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19-06-2012, 10:37 PM
Glorious session tonight! We did the following all-opfor/ind missions:

With a chance of Hail (v2) Early morning assault on fortified positions in forested areas on Chernarus
Convoi Polloi (v4) Sexy assault on convoy near Sakhe, Takistan.
Zargabaddies (SE v2) Non-standard two pronged "pinch of death" across fields and towns in Zargabad.

Thank you one and all for good times.

19-06-2012, 10:45 PM
Streamed the first two missions, might stream all i play from now on since it's more convenient
than recording and then uploading.

With chance of Hail

Convoy Polloi

the random freezes are me alt+tabbing btw :/

19-06-2012, 10:59 PM
With a chance of Hail (First of, that mortar intro? Bang on tidy that.)
MAT 1 Leader. Joined forces with the other attachment squads (with no medic). We all flanked the right side, hiding among the forests and tree lines. My comrade Capers managed to spot the Dskhm near the house with his binoculars after I friendly fired Joesph in the back (SORRY!). Enemies taken out, we proceeded to the house.

Enemies nearby, fired the rocket at them more than once then aimed at the techie. With the enemy dead, we proceeded to the first camp. Lots of enemies died, me and my comrade crawled towards the campsite. Managed to score a good shot.

Got hit by a stray enemy, medic nearby patched me, didn't work, capers patched me, sort of worked. Moved to the second camp, too heavy, proceeded to third camp. My task? Take out the ZU (big fuck off anti air gun). I waited for command... and waited. Fired and OH DEAR I SEEM TO MISS AND DIED.
It was recorded as well with at least 30 people dead watching my movement. Oh bugger nuts.Convoi Polloi

SABOTEUR of the explosive kind. Thanks to the teleport mechanic, me and null managed to plant 1 mine each and 2 satchels on the main road. We hid in the houses nearby and waited for roughly 15 minutes.

Suddenly, explosions. One of the mines managed to get a tank.

However, the enemy convoy had a different idea: Splitting up. Drove away to the mountainside causing trouble to all the comrades. Also, there was one BTR which was blown up but still had an active driver inside it. Walked upto it and said "Hello". I was met with bullet from a BMP2 miles away up the mountain. I died.

And then everyone had a merry ol' jig and breakdancing while waiting for the mission to finish.


Bravo Bravo 2 Assistant Machinegunner aka Meatbag Scouter. Everyone in Bravo piled up in MTVR except for Bravo's Alpha squad who took command of APC. We were driven into a nearby town, departed, we were preparing. And then Iceraiser died?

I was the meatbag scouter meaning I was the first to scout and die if shit hits the fan. Surprisingly, I didn't get killed... yet. We were dodging towards the walls, spotting the enemy near the petrol pump, forming up with main Alpha squad by accident, forming back up with main Bravo commander, crossing the dried river, shooting up enemies. Managed to find a SVD. Then something bad happened: T34 tank shows up.

Lucky enough, everyone fired AT upon the Tank and blew up. Managed to take down 2 of the crewmen. "Take that you bas-" Got hit by a hidden third. I was butterfly.

EVEN IN DEATH I STILL SERVE. After making a pact with a chaos god, I joined the JIP slot and formed up with my leader Harlander. This time, I was full of anger and rage. I had to fill oath by spilling blood. Managed to find a PKM and everything turned into a red bloody haze. I think I might have spent a bloody minute killing a corpse and then proceeded to rant and rave.

I went berserk. Killing more and more enemies and then suddenly, everyone was firing the guns into the air. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.

19-06-2012, 11:15 PM
This is the first TT where I played exclusively one class, FTL. Next time I promise I'll let someone else in on it!

With a chance of Hail

I was A1 FTL with Tigershark (Codename Swaussie), Aquarius (Codename Rocketman) and BlackMamba (Codename Sugadaddy). We followed our orders from Borklund to the letter in establishing the Alpha assault through fast-moving firebases emplaced in enemy territory, quickly eliminating major armoured threats in and around the enemy settlement... By which I mean, we came up with little resistance in the town, but I lost my head to a DSHKM, and Tiger took up the reigns of FTL.

