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24-06-2011, 11:46 PM
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Unofficial RPS Community VOIP
Mumble (http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/files/) is a VOIP client like Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco and Mohawk. Unlike the rest, it actually has a working overlay so if you're chatting to strangers you can actually tell them apart. It's also open source and free, which is nice.

On the ArmA 2 dedicated box we have a 100 slot mumble server running. Maximum quality is set to a cap of ~72 Kb/s per user, but may change if we need it to.

Server details
Server Name: RPS Unofficial Mumble Server
Server IP: server.herosquad.org
Port: 64738 (default)
Password: There is currently NO password.


Download Mumble. Yo do NOT need Murmur, as that is the server executable. Run the Mumble installer executable. Follow the prompts. Create a certificate when asked (painless). SET UP PUSH TO TALK. You'll reach a prompt that looks vaguely like Fig. 1A:

Fig. 1: Welcome screen and RPS server details

Click "add new" and fill in the following details per Fig. 1B. You can leave the port blank if it isn't filled in automatically!

Click OK and then attempt to connect to the server by double clicking on your new Rock Paper Shotgun! entry. You'll always be able to find the server easily through your favourites.

Mumble has a good overlay built into it. It's the least crash-inducing one I have ever encountered and blows all of the ones available for Teamspeak 3 etc. completely out of the water. Want to know who is shouting at you? Follow these instructions:

Go to configure, settings and check the box in the bottom left labeled "Advanced". Then select the Overlay tab on the left. At the top of the screen, make sure Enable Overlay is checked. First, go to the Overlay Exceptions tab. I'd recommend putting it on whitelist mode and adding the .exes you wish to use it with manually. Whilst it is exceptionally stable, the overlay can conflict with some systems/games. Fig. 2A illustrates this process.

Fig. 2: Various useful overlay settings

Next you will want to fine-tune the positioning and contents of the overlay. Return to the layout tab and use the red pin to drag the target position of the user list to somewhere convenient. It'll probably take several attempts to get it just right. If you're playing with a large group, you may wish to only show people who are currently speaking. To do this, click on the list of names (not the pin) and go to Filten, then click on "Only talking", per Fig. 2B. Right click the user list again, then go to edit. I like to use the settings shown in Fig. 2C, which removes the black boxes and user icons but leaves the text and mute status intact. Make sure you apply appropriate settings to all of the States! As well as dis/enabling certain display elements, you can click on the ones shown on the screen and drag them around to rearrange things. Finally, before closing the Overlay Editor window, left then right click on the text (e.g. Talking) and go to font. I find that size 20 verdana is nice and clear at 1900 x 1200.

If you find yourself in a subchannel and wish to transmit to people in other subchannels, read this.

Rock Paper Shotgun (Unofficial) VOIP Server
+General Chatter
}----+ Arma 2
| }---+ Blufor
| | }---+ Alpha
| | | } Nullkigan
| | }---+ Bravo
| | | } Bodge
| | }---+ Charlie
| | } President Weasel
| }---+ Opfor
| }---+ Alpha
| } Joseph
}----+ Alien Swarm
| } Washington
+AFK Fig. 3: Example user layout

Let's say I (in Blufor Alpha) wish to send a message to Bodge (in Blufor Bravo) - perhaps because my squad needs some fire support. I'm happy for President Weasel (in Blufor Charlie) to hear the request, so he can get out of the danger zone, but don't wish to alert Joseph (in Opfor Alpha) because he's the target of the fire mission. I also don't wish to annoy Washington, who is playing an entirely different game (in the Alien Swarm channel).

To do this, go to Configure -> Settings -> Shortcuts. Per Fig. 4A, click the Add button, then click "unassigned" and use the drop-down list to select "Whisper/Shout". Select data. Click the box with the ellipsis (...) inside. Select "Shout to channel", then scroll to the bottom and find the "Parent" entry. Additionally select "whisper to subchannels". Click OK. Select "shortcut" and press the button you wish to use as a shortcut for whispering. Then check the box marked suppress if you wish to prevent other applications from receiving those key presses whilst mumble is running (warning: if you suppress "o" and leave mumble open, your important emails will come out funny!).

Fig. 4: Setting up whisper lists

Now to return to our example, if I hit my whisper key I would transmit to: BluFor (Alpha's parent), Alpha (which I am in), Bravo (a subchannel of BluFor), Charlie, but not Opfor, Opfor's Alpha subchannel, or the Alien Swarm channel.

If I had selected "root" instead of parent, all channels would receive the whisper. If I was in Blufor when I tried this, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie would get the whisper, but so would Arma2 (Blufor's parent), Opfor (including Opfor Alpha/Bravo/Etc), so Joseph would hear me. If I was in Arma2 and tried this, people in Alienswarm and other games would hear me, as the parent would be the games channel, and all games channels are subchannels of it. So only use this type of whisper when in an appropriate subchannel!

