll investigate and see if there's anything we can learn from the logs etc.


As always, the hosts hope you enjoyed the session and ask that you share your thoughts / experiences here if you can. We hope to see you again next week, and also in our sister session, ARPS's Tactical Tuesday (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2518-README-Tactical-Tuesday).


18-06-2012, 06:41 AM
Into the Sea ~ Missed it.

Shilkas of Nur ~ Missed it by 5 minutes.

Crateresistance ~ Fox 1 FTL. We advanced cache A, ran into some resistance, 1 (Me) and 3 (Calculon) went down. 2 (Tigershark) and 4 (Alone) got us back up, but we stalled a bit there while I waited for word from our CO on what to do next. Echo and Delta were both wiped out ahead of us, but we advanced none the less. We ran right into the guy(s) who had killed Echo and Delta. I took another hit, but my guys managed to murder the enemy and get me back up again-again. Alpha was getting hit pretty hard, Bravo and Charlie moved in to support them, and Fox (We) continued to advance on the right. Someone blew the Cache, much merriment was had. We reformed on our CO, and started to move toward cache B. We hit the edge of the wooded area we had just cleared, and started to move along a hedgerow to the north. Then we all got shot in the face. To be continued.

18-06-2012, 08:12 AM
Into the Sea
-Alpha Squad Medic
Started out a little slow as we waited for the convoy to unfudge itself (always seems to happen with vehicular missions). After a brief “good old fashioned Warrior IFV singsong”™ we moved out.

Pushing forward we made contact with the enemy and flanked into the the woods above Berizino to support the IFV’s. After a sporadic firefight we pushed on to the outskirts of town where, after a brief stop to pick up stragglers we engaged enemy patrols around the strong hold.

It was all going so well until <CENSORED> the Russian nuked us.

Shilkas of Nur
- Engineer Squad
Drakkon and I rode with Command up to our planned RV with Alpha and Bravo. Somehow Bravo overshot the marker and was heavily engaged by OPFOR.

From that point on we did a lot of running, a little fixing, some more running and just a tiny bit of blue-on-blue trying to grab some trucks so that we could avoid running some more…

Best moment for me was watching Drakkon chasing a BRDM up a hill trying to knock it out with a GL whilst laughing manically.

Apparently we won (thanks Delta!).

-Commander Blufor
After being, very politely, volunteered into command (Thanks Fer!) I figured that, as we always split forces to take on caches, we would advance as a platoon on a single cache and overwhelm them.

The concept was sound (Indy had no idea what hit them and resistance at the first cache was minimal) but my execution was pants (I failed to keep the outlying Delta, Echo and Fox in line).

The first cache fell quickly and I sent Alpha up to scout the Indy positions on route to B cache. When they were compromised I attempted to push the remaining forces forward to try and relieve them, giving us a chance to fall back to the treeline, but was hit.

This gave me a grandstand seat for the ensuing cat and mouse game where Calculon became my new hero by blowing the final cache.

Most certainly a win despite, rather than due to, my leadership.

18-06-2012, 06:22 PM
Into the Sea
-Bravo Squad Medic

Followed Gustav around for a while until the first IFV managed to get blown up and i heroically rescued the crew. Later the third IFV got blown up too and I rescued them as well. Even later i heroically patched ConcreteOtter up while under fire when suddenly a burst of lightning blinded me. That was the last thing I saw.

Shilkas of Nur
Bravo took the ridge shortly after the Alpha and Charlie in their vehicles to watch them get blown to smithereens. We secured the area to the West and Northwest, got rid of the Shilka and moved on to the next staging position. While pressuring on, I lost half of my squad to the Shilka (later I found out that we were sacrificed so whoever took the shot wouldn't be engaged by the Shilka!). We pressured on but were cut down one by one in the trees by an unknown assailant. I was lying wounded on the floor when my team left me. As I inquired them to return and fix me ("Oh? We thought you were dead!") I bled out.

Poor Nullkigan:

- Alpha Squad Lead - Independent

As Bravo got engaged we moved into a flanking position where we effectively cut down at least four of the enemy. I got shot promptly afterwards but we managed to stall BLUFOR's assault rather effectively. Here's how it looked from spectator mode:


Comments on Vehicles:
Overall it was a very enjoyable session but the delays we experienced because of transports/vehicles were (and always are) a bit annoying. Imho we should focus more on doing what we've done best so far, and that's Infantry-focused engagements with IFVs (and the occasional heavier vehicle/helicopter) used (if at all) as attached weapon-platforms, not transports. Maybe a few ground-rules like "AT drives, AAR guns" on armed light vehicles might help as well but generally I prefer if the majority of the players start in walking distance of angry bullets.