Convoi Polloi

I was FTL of Alpha 2, this time round. Unfortunately, almost as soon as the convoy arrived, my AR and AAR decided to surrender their lives to allah (they got shot) leaving me and the reclusive Dr Alexander Tobacco (codename Waffle-Iron) to take up the slack and assist the other elements of our squad in eliminating the convoy. We did well at first, taking out some armour, and hitting MMG assets who were firing upon A-SQL and A3, but after a short jog down a near verticle slope into town, the bigger, angrier enemies started showing up. Cowardly Borklund decided to conform to HQ's capitalist ideals and ordered a general retreat. Alex decided to 'cover our retreat' (disobey direct orders) and blew up a BMP2 in the process, but he died shortly afterwards. The lull in proceedings allowed the remaining members of Alpha (Me, Washington and Capernatious) to form Takistan's first synchronised ARMA team. We hope to contend in the olympics this year, representing Takistan in the Woman's triples (Wash has a great girly-voice)


Finally, I took Platoon 1 Charlie FTL, to be referred to as A3 from now on. My teammates were Specs, as AR, and (name too long to remember) Ghillie. Being, as I am, an impatient fellow, I decided to push Borklund (Alpha platoon command, also known as the capitalist coward) by repeatedly requesting spearhead positions for my fireteam, and we were often paired with Washington's 'Special Squad' (Alpha 4) in compound clearance, as well as fire and manouver operations (Running at the enemy position whilst A4 ran alongside)

Eventually, my Greyhound-like determination and drive led to my downfall. Expecting little resistance in a compound 50m to our south, I requested permission from Bork to clear them. Sounding pained and tired (Sitting on the wealth of the proletariat can get tiring, comrade!), he accepted my request, and I quickly set about moving my chaps across the road to take the compound. Unfortunately, as I peered into the corpse-mounds created by efficient fire on the part of MMG team, I saw something wriggle. It was an enemy! Fast as lightning, he became a 4 headed dragon, and devoured me whole! (I got shot by someone who I thought was a corpse)

Luckily, JIP slots were still open for latecomers and early deaths. I decided, for the last 5 minutes of the mission, to hop into one of these, and bring up some medical supplies in the form of an M113 (medivac). Arriving in time for the assault on the insurgent strong-point, I decided to use the onboard smoke launchers to lay down some cover for our guys, before being told off by wolf for not using my feet. I promptly dismounted and charged into the town, but a severe lack of resistance just displayed the thoroughness of the comrades in teams A and B in eliminating this homeland threat from the suburbs of Zargabad.

All in all, a great session.

20-06-2012, 12:09 AM
Cowardly Borklund? Why you little...

On a more serious note, tonight was an incredible amount of fun, especially that last mission.

20-06-2012, 01:06 AM
Tank, tank, tank ...


20-06-2012, 07:49 AM
That was an amazing amount of fun! Being completely new to (more or less) organised MP, I went for the lowliest slot (AAR) for all 3 missions.

First mission I got seperated from the rest of my FT almost immediately, and had trouble keeping up with them. They had all been killed upon first contact with enemy. I joined the rest of the force, fired potshots at the enemy AA gun and died.

Second mission I fired all of 7 rounds before getting hit in the face.

Third mission was completely awesome though. AAR in A1 under Dogface, with Phalanx and Skull as teammates. We cooperated well, Dogface was a good FTL calling out bearings and waypoints to us continously. I managed to get wounded no less than 4 times during the mission. Not even in a kind of "You didn't get to cover soon enough, and got shot for being a fool"-way, more like in a "You're behind the lines looking for more RPG rockets when suddenly everything explodes around you"-way. At least most of the time.

Oh, it was me calling out the tank that got completely and utterly wasted near the end of the mission. I didn't know my mic was that bad!

20-06-2012, 10:34 AM
I missed the first mission, got killed quickly in Convoy Polloi, but Zangabaddies was just so great. I was a rifleman in platoon 2's charlie fireteam. We served as overwatch on some parts and I managed to get myself shouted at when I shot a BTR with my RPG, but it was still fun!

I never expected to play this much ArmA (I bought it because of DayZ), but these Tuesdays have made it my favourite multiplayer game.

20-06-2012, 12:17 PM
Yet another enjoyable session with the ARPS people. That third mission in particular was brilliant.

I am so glad someone caught that tank moment on camera, that was hilarious!

I missed the first mission, got killed quickly in Convoy Polloi, but Zangabaddies was just so great. I was a rifleman in platoon 2's charlie fireteam. We served as overwatch on some parts and I managed to get myself shouted at when I shot a BTR with my RPG, but it was still fun!.

It wasn't your fault, I was in 2PLT Charlie squad too and Nim - our FTL - gave the order to fire. Even so, if someone wanted that vehicle intact then they should have said something.

20-06-2012, 12:45 PM
What stood out for me from last night was in the first mission, being trapped in the forest of death with Nullkigan, Unaco and some others. Shooting at people I could not see, getting wounded, being revived, seeing someone else get wounded, reviving them, shooting at people I could not see, getting wounded etc. A vicious circle that only got broken when we run away.

20-06-2012, 01:10 PM
I managed to get myself shouted at when I shot a BTR with my RPG, but it was still fun!

I was only joking. We managed to nick another BTR a couple of minutes later anyway.

20-06-2012, 04:06 PM
As I said, it was all fun :D

I laughed, as you sounded like you weren't serious.

And Nim was pretty good as an FTL. Forgot to mention that.

21-06-2012, 07:00 AM
And Nim was pretty good as an FTL. Forgot to mention that.

Thanks Fisty, I like to think I'm not completely hopeless at it.

It wasn't your fault, I was in 2PLT Charlie squad too and Nim - our FTL - gave the order to fire. Even so, if someone wanted that vehicle intact then they should have said something.

Completely my responsibility. I said "Fisty, torch that BTR," and then it exploded, after which I said "Nice shot Fisty." That BTR was an still an active threat. Fisty probably saved all our lives.

21-06-2012, 10:29 AM
I was A1 FTL with Tigershark (Codename Swaussie), Aquarius (Codename Rocketman) and BlackMamba (Codename Sugadaddy).
For the record, I did not shoot that technical. I got the launcher out, but I was waiting for the order when it blew up.

I think I ended mission 1 as Alpha actual, seeing how I was the last man crawling. We lost A1 FTL and almost everyone from A2 in the town, BlackMamba was killed in the first base, Tigershark was wounded and (I think) dropped connection, so I couldn't help him up. Short into the final push, the last man of B2 bites it, and I get my knees shot out by autocannon fire. I was contemplating setting up CC since everyone with comms was dead when the mission ended.

Mission 2 was fun, though apparently I need target practice. I've seen APCs get undershot with an RPG, but I didn't think it was possible to actually shoot under one until I somehow pulled it off. As in, it went between the wheels and exploded on the other side.

Third one, I managed to get killed by a stray headshot from some 800m away. Though, from what I've seen, the company AT capabilities were not exactly crippled by the loss.

Black Mamba
21-06-2012, 12:25 PM
I always get killed at first base.

And i think i'm totally hopeless at being a FTL.

21-06-2012, 02:02 PM
With a chance of Hail

It was painful to watch all the other teams getting shot up, but our team (dogface's) did pretty good considering.

Convoi Polloi

Took the HMG (Dushka) slot and had Joseph as my assistant. We picked a pretty good firing position which provided us a good angle to the ambush area, cover for the spotter, and the ability to extract quickly since we had a defilade right behind us. I had some issues hearing Joseph in the beginning because mumble was reducing the VON volume, but after I sorted that out we were killing plenty of russians. Thanks for the tip on mumble volume reduction Draakon :)
After the ambush was considered successful, even though a bmp and tank remained, a retreat order was given. I could not comply with that at the time so instead searched for RPG launchers. When I finally found one I got shot by the tank.


I led 2nd platoon in this mission. Wolfenswan did great with managing the platoons and made sure we were cooperating as much as we could, especially when 2nd came under fire while assaulting the first objective (he allowed 2nd to deal with the contacts, and used 1st to assault the objective instead).
I chose to move slowly and to keep the platoon pretty tight together so we always were ready to bring a serious amount of firepower if a leading element got into contact and this approach worked fine. I think I was only down 1 man for the majority of the mission.
I dare say we might have done even better than when we did in the joint coop a couple of months ago with lddk and cia :)

Btw, what is up with the seriously ineffective RPG's lately? Is it a 1.60 bug?


21-06-2012, 03:21 PM
For the record, I did not shoot that technical. I got the launcher out, but I was waiting for the order when it blew up.

Ah, sorry man, I had no idea!

21-06-2012, 05:01 PM
This was my second session so I stuck to the AAR slots. Still very much finding my feet in ARMA 2, so hopefully my general ineptitude didn't get in the way of anyone's fun. Thankfully, every FTL and team I had were great, so it's a shame I can't remember who they were.

With a chance of Hail

Bravo-1? Don't think I actually saw a single enemy on this mission, partly due to my insistence on charging about a darkened wood without NVGs for the first 10 minutes or so. Fired my gun at nothing in particular in an attempt to "fit in". Was asked for spare ammo and promptly ran off in the wrong direction by mistake. Valiantly hid whilst our FTL got his face shot off. Did attempt to administer first aid to our AR, but he seemed to die anyway. Fearing the inevitable malpractice suit that was sure to follow, I joined in with the final charge and everything went black.

Convoi Polloi

Bravo-2? Decided I would stick close to our AR, as such a target-rich environment would inevitably lead to us going through a lot of ammo. Unfortunately AT had the same idea and we all ended up inappropriately close to each other in an upstairs room. I then had to drag our FTL out of a wall that had decided to eat him.

Things went boom. I ran towards them. Saw a few armoured vehicles in a questionable state of operation, and some scary green tracers. Looted a few bodies (found a very nice watch!). Ran away when told to run away. Then ran away in correct direction after checking map. Fin.


2nd Platoon Alpha? We got the armoured vehicle. Unfortunately, the seating arrangement meant my head was squarely resting between the gunner's buttocks. As warm and cosy as this was, it was slightly awkward when I tried to turn around to see where we were going and proceeded to give my team mate an impromptu prostate exam with my face. Much hilarity was had, but I don't think either of us was able to look the other in the eye afterwards.

Surprised self by doing tactically astute thing of covering a crossing on foot whilst the vehicle moved. Even more astoundingly, managed to complete a tricky mental equation (Weapon + Not-our-uniform = Bad Guy?) and shoot a man in the face before he did the same to me. Huzzah!

Later, my worst nightmare was realised when I had to take over as gunner for our vehicle. Was a bit hesitant about unloading on anyone in case I hit friendlies, but managed a few kills. Sadly, was finding it hard to hear VON over Mumble and engine noise, so couldn't pick up instructions about when to start/stop firing easily. I also found I was frequently pointing in the wrong direction to where I wanted to fire, but we were running away from a tank at the time, so it's understandable.

Things to improve: Situational awareness, eyesight, willingness to talk on VON/Mumble (been a bit reluctant so far).

21-06-2012, 10:28 PM
My first mission was really awful, I saw two enemies and I was shot immediately after opening fire. My FTL needed to sing for me because I lost my squad all the time (no names displayed!).
Saved my FTL in mission 2 and killed some dudes.
In mission 3 I saw my FTL get shot in the face, proceeded to shoot at a very close tank (and missed). I then looked for another RPG, didn't find one and then we won.
Tuesday was a good day.

PS: What do I need to do to see ingame who is talking in mumble? (as seen in the stream video)

Black Mamba
22-06-2012, 01:30 PM
I can't help you much with Mumble as i'm new to it.
I strongly recommend you use the ShackTac HUD, though, it will help you a lot and you shouldn't lose your fireteam anymore. (you'll need to run CBA too). You can get it there:

22-06-2012, 02:09 PM
@Labbes: get SThud and also read this:http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?2515-README-Mumble-VOIP-for-Arma-2-and-other-games

23-06-2012, 01:59 AM
PS: What do I need to do to see ingame who is talking in mumble? (as seen in the stream video)

Mumble has a built in overlay, have a look through the settings. Can't tell you exactly where it is right now.

Also the singing was entertaining, but you should definitely get STHUD.