Consider the previous example of calling a firemission from another squad, and all other squads on my team being able to hear and react to this. Sometimes this is not desirable; what happens when we have 20+ players who are all shouting at people in other squads? Do I have to listen to that fool in Alpha when I'm just a grunt? The solution is Group Restricted Whispers.

In Fig. 4A there is an option called "Restrict to group". If we enter #mytoken here, only people who satisfy the conditions of the whisper list (i.e. in an appropriate nearby channel) and also have the mytoken access token can hear the whisper. Note that when restricting to group, you need to at a # in front of the token, but you do not need to do this when adding the token to your client to allow you to hear these whispers.

To add an access token, go to Server->Access Tokens->Add at the main screen.

In Arma, we sometimes use an access token of "cc" for Command Circuit chatter. This lets squad leaders and mission commanders communicate without drowning out or annoying fireteam members. Anyone can listen to these messages by adding the cc access token to their client, and removing it prevents you from hearing it. It does need a seperate key for transmissions, but this is easily set up by following the above guide.

(nobody has really asked any of these questions yet)

Q: Do I have to use push to talk?
A: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE PUSH TO TALK. Yes, it can be annoying having to press a button, but it's better than having to listen to constant heavy breathing! Be considerate of other users!

Q: Someone is being annoying!
A: Right click on them, select 'local mute'. If they're being truly offensive/abusive, find an admin or name and shame them here.

Q: How do I find an Admin?
A: If it's urgent, you can right click on the root channel (Rock Paper Shotgun (Unofficial) VOIP Server), go to groups, admins, and see a list of people you can bug. Or post in this thread.

Q: I want to hear one person but not the rest of this rabble!
A: Select said person, right click, pick 'priority speaker'. Useful for group leaders.

Q: There are no empty slots to connect to!
A: Unlikely. If this happens, report it and I'll increase the number of slots.

Q: There's no room / too few subchannels for the game I want to play!
A: All users should be able to make temporary channels by right clicking an existing channel (e.g. games) and then going to "Add".

Q: How do I create/use a passworded room?
A: When creating a room there will be an option to specify a password. If a room is created with a password specified, you need to go to Server->Access Tokens, then add the password. You'll then be able to access the room.

Q: I hear strange voices in the night!
A: Someone has set up their whisper lists improperly. See guide below for correct usage (which will transmit to your channel, the parent channel, and other channels on the same level). Otherwise, someone is not in the correct subchannel.

Q: I want admin powers!
A: We have plenty of admins, you shouldn't need them. If there's a real lack of admins when you're using the server, post and I'll reconsider.

Q: What is the AFK channel for?!
A: People who leave their machine on constantly or don't want to be bothered temporarily. Joining it automatically mutes/deafens you.

Q: Can you run Game X for us on the dedicated box?
A: Possibly, but remember that the box is funded by the RPS Arma 2 community and therefore Arma 2 comes first!

24-06-2011, 11:46 PM
Reserved for further details / user guides.

Comrade Commissar
25-06-2011, 01:07 PM
Thank you kindly for letting us APB players use the server!

04-08-2011, 12:08 AM
Shouldn't the post read server.herosquad.org now?

28-09-2011, 11:36 PM
Bump because Jolima reminded me to update the first post with some fresh images.

There's now also a bit more information on setting up the overlay and whisper lists.

29-09-2011, 01:14 AM
Can you post a screen of what the overlay looks like in game? Thanks (=

02-10-2011, 05:15 PM
For the love of Raptor Jesus, why hasn't this thread been stickied yet? Pretty much every RPS community uses it. The Stasi moderators need to get their act together!

11-11-2011, 05:52 PM
I seem to have set a password on my mumble nick (ntw), can a mumble admin clear it or something?

11-11-2011, 06:28 PM

It will have actually registered your username to a certificate. If you go to Configure->Certificate Wizard you can export the cert for use on other machines. Nobody seems to care enough to do this though.

The work around is to pick a different username until someone can get in to clear the Registered Users list.

12-11-2011, 11:02 PM
Can you post a screen of what the overlay looks like in game? Thanks (=

You can see it in the first few secs of this video in the top right corner, it's quite neat; actually you don't even need to press play, just look in the top right of the default still:


PS Massive thanks to herosquad for the mumble server, I've been very skittery on using up the bandwidth, but you're all so encouraging for people to use it, big up your chest.

13-11-2011, 12:33 AM
PS Massive thanks to herosquad for the mumble server, I've been very skittery on using up the bandwidth, but you're all so encouraging for people to use it, big up your chest.

We have 15 TB a month and we've never used more than 800 GB (that was the peak when the arma2free server was in use all day every day).

13-11-2011, 04:50 PM

It will have actually registered your username to a certificate. If you go to Configure->Certificate Wizard you can export the cert for use on other machines. Nobody seems to care enough to do this though.

The work around is to pick a different username until someone can get in to clear the Registered Users list.

Gentleman! Owe you a beer.

I did finally connect using a different nickname, but not until after I'd made enough bad guesses to look like a spammer and get the server refusing my connections for a few hours